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Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany turns questions on Flynn investigation back on reporters

Written By | May 22, 2020
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WASHINGTON: White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany gave the assembled press corp a virtual spanking today. In response to One America News Network reporter Chanel Rion asking  (paraphrased) “I would like to switch gears and ask about President Obama …. and I would like to ask you if the President has considered pardoning President Obama for illegally wiretapping and other potential crimes?” Rion mentioning today’s Breitbart article by Joel Pollack – Blue State Blues: The Case for Pardoning Barack Obama

McEnanyy turned that back asking a question of the press corp.

“I laid out a series of questions that any serious journalist would want to answer about why people were unmasked,” McEnany responded. ” I wanted to follow up with you guys, did anyone take it upon themselves to pose questions about Michael Flynn and the unmasking of a president Obama spokesperson?”
After a brief moment of silence, McEnany continued on her rant as reporters tried to chime in.
“So I would like to lay out a series of questions and perhaps write them out in slide format visual learners and will follow up with curiosity,” McEnany said. “This is extraordinary. If it were political appointees from the Trump administration I can guarantee you I would have questions in my inbox right now but apparently an Obama spokesperson does not.”

McEnany saying that the assembled corp has a long weekend to ask five questions that should be asked and answered by the Obama administration. And we can guarantee during Tuesday’s Press Briefing, she will ask what the found out:


  1. Why did the Obama administration use opposition research, funded by a political organization and filled with foreign dirt, to spy on members of the Trump campaign?
  2. Why was Lt. General Flynn’s identity unmasked by Obamas Chief of Staff, Joe Biden, Susan Rice, the Treasury secretary, and others?
  3. Why was Lt. Flynn’s identity leaded b the Obama Administration to the press – a criminal act.
  4. Why did the DOJ and Sally Yates learn about the FBI’s interest in Flynn’s conversation with Ambassador Kysliek from Obama and in the Oval Office?
  5. Why did James Clapper, John Brenna, Samantha Power, and Susan Rice all privately admit under oath that they had no evidence of collusion while saying the opposite publicly?

The last question posited by White House Press Secretary McKenany possibly being the most important to the American people because the lack of candor by Clapper, Brennan, Power, and Rice on this has lead to a three-plus-year assault on the office of the President, the President, and the American people.

Because had just once Clapper, Brennan, Power, or Rice stood up and said “no collusion people, nothing to see here” it is possible that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Chairman Adam Schiff and House Rep. Jerrold Nadler would not have taken America through the Russian Collusion hoax and the subsequent the Mueller investigation, the Kavanaugh hoax, and the impeachment hoax.

McEnany concluded the press conference saying:

“It is a long weekend and you guys have three days to follow up on those questions,” McEnany told members of the press. “I certainly hope the next time I ask hands go up because a Obama spokesperson should be asked those questions.”
The cost of Democrat leadership to the American People

The Mueller investigation cost nearly $32 million.  (Robert Mueller’s Russia probe cost nearly $32 million in total … CNBC) The Kavanaugh confirmation costing more than $12 billion to America (Kavanaugh’s confirmation might have cost businesses $12.6 billion CNBC) The impeachment hoax, which Pelosi paid for in part with Social Security dollars, costing over $3m dollars. (Impeachment has cost taxpayers millions of dollars)

These are all dollars knowingly wasted by House Democrats in an abstract/distract attempt to cover up the Obama administration’s malfeasance and keep the bones buried. All money that would be very helpful to have as America is suffering from the impact of the China Virus.

Peeling back the onion of the Obama Administration’s questionable use of intelligence agencies against Lt. General Flynn, Donald Trump, Americans and more

Neil W. McCabe a national political reporter the Star-News Network is revealing that as far back as December of 2015 President Barack Obama’s Treasury Department regularly surveilled retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn’s financial records and transactions. This surveillance seems to coordinate with Flynn’s firing by the Obama administration.

Why, years before the General was tagged as President-Elect Trump’s National Security Advisor, was the Obama administration spying on Flynn?  A simple question to answer. On April 17, 2012 through August 7, 2014, Flynn was 18th director of the Defense Intelligence Agency for President Obama.  And he knows where the “bodies are buried.”

Whistleblower concerned with Treasury Department surveillance of Lt. General Flynn ignored

A former senior Treasury Department office and intelligence community veteran whistleblower has come forward telling writer Neil McCabe that she and a colleague were convinced that the surveillance of Flynn was not tied to legitimate criminal or national security concerns. Flynn’s targeting was “straight-up political.”

