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President Trump’s hoax Impeachment full of “Unimpeachable Teachables”

Written By | Dec 18, 2019
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WASHINGTON: Wednesday, the Democratically-controlled US House of Representatives voted to remove President Donald J. Trump from office. Their meager indictment includes the undefined charges of “Abuse of Power” and “Obstruction of Congress.” And thus, the impeachment controversy, simmering since the moment the president took his oath of office in January of 2017, culminated in a straight party-line vote.

But with the Trump impeachment comes many teachable moments for the nation.

These include:

      1. Americans are losing faith in the Democratic Party.

        That’s because these Trump-deranged souls have become increasingly radical in their brand of politics and in their brand of unhinged political champions.

        Democratic presidential hopeful Julian Castro, for instance, assured NBC’s Lester Holt that as the nation’s chief executive he would fight to preserve a transgender woman’s “right to have an abortion.”

        Never mind that it’s just as unfeasible for gender-confused men to become pregnant as it is that Trump committed impeachable offenses.

        The Democrat’s bizarre otherness threatens their electability and explains their push for impeachment. As Democrat Rep. Al Green has insisted, Trump’s impeachment is necessary lest he “get re-elected.”
        Despite their party’s name, the political organization behind the push for Trump’s removal is anything but democratic.

          1. Moving from bias to lies

            Having given up the pretense of impartiality, the media’s trumpeting of Trump/Russia collusion (which continues today) shows the mainstream press has move beyond “bias” and graduated to outright lying.

                                                FISA Judge scorches FBI/DOJ illegal abuse, lack of integrity

            In fact, the falsehoods they propagate regarding Russian electoral meddling and Ukrainian quid pro quos shows the extent to which they have become appendages of a deranged Democratic Party and President Barack Obama’s weaponized Deep State.


            Barr, Brennan, Durham, Obama, Spying, NBC Interview

  1. The continuing Cold War alphabet agencies

    The Cold War may have ended with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, but someone forgot to tell the US government. And so, Cold War relics like the NSA, CIA, and FISA Court continue to exist.

    And with no external enemy worthy of their attention, they’ve focused their counterintelligence machinery inward.

    DOJ, CIA, FISA, FISA Court, Judge Collyer

    Instead of destabilizing foreign regimes hostile to American liberty, they’ve marshaled their energies (they call them “insurance policies”) in overturning US presidential elections whose outcomes they deem unacceptable.
    Former CIA Director John Brennan, for instance, was instrumental in advancing Russian disinformation by accusing President Trump of treason.

  2. Speaking of Russians

    The recently released report by Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz on Deep State shenanigans perpetrated against Trump exposes what most intelligent Americans already know.

    Christopher Steele, Russia Hoax

    Satirical composite image by the author combininb PR imagery for “Casino Royale” and AP file photo of Christopher Steele.

    That the anti-Trump dossier written by British spy Christopher Steele was the primary piece of evidence presented to the FISA Court by the FBI. It secured spy warrants against principles in the Trump presidential campaign.

    Steele was once a paid snitch for the FBI. He wrote his dossier on behalf of the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign. Both of which ponied-up a tidy $12 million for the 35-page document. A tome that clearly listed a “Kremlin insider” as its primary source.

    Deep State insurance policies, the press and Intelligence Community coups

  3. From beyond the grave

    John McCain, Senator, Impeachment, Steele DossierThe late Sen. John McCain, a vehement never-Trump Republican, proved a most useful idiot for the Deep State when he shopped the discredited Steele dossier to the FBI shortly after receiving a copy from a British diplomat.

    The CIA’s John Brennan, a dishonest press, useful-idiot Republicans, and Her Majesty’s secret service and diplomatic corps proved more effective meddlers in the 2016 US presidential election than the Russian boogeyman, President Vladimir Putin.

  4. GOP’s greatest enemy is itself

    Patriot Act, ImpeachmentThe greatest foe facing the Grand Old Party isn’t Democrats, the press, or meddling Russians. It’s stupid Republicans.
    It was a GOP congressional majority and Republican president (George W. Bush) that enacted the Patriot Act in 2001.

    The measure gave the Deep State unprecedented powers. Obama expanded these powers to include collecting the email and cellphone communications of every US citizen. All in violation of our Fourth Amendment protection against unreasonable search and seizure.

    Powers he expanded further when he launched an unprecedented domestic espionage operation against the 2016 Republican Party presidential nominee.

    It’s unsure if dull-witted Capitol Hill Republicans will ever come to this obvious and inescapable conclusion.

Meanwhile, Trump-Deranged Democrats and their equally unhinged handmaidens in the press fail to heed the valuable warning President Richard M. Nixon imparted to his cabinet and White House staff shortly before departing Washington in disgrace:

“Never be petty. Always remember others may hate you but those who hate you don’t win unless you hate them. And then you destroy yourself.”

An astute observation whose truth Democrats will rediscover in the election to come as, well, unimpeachable.


Steven M. Lopez

Steven M. Lopez

Originally from Los Angeles, Steven M. Lopez has been in the news business for more than thirty years. He made his way around the country: Arizona, the Bay Area and now resides in South Florida.