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Presidential elections and Washington justice destroying liberty

Written By | Dec 20, 2020
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Patrick Henry – You Tube =

If the fraudulent-corroded presidential election is not reversed on January 6th, via the certification process in congress, then justice is denied. Liberty is lost. But, so what? Justice is not some blindfolded gal in a long robe holding up some allegorical balancing scales. It is or has become a joke.  She might just as well be a naked poll dancer squeezing some lobbyist.

Justice is whatever the Washington political swamp says it is. Moreover, what they can write federal checks for.  Justice is for them, with money, not the truth for the peon people.

This of course includes the SCOTUS.

Not to single them out. They are as frenetically political as Schumer and McConnell or Pelosi and AOC.  They are no more or less than a handful of lawyers who are no more talented or trained in the law than most people who understand the basics. And it is the basics that should count. The deep-sounding “case law” precedent (stare decisis) is drivel. It was established purposefully in our courts so that every man might NOT have his “day in court.”

The courts tell the complainant what his case is. He doesn’t tell them.

1960’s Nixon vs. Kennedy guide Congress on overturning election fraud

Legal “scholars” will state that it (stare decisis) is a fundamental of common law going back and through the history of English law. That is true, but it became almost universal “law” in the 19th Century.  That is, it is the law regardless of what a current defendant has to offer. Precedent is no longer just a stepping stone to the next step but is the entire bridge.

General Michael Flynn did not have his day in court. The court had Michael Flynn’s day in court: just as one example.

In other words, the courts began being the law-givers not the readers of the law.

But, so what? Again, justice is a joke. Again, the Michael Flynn saga.  General Flynn is “broke,” and has been broken by a hierarchy of Washington thugs—F.B.I., C.I.A. Dept. of Justice et al–who have as much interest in seeing justice as Pontius Pilate had. Meanwhile, Flynn needs to get a presidential pardon to help correct his life, while F.B.I. et al get book deals and cable T.V. gigs. Luv that Washington!

The people, likewise, did not have their day at the polls. China had it for them.

But, all of these swamp creatures live for the political dole. Justice is what and for whom they can print Federal Reserve notes.

Then as the political poltroons that they are, they have allowed fraudulent hacks to steal from the people’s ballot.

They then suggest that it would be dangerous to further push back on the subject when fraud rears its ugly (and truthful) head. The SCOTUS timidly foregoes its duty. But “duty” to Washington and its politicians is just another four-letter word.

The people are just part of a pack, like General Flynn, a single pack member. The people need to be tempered by the swamp’s guiding hand (of injustice, of course). And if the people don’t like it, they can just go into lockdown and send in their tax I.O.U.s –at least the “essential” people.

The government will tell you that all men are created equal, but all are not essential. Another subject for another day. But another form of unjust justice.

The Coup of America: Navarro says election was theft by a thousand cuts

And, after the Chinese Bandit, Joe Biden, takes office, they will speak of the peaceful transition and what a wonderful example for the world– America! The land of the free, etc. It brings up enough barf-bile to throw off any of the flu-like Covid-virus that us old guys are so “deathly” afraid of.

While Washington has us (and our liberty) locked-down, or up, or whatever–we can barf our way to good health. And if we are still sick some federal marshals or F.B.I. stormtroopers can come by and hold us down while we are vaccinated for the good of the government. Our health is more important than our vote after all.

There are those who suggest that if the presidential election is overturned that riots will result. The Antifa and BLM bunch, et al of terrorists are standing by. They are the anarchists that the (again with the hyphened adjective) so-called government fears. The fears are that rioting and chaos may be the one thing that would spark a shutdown of federal monies being distributed to themselves and their lobbyists and other swamp loyalists.

Well, perhaps the natives are becoming restless—again.

How “Lawfully Certified” Electors will determine the Presidency

Thomas Payne had a good line back in the day (the old days). He was directing it at The English Parliament via the Crown of King George.

“Let them call me a rebel and welcome… but I should suffer the misery of devils were I to make a whore of my soul by swearing allegiance to one whose character is that of a sottish, stupid, stubborn, worthless, brutish man. “

But a fine Southerner had as good a line as any man had in the same old days. Patrick Henry had this fine clip:

“Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!”

My kinda guy!


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