The Treasury Department was just one arm of the Government’s attack against Flynn. The surveillance was run out of Treasury’s Office of Intelligence Analysis (OIA).  Noteworthy is this was under the leadership of S. Leslie Ireland who came to OIA in 2010 after a long tenure at the Central Intelligence Agency.

Prior to this, Ireland was President Obama’s daily personal intelligence briefer.

The whistleblower said Treasury should never have been part of the assault against Flynn because its surveillance operation was off-the-books. That is to say, the Justice Department never gave the required approval to the Treasury program. Without DOJ oversight, there were no guidelines, approvals nor reports that would be associated with a DOJ-sanctioned domestic surveillance operation.

The General who knew too much: Silencing Flynn to protect FBI, Obama

Treasury Department officials looking at Flynn include Secretary Jacob LewActing Assistant Secretary for Intelligence and Analysis A. Daniel “Danny” McGlynn, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Intelligence and Analysis Michael Neufeld, Deputy Secretary Sarah Raskin, Under Secretary Nathan Sheets and Acting Under Secretary Adam Szubin.

Lew is the only one who made the list twice, this time Jan. 12, 2017.  Raskin is the wife of Rep. Jamin B. “Jamie” Raskin (D.-Md.), one of the House Prosecutors, who argued for the removal of Trump after his impeachment. The congressman’s wife was also an Obama-appointed Federal Reserve governor.

“I started seeing things that were not correct, so I did my own little investigation because I wanted to make sure what I was seeing was correct,” she said. “You never want to draw attention to something if there is not anything there.” (EXCLUSIVE: The Treasury Department Spied on Flynn, Manafort, and the Trump Family, Says Whistleblower)
A Whistleblower Complaint was filed with acting Treasury Inspector General Delmar in March 2017

The whistleblower has made clear that she only saw “metadata,” the names and dates when the general’s financial records were accessed. “I never saw what they saw,” says the whistleblower. Delmar did acknowledge receipt of the complaint, however, never following up on the complaint. A colleague of the Whistleblower’s response was much stronger when see saw the evidence.

“When I showed it to her, what she said, ‘Oh, sh%t!’ and I knew right then and there that I was right – this was some shady stuff,” the whistleblower said. “It wasn’t just him [Flynn]. They were targeting other U.S. citizens, as well.”

The second name on her list is Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign chairman Paul J. Manafort Jr., is now serving 43 months for tax and bank fraud.  The 71-year-old Manafort has been released from prison due to the COVID outbreak. He will be finishing serving his sentence under house arrest.

Other names that the Treasury Department was surveilling include Members of Congress, the most senior staffers on the 2016 Trump campaign, and members of Trump’s family. Once the Treasury Department personnel had enough information about someone they were targeting from the “black box, they would go to the white box for faster and more informed search.”

This was standard operating procedures for searches that were politically motivated and that there was no criminal or national security concerns.

“Another thing they would do is take targeted names from a certain database – I cannot name, but you can guess – and they were going over to an unclassified database and they were running those names in the unclassified database,” she said.

This ruse was to get around using classified resources to surveil Americans, she said. According to McCabe’s reporting, top Obama Treasury officials are Flynn unmaskers and leakers. The whistleblower filed a subsequent complaint with the Office of Special Counsel May 2017, which is the permanent office established to work with whistleblowers and is not related to Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

This surveillance program was run out of Treasury’s Office of Intelligence Analysis, which was then under the leadership of S. Leslie Ireland. Ireland came to OIA in 2010 after a long tenure at the Central Intelligence Agency and a one-year stint as Obama’s daily in-person intelligence briefer.

The whistleblower said Treasury should never have been part of the unmasking of Flynn, because its surveillance operation was off-the-books.

That is to say, the Justice Department never gave the required approval to the Treasury program. Meaning there were no guidelines, approvals, oversight or reports that would be associated with a DOJ-sanctioned domestic surveillance operation.

“Accessing this information without approved and signed attorney general guidelines would violate U.S. persons constitutional rights and civil liberties,” she said.
“IC agencies have to adhere to Executive Order 12333, or as it is known in the community: E.O. 12-Triple-Three. Just because OIA does not have signed guidelines does not give them the power or right to operate as they want, if you want information on a U.S. person then work with the FBI on a Title III, if it is a U.S. person involved with a foreign entity then follow the correct process for a FISA, but without signed AG guidelines you cannot even get started,” she said. Title III refers to the FBI authority to electronically surveil Americans.



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