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President Trump: The Golden Man appears at 3:40 pm (EST) Live Stream

Written By | Feb 28, 2021
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President Trump at CPAC 2020 (Promotion Image by CPAC)

CPAC 2021 left the DC/Maryland liberal enclaves to hold their annual event in Orlando, Florida.  Which is very convenient for thier biggest star, President Donald J. Trump.  His appearance will most likely be one of the most live-streamed events ever. Not only are conservatives and Trump supporters creating energy inside the Hyatt Hotel where the event is held, but it is the energy outside the building that is sustaining to the movement.

Thousands of flag-waving Trump enthusiasts are lining the roads and public areas in anticipation of President Trump’s slow drive-by, expected anytime. (forward to about -31.00 on the video.) Car and trucks festooned with pro-Maga and Trump banners and the cheering fans of the President.

These are Trump supporters, not just republicans, democrats, or independents. Republicans cannot assume that Trump supporters will support them. Without Trump’s backing, the 75 million, as the MAGA group is known, will not vote for a candidate. Nikki Haley learned that lesson the hard way.  She basically killed any chance of a 2024 run when she spoke out against the President.

What is remarkable is the wide diversity of people outside, spending a beautiful Florida day to send the message that the Trump movement is the people’s movement.  The movement of the hammer wielder and plumber.  The small restaurant, bar, and gym owner.  The mom and dad that want their children to grow up in a free America. People who are African American, Latino, Asian, and white.

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Young conservatives hoping to be a part of a new conservative movement, and older conservatives thankful for the youth able to keep the Trump MAGA movement going forward.


If you think for a moment that the party of Mitch McConnell, Liz Cheney, Mitch Romney will survive.  Think again.  President Trump will be a King Maker in 2022.

He may be our nominee in 2024.  We may find that out this afternoon.  While Biden has had many bad days, this the 45th day of his faux presidency that may be the worst. President Trump is supporting his position in the MAGA movement.  And he may declare that he will return to the presidential debate stage as the Republican nominee in 2024.  Which we must all admit, whether it is Biden, or Harris who is debating, it will be popcorn worthy.

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Donald J. Trump – The Golden President

President Trump has been immortalized in numerous statues.  One of the most unique is the wooden statue in the village of Sela pri Kamniku in Slovenia. There was the Trump – Harmmer statue. But the most evocative may be the Golden Trump unveiled at CPAC, and that will be sold after the event for $100,000.

Of the statue, the artist says:

trump, cpac 2021, golden statue, conservatives, maga

The Golden Trump statue by artist Tommy Zegan

“He’s wearing a business suit because he’s a businessman. The red tie represents the Republican party, the red white and blue shorts represent the fact that he’s a patriot,” the artist Tommy Zegan told The Post. The sandals, he said, reflect how Trump was in his golden years and could be retired and “on the beach” if he wanted to.

Zegan, 61, named the piece “Trump and his Magic Wand” and said it took him a year to create. The wand, he added, refers to an obscure Obama crack about Trump needing a “magic wand” to bring back US-based jobs.

The Golden Trump statute was met with scorn by liberals and the liberal sycophant media.  References to the biblical story of the Golden Calf and not worshipping any God pinging throughout social media.  The only surprising thing about that is that liberals know the story.

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President Trump will speak this afternoon. His appearance is scheduled for 3:40, but the best bet is to click on the video above no later than 3pm (EST) and be ready to watch when he gets there.  Because whatever he says, we know that it will include a strong pro-American message and a review of the domestic gains of his Presidency.  And the destruction that Joe Biden is doing to those gains, first and foremost by destroying the XL Pipeline and border wall work.  Putting tens of thousands of Americans out of work.

And threatening America with an influx of illegal immigrants who will be given citizen status. Thus further bankrupting America as well as allowing new cases of COVID and other diseases to cross our border.

But if you are at CPAC, you better have your double mask on.

President Trump will talk about his foreign policy work, assisted by the best Secretary of State in history, Mike Pompeo. He will talk about his forward steps toward Korea. Trump pulling out of disastrous agreements – from the Iran Nuclear agreement to support the World Health Organization and rejoining the Paris Climate accord. To bringing our troops home from endless wars.

To defeating the ISIS caliphate in Syria.

President Trump put China on notice that their goals of World Dominance would be challenged.

That Communism and Globalism are an antithesis to everything America stands for.

All actions for the benefit of America. Trump’s positive for America policies that Biden is erasing to the absolute detriment of America. Not only did his ending the XL Pipeline erase tens of thousands of direct and ancillary jobs, but it has a direct impact at the pump.  As gas prices rise, people who live on the insecure edge will find that they have to choose between gas to get to work and feeding their children.  An effect that will great impact minority and female-led families.

Whatever President Trump chooses to focus on when he address CPAC, it is sure to uplifting, inspiring, and interesting.




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