President Obama: Straying from the path of the good and righteous

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President Obama /

LOS ANGELES, February, 6, 2014—When Barack Obama ran for President in 2008, he came across as a likable symbol of America’s promise for millions of disenfranchised Americans. While “hope” and “change” was light on substance, his supporters truly believed that chanting “yes, we can” was the first step to improving America and the world. 

Even Obama critics conceded his affability. His early career rise was mainly due to being bland and inoffensive. He said nothing that thrilled or bothered anybody.

Like Franklin from Peanuts, Obama was just there.

Obama then surprised many by taking an unusually harsh tone toward his predecessor in his 2009 inaugural speech. Having won the election, this gave the impression of spiking the football in opponents’ faces.

This charge would be leveled again.

In 2012, Obama’s record was not successful enough to run a 1984-style Ronald Reagan “morning in America” campaign. In another highly unusual maneuver, he ran a hard negative campaign even despite being the incumbent. Campaign manager Stephanie “gutter” Cutter, and other surrogates, described Mitt Romney as a felon, tax cheat, and even a murderer.

Obama’s opponents, afraid of being called racists, continued to describe Obama as a nice guy who they simply disagreed with.

Obama had significantly less support than four years earlier, but hung on for a close win. Like George W. Bush in 2004, people were frustrated with Obama’s results but liked Obama personally, giving him the benefit of the doubt.

Obama’s failed presidency is widely accepted beyond his narrow sphere of hardcore loyalists, many of them highly compensated partisans. People were hurting five years ago, and they still are.

The economy remains unfixed. It’s Obama’s economy now, so he gets the blame.

Until 2013, Americans separated Obama’s job performance from his likability. Then the deluge of scandals that had been suppressed just long enough to get him reelected burst through the dam.

In Benghazi, four American heroes were left to die because their government abandoned them. Their deaths were falsely blamed on a filmmaker.

A political decision imprisoned an innocent citizen. Protecting Obama’s narrative as a successful terror warrior trumped admitting mistakes.

The IRS targeted conservative Americans for legally participating in the political process. After mouthing platitudes about holding people responsible and accountable, Obama and his supporters quickly changed the narrative, denouncing “phony scandals.”

One could dismiss the botched Fast and Furious gunrunning sting as incompetence if the administration would disclose who ordered the program.

One could argue that NSA spying is not scandalous, and that national security concerns allow for data mining. This is a policy argument.

One could even argue that people keeping their own doctors and healthcare plans were typical Washington politician promises, although that would be a stretch.

Again, Benghazi could fall under incompetence. A president lying to protect his image is engaging in flawed but human behavior.

The IRS abuses cannot be whitewashed. Obama treated political opponents as enemies of the state. This behavior forced Richard Nixon to resign.

Even worse, this targeting is still happening. Hollywood conservatives Friends of Abe (Lincoln) keeps their membership list secret for fear of being fired from their jobs. Their gatherings are social, not political activism. The IRS is targeting them and demanding their membership roles be released.

Film-maker Dinesh D’Souza is a respected and accomplished man. He has written books and made films critical of Obama. Even liberals who completely agree with Obama and disagree with D’Souza should be chilled at the thought of D’Souza being indicted for again simply participating in the political process legally.

He is guilty of being conservative while existing and breathing air.

Good human beings do not use their power to destroy innocent Americans just for engaging in dissent. Bush did not arrest Moveon or Media Matters personnel just because they were liberal. Obama publicly told Bill O’Reilly there was “not a smidgen of corruption” in the middle of an ongoing investigation headed by a prosecutor who is an Obama campaign contributors. If Bush were in charge, this the media would rightly highlight a coverup of the worst kind.

Whenever Obama has a chance to take a positive moral stand, he refuses. He waxes self-righteously about trivialities and shrinks from real moral leadership. It was the easiest thing in the world to tell Americans to come together after the tragic shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. He stayed silent when the New Black Panthers used billy clubs to intimidate white voters at polling stations.

He has a habit of mocking individuals he disagrees with. He invents straw men, claiming that people who disagree with him are flat-earthers wanting dirty air and water. He does not attack his opponents on policy.

He personalizes everything and then tells Americans that his critics dislike him for being black.

A good person does not play the race card or pit Americans against each other.

Barack Obama is not evil. Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot were. The problem is Obama sees his political opponents as evil. Therefore, every action to restrain them is justified for the greater noble good.

Somewhere, Obama lost his way. He stopped believing people could have honest disagreements with him while still remaining good human beings worthy of dignity and respect.

For this reason, Obama sees his poll numbers shrinking and many Americans tuning him out. They now know he lacks the ability to solve serious problems and that he is more interested in attacking political opponents than working with them to get things done.

He can blame his opponents, but that narrative is untrue.

It is truly sad, but President Barack Obama hates half the country. Anybody with that much animosity toward that many people is not a good person themselves.

The healing of this nation will not begin until and unless the person who replaces him on the world stage understands the difference between enemies and opponents and acts and behaves accordingly.

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  • Tanya Grimsley

    WOW! well stated.

  • Bettiann Rinderle Davis

    was he EVER on the good and righteous path?