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Obama - DonkeyHotey for
Obama - DonkeyHotey for

MOSCOW, Idaho, August 28, 2014 — A terror group using the acronym ISIS has been spreading across the Middle East, engaging in beheadings, torture and other gruesome activities. While President Obama has been criticizing these terrorists for violating