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President Obama’s misleading call for sensible gun control

Written By | Dec 6, 2015

INDIANAPOLIS, December 6, 2015 – President Obama doesn’t want “senseless gun control.” He wants sensible gun control. He wants to “close the gun show loophole.”

He wants to be sure that anyone on the ‘no fly list’ can’t buy a gun.

Well, Mr. President, you’re full of it and trying again to deceive us; and this time, we know it.

The irony and agony of gun control

There is no “gun show loophole.”

Any dealer selling guns at a gun show has the same obligations for paperwork and the same limitations on sales as any gun dealer. Private parties who sell at gun shows – or anywhere else – are not under those laws, as they sell their private property to other private individuals.

Unless we get a Constitutional Amendment that makes certain private sales of legally-owned items illegal, there is no way to ban private sales.

Ban individuals on “no fly” list from buying a gun

As to the ‘no fly list,’ there is no way for anyone to know who is on it, or what the criteria are to get on it; and the list is arbitrary and unpredictable, as the late Senator Kennedy found out when he was awkwardly delayed in boarding an airplane.

Unless we know how the ‘no fly list’ is compiled, we have no way to know what political purpose will be served by using such a list.

There is another problem in using the ‘no fly list.’ Based on the little information we have been allowed to see, people can be on the ‘no fly list’ for reasons that are not criminal.

Can an agency deny an American a basic right, based on arbitrary, secret, likely political lists?

Gun Control: Are we shooting at the wrong target?

Can Americans lose other Constitutionally-protected rights, based on some bureaucrat’s suspicion, however well-founded she may believer her fears?

Putting those arguments aside, as those delusional souls who live in Obamaland no doubt will, just what legal idea do these people think would work?

Any law which non-criminals would obey would be irrelevant to criminals.

“Compliance by coincidence” is not going to make any difference whatsoever.

What “sensible” law will criminals embrace?

Tim Kern

Tim Kern taught economics for fifteen years, and discovered that understanding life is easy; it’s recognizing reality that takes practice. He holds a music degree, and later earned an MBA in finance from Northwestern University. He has lived across the US, and now makes his home in Anderson, Indiana.