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President Trump’ historic week: ISIS defeated, Collusion Conclusion in his favor

Written By | Mar 29, 2019
President Trump, Isis, Syria, Collusion Concluded, Michael Busler

President Donald J. Trump waves as he walks across the South Lawn of the White House Friday morning, March 22, 2019, to board Marine One for the start of his trip to Palm Beach, Fla., where he will meet with Caribbean leaders. (Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian)

WASHINGTON: The past week of March 24 to today, will be remembered for many years.  It was historic.  Two painful and potentially very dangerous events were essentially eliminated. Both had dragged on for years.

We saw the official declaration of the end of the ISIS caliphate and we concluded that “no American colluded with a foreign power” in the 2016 election.

ISIS officially defeated.

The official removal of ISIS from all of the land they once controlled was a milestone. Especially considering the length of time that ISIS terrorized both the region and much of the world.  ISIS’ existence was partly due to the US failure to negotiate a status of forces agreement when troops pulled out of Iraq in December 2011.

Couple that with the internal strife in Syria and the US badly misjudging the Caliphate’s strength.  ISIS was allowed to grow unfettered.  In January 2014, the Obama administration called them a “junior varsity” team.  Then President Obama did not  see the danger they posed.

He essentially ignored them.

President Trump and America’s Wars: First, get out of Syria

In June 2014, ISIS declared the caliphate. By the end of 2014, ISIS controlled more than 34,000 square miles in Iraq and Syria.

ISIS fighters were brutal, killing thousands of mostly innocent people in usually a brutal, inhuman and very public manner. Even though the organization still somewhat exists and will likely take some action in the future, they have been defeated and the land has been taken back.

That happened because President Trump made the complete defeat of ISIS a top priority.  He told his generals to fight and fight to win, quickly.  And that’s exactly what they did.  This weekend’s announcement was historic.

President Trump, Isis, Syria, Collusion Concluded, Michael Busler

President Donald J. Trump displays comparison maps during his address to employees at the Army Tank Plant Wednesday, March 20, 2019, at the Joint Systems Manufacturing Center in Lima, Ohio, explaining the top graphic shown in red as the broad territory in Syria occupied in January 2017 by ISIS and the bottom graphic taken within recent days showing only a small area under ISIS control. (Official White House Photo by Shealah Craighead)

President Trump officially cleared.

Then there was the Mueller report. This report summarizes the key findings of a nearly two-year special prosecutor investigation. Robert Mueller looked into alleged Russian collusion by President Trump on one hand.  On the other, it was the obstruction of justice by Trump when he fired FBI Director James Comey.

The basis for this investigation seems to be a bit murky.

Mueller vindicates Trump, convicts CNN, MSNBC, Brennan and Schiff of McCarthyism

Some Senators say they will encourage Attorney General Barr or a Senate Committee to investigate the origins of the calls for a special prosecutor.

However, even before the special prosecutor, the FBI was already investigating Trump.  They said they had some information that indicated there could be collusion between Trump and Russia to try to sway the election in Trump’s favor.  The FBI did some investigation, but they never really expected Trump to win the election.

Then Trump won the 2016 Election

With Hillary Clinton ahead in the polls, electoral college experts swore this was no path to the Presidency for Trump. The night Trump won has become one of those “I remember where I was when this happened.” Much of the country went into shock when Donald Trump won the election.

His opponent’s supporters simply could not believe that this could happen in a fair election.  Their conclusion was that the election had to be rigged.

Election reflection: Trump wins, Democrats panic

Since there was some evidence that the Russians were attempting to influence the 2016 election, the rigging had to be between Trump and the Russians.  They concluded that Trump must certainly have colluded with the Russians, otherwise, he would never have won. We all know the truth now.

President Trump, Isis, Syria, Collusion Concluded, Michael Busler

Normally a situation like this would be taken to the Attorney General (AG).  But AG Jeff Sessions chose to recuse himself, leaving the deputy AG, Rod Rosenstein to preside.  Rosenstein’s objectivity is questionable.  There were also some problems with the behavior of the Director of the FBI, James Comey.

Eventually, Deputy AG Rosenstein suggested Comey be fired.  A week later Trump fired him. Since it was known that the FBI director was looking into Trump’s Russia involvement, Trump’s opponent’s conclusion is that Comey’s firing was a result of Trump’s fear that the FBI was getting close to discovering Trump’s Russia collusion.

Former FBI Director James Comey’s snookering of America

The fired FBI director wanted a special prosecutor appointed. He leaked enough information to the mainstream media so that they all screamed for a special prosecutor to investigate Trump.

For nearly two years Trump’s opponents and 90% of the mainstream media coverage bombarded him with accusations about the Trump campaign’s contact with Russia.  Then when the investigators couldn’t find any evidence, they found some Trump associates who may know something that Trump has done.  Eventually, they found three with some legal issues, who could be coerced into cooperating.

Even after harshly punishing them for crimes unrelated to Trump, they had no evidence of any Trump wrongdoing.  Then they found another few Trump associates who they could interview long enough to get the witness to contradict something and face perjury. Still no evidence about Trump’s involvement.

No matter, the mainstream media assured the public that Trump had colluded and that he would be removed from office at some point.  Often they said he would face time in jail. Every action that Trump took was met with Democrat opposition.

And the Dems, on numerous occasions, assured us that they had seen definite proof of Trump collusion.

The President tried to move his agenda forward, but the big black cloud of Russia was constantly hanging over his head. President Trump knew there was no collusion. However, the media characterized him a crook who was an illegitimate president.

This week was historic.  America stood face to face with real evil and officially defeated it.

Even though special prosecutors nearly always find something, in this case, they found absolutely nothingThe president has been cleared of any wrongdoing, in spite of how the mainstream media may spin any part of the report.

Not only will non-supporters of Trump, be inclined to look more favorably at him, but any continued investigations will look biased to voters.  Even the mainstream media, having been terribly embarrassed by their lack of journalistic integrity, may take a different view when coving any future proceedings.

This past week is historic.


Lead Image: President Donald J. Trump waves as he walks across the South Lawn of the White House Friday morning, March 22, 2019, to board Marine One for the start of his trip to Palm Beach, Fla., where he will meet with Caribbean leaders. (Official White House Photo by Joyce N. Boghosian)

Michael Busler

Michael Busler, Ph.D. is a public policy analyst and a Professor of Finance at Stockton University where he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Finance and Economics. He has written Op-ed columns in major newspapers for more than 35 years.