President Obama opens U.S. borders: Children, criminals, terrorists welcome

Children at the border - video screenshot
Children at the border - video screenshot

WASHINGTON, June 29, 20, 2014 – President Obama’s de facto open border policy is welcoming everyone, from unaccompanied minors to cartel members to Islamic terrorists, to our country.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) apparently was not surprised by the massive influx of unaccompanied minors across the U.S. southern border from Mexico. In fact, they had already lined up resources to help.

In January, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) solicited a bid on the the web site Fedbizops seeking transportation and escorts for 65,000 unaccompanied minors.

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The ad even broke down the manner of  travel, including 50% ground travel and 50% commercial air travel.

Obama yesterday warned Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto to stop the surge of children coming to America. According to Obama, they would not be allowed to stay.

However, at the same time, there is revealing information suggesting that ICE, and the Obama Administration, is planning on letting these children stay in the United States.

In dealing with these children, ICE is working with the Office of Refugee Resettlement, an organization whose mandate is to provide “new populations with opportunities to maximize their potential in the United States, linking people in need to critical resources to assist them in becoming integrated members of American society.”

Whether it’s called “refugee resettlement” or “amnesty,” the program clearly is intended to keep these underage illegals in the U.S.

If Obama was really serious about stopping the flow of kids, he would instruct ICE to immediately call the embassies of the nations where these children came from and have them repatriate them.

The children would get on buses, head to airports, and go back home.

Instead, buses are taking these children to various locations inside the United States.

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A public outcry stopped them from housing these illegal alien children in a small, closed Virginia college.

Americans should be terrified and should be up in arms. The government is in effect erasing our southern border and inviting anyone who wants to come in, come to America.

According to Border Patrol agents, Obama is ordering them to simply release illegal immigrants they capture.

These include unskilled workers who will compete for minimum wage jobs. These include criminals and gang members.

The now-open border also provides an entry way for even more terrifying possibilities, including Islamic terrorists.

Given the refusal to provide any type of border security, it almost defies logic to believe that terrorists have not tried to cross the border. It is certainly possible these terrorists could bring a variety of weapons with them, including shoulder fired surface to air missiles and biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of the Sherlock Holmes series once wrote, “When ever you eliminate the impossible, that which remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”

The only remaining possibility that explains the Obama Administration’s action is that Barack Obama wants to tear down and destroy the United States of America.

The only remaining question now is will Americans quietly accept this or will Americans stand up, before it is too late.

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  • Fido Shery

    According to the AP, almost 5 million Americans have received health insurance cancellation notices due to Obamacare.

    • Fred

      Thanks for the inevitable, idiotic, off-topic, Obama-bashing post.

      Anyone who has received notices has received them from Insurance Company’s, not from or because of Obama. The insurance companies had 3 years to prepare to comply with the ACA, but instead chose to issue new ripoff insurance policies.

      Of course, you wouldn’t dream of holding insurance companies responsible for their own actions, or asking insurance companies why they have to pay their CEOs $10 million a year while failing to provide health insurance that’s affordable to tens of millions and dropping coverage whenever it’s convenient for them. Nor would it occur to you that the companies who have been increasing rates every year for decades might actually be responsible for raising rates again, but this time, conveniently blaming it on the ACA.

      The “almost 5 million” aren’t without coverage now, they just have real coverage for the first time. Where was your outrage when 45 million Americans couldn’t afford coverage, including Americans working multiple jobs? And the number was rapidly increasing so that it would have covered most of the middle class within a few years. It was a train wreck in process and Republicans offered no solution other than to let millions of Americans suffer and die while health insurance providers made record obscene profits.

      So far, over 10 million people have coverage because of the ACA. It would have been four times that if the insurance companies and their Republican puppets hadn’t spent so much time, insurance company money and taxpayer money trying to poke holes in the ACA.

      If you want to live in a country that doesn’t provide for health insurance for its citizens, you’ll have to move to some third world backwards country, because America has finally joined the civilized world when it comes to health insurance. Deal with it. Stop worshipping your rich masters who tell you what to think. Free your mind, get a clue, and join the human race.

  • marlonovek.

    Hater! America, the land of the free. some people say it was built on slavery, also, some people say that, america needs illegal immigrants for modern slavery to keep the reach getting, well you know!

  • Elizabeth Frantes

    The only problem that matters and that we won’t even address is OVERPOPULATION. Note that in the EU, they are being swarmed by “refugees” from nations with a high birth rate, high crime rate, and low rate of humanitarianism, who go elsewhere to demand resources their own nations won’t provide them, and then breed children that they expect their host nation to raise. They are parasites, and shows how pronatalism and fauxfeminism combined to destroy the planet like a cancer. That’s why I call us Carcinoma Sapiens. We need to pay women NOT to breed, and end ALL entitlement programs, from tax breaks, to all forms of welfare, housing, education, etc BASED ON HAVING CHILDREN THAT THE BREEDER CLEARLY CANNOT SUPPORT. Of course, to do that, we have to value women for the contents of their character, not the contents of their wombs. So thanks, you women hating, babyfelching pronatalist scum. Your obsession with “the children” dooms them to a wretched future. It was always La Raza tactics to use women as breeding sows to outbreed the Anglos. Provide enough resources for those who are not wanted in the job force for whatever reason to survive reasonably well (and note that all these illegals have driven up rents, food costs, as well as draining resources meant for citizens, (witness how vets can’t get health care, housing, etc but we hand it out to any gangbanger crossing the border),, and give NO benefits for children. Let those who breed children they can’t support beg on the streets, get help from family or the church, but not the government.. Because that is de facto discrimination based on one’s ability to breed children one can’t take care of, and using those children as a support mechanism. Come on, these “cultures” sell their daughters into sex slavery, are more than happy to have their sons join gangs and get shot once they’ve impregnated a few mouth breathing, subhuman pigs. . It is time for a civil war, and it will be messy. If it takes armed combat on the streets to drive them out, then we shall have to do that. After all, the gangbangers are killing themselves, as well as anyone in their path, already. Let’s see if they can “fight fair” It is time for all elected officials to stand down or be eliminated by whatever means necessary, and illegals marched to the border at gunpoint, branded permanently, and told if they ever return, there will be a bounty on their dead bodies. It’s war, but the cholos are too chickenshit to fight, so they use “children” and women as human grappling hooks to invade our nation.

  • Elizabeth Frantes

    Let’s see now. We are spending how many billion on “airport security” and everyone who wants to get on a plane gets searched and groped, but we leave the southern border wide open … and spend trillions supporting the scum who invade us … hmmm …. seems like both parties are the problem, and it’s time, maybe, to take all politicians and dump them with no support in Honduras! That’s teach ’em to dump their rapists and gangbangers on us!

  • SuperTech86

    Whomever wrote this article clearly never read The William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008.