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President Trump must ban ABC’s Jon Karl from White House press pool

Written By | Apr 7, 2020
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LOS ANGELES: As President Donald Trump tries to rally the nation against the COVID-19 pandemic, his liberal media critics continue to obsess about overturning the 2016 election. During the April 6th Coronavirus presidential press conference, Chair of the White House Correspondents Association and ABC reporter John Karl went the full Mike Nifong.  Karl began his tale of lies by bringing up an inspector general of one department who said Trump did something bad.

Karl stated to the Coronavirus Task Force that the Administration was responsible for severe supplies of shortages for hospitals in the US, according to inspector general Christi Grimm’s report.  Grimm has been with the IG’s office since 1999. She is a holdover from the Obama administration.

Assistant Secretary for Health and Human Services, Adm. Brett Giroir responded to Karl saying

“I don’t know the inspector general. I don’t know that person,” Giroir said. “I’ll tell you one thing I have a problem with: If there was such a problem that she knew about or he knew about on March 23 and 24, why did I find out about the test from them on the news media at 8 o’clock this morning? If there was a problem, I think you are ethically obliged to tell me where that is. But that is a discussion for the future” (video at 54:28)

The exchange began with a question from Fox News’ Kristin Fisher asking about testing and the inspector general’s report, to the President’s strong response:

Trump knew exactly what was going on with the media.

He is nowhere near as dumb as his critics think. He wanted to know when the alleged tattletale began his lies. To which Karl responded to the President asking how long “that” person was in the administration.

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Johnathan Karl, the ABC News’ chief Washington correspondent, lied in front of the nation by omission. He said the person began working in January, implying that the person was a Trump hire. (‘You will never make it’: Trump mocks a reporter after he asked about an inspector general’s report on hospital shortages)

Again, Trump saw right through that. The tables were turned, and Trump grilled Karl.

Finally, after trying to evade for about 10 minutes, Karl confessed that the Inspector General he cited was initially hired by President Barack Obama. He attempted a “gotcha” question in hopes of illiciting a response from the President, knowing full well that the IG report was tainted by the creator, an Obama holdover.

The truth of who hired this Inspector General “should have been brought to my attention yesterday!”

A lesson from Mike Nifong, the lawyer behind the failed prosecution of the Duke LaCrosse players

Prosecutor Mike Nifong knew the Duke LaCrosse players were being framed. He withheld evidence that would have immediately let them go free. For that obsession with winning at all costs, when the truth came out, Nifong was done. He was fired. Losing his law license and going to jail for contempt. A big deal for a lawyer.

It would do well for liberals to start to remember the goal, that the media is must report the truth. That the goal is not winning at all costs.

When it comes to liberals this fact must be repeated over and over. The ends do not justify the means.

The media has no legal constraints always diving behind “freedom of the press” to be able to tell any lies they wish to promote. They can and do lie if they believe the lie is justified to further a righteous goal. This is the Islamist strategy of media coverage. Just because your agenda promotes a liberal ideology does not mean you have the right to destroy anyone above and beyond the constraints of the law. Not even the President.

The media’s illegal and unwarranted framing of President Donald Trump

Even if you think President Trump is an abomination, you do not frame him for crimes, not committed, in an attempt to overturn a legally held election.  You do not use fraudulent documents to claim he is a Russian spy when you know they are false. You do not change the rules on what a whistleblower is so that an uncorroborated allegation can be used to trigger impeachment.

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Attorneys are not even allowed to ask a question in court if they know the answer will be a lie. This is called suborning perjury and is a crime that attorneys have been disbarred and even imprisoned over.

The media is not bound by the same standard of truth-telling as in the legal process so they frequently launch charges at this president that they know are false. This is not “holding the powerful to account.” It is lying.

The media’s sins of omission are just as wrong as sins of commission.

The fact of who hired this Inspector General named Christine Grimm was far from immaterial. It was the key element of the equation. If Trump is being criticized by his own employee, that potentially removes issues of bias. If Trump is being criticized by an Obama holdover, this only fuels the narrative that Trump should fire every Obama holdover right now.

Trump supporters know that the deep state is real.

The President and his supporters have seen enough of John Brennan and James Comey to last a lifetime. They know that from day one of the Trump presidency, people with agendas contrary to the administration have decided to attack it from the inside rather than do the honorable thing and resign.

Any president has a right to have a team that shares his vision. Even the revered General James “Mad Dog” Mattis resigned rather than collect a paycheck from a man where the philosophical differences were unbridgeable.

Comey and Brennan did the opposite. They put ideology before truth. They put their personal agendas before their own morality.

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As for Karl, he withheld key evidence that materially altered the very heart of his attack against Trump. Karl’s defenders immediately resorted to the ends justifying the means strategy. Trump said that Karl would never succeed. Karl is the Chair of the White House Correspondents Association, so according to the liberal media, he has already succeeded. Liberals love titles.

This is “Harvard Syndrome,” where having a title is supposed to inoculate anyone with an elitist title from criticism.

Howard Stern punctured this pompous ass balloon theory along time ago at his own expense.

Told he was the greatest name in radio, Stern replied in his book, “What is the point of getting to the top of the heap if it’s a heap of sh*t?”

Stern didn’t take himself too seriously. Today’s media from Jon Karl on down do. Their never-ending self-importance combined with an “Orange Man Bad” answer to every question leads them to justify rigging the questions.

Of course, Karl should lose his chairmanship. The White House Press Office should ban Karl from future press conferences. It is one thing to be a bombastic attention-seeking toddler like Jim Acosta. Withholding evidence in asking the President a question in order to unfairly frame the President is quite another. Particularly during a time of national emergency.  We are fortunate

Karl actually did Trump a favor in a very roundabout way.

Karl not only exposed himself as a fraud, but he also exposed Inspector General Grimm. Trump should fire her immediately, and announce that he did so because he can. He should fire every Obama holdover immediately.

When Karl objects, Trump can go the full Nathan R. Jessup and say, “I have neither the time nor inclination to explain myself!” That should be the last question Karl ever asks.

This is beyond bias. It is raw deliberate corruption. Karl needs to go. If Grimm has to be collateral damage, too bad. She can blame Karl for getting her fired.

The Obama administration ended on January 20th of 2017. Not one person who worked in that administration has a right to work in the Trump administration. It is far beyond time for anti-Trump leftist political activists like Karl to accept this.

If Karl pulled his stunt in a courtroom, he would be facing the disciplinary committee, possible disbarment, and even prison. Members of the media should not be held to a lower standard.

The President of the United States is not above the law, but he is not below it either.

Even the leader of the free world deserves due process and basic fundamental fairness.

It is not Trump’s fault that liberal media zealots refuse to accept Trump’s election victory or his basic constitutional rights.  It is not fair to America that they continue to mislead them through half-truths, omissions and gotcha ploys to destroy the President.


Eric Golub

Brooklyn born, Long Island raised and now living in Los Angeles, Eric Golub is a politically conservative columnist, blogger, author, public speaker, satirist and comedian. Read more from Eric at his TYGRRRR EXPRESS blog. Eric is the author of the book trilogy “Ideological Bigotry, “Ideological Violence,” and “Ideological Idiocy.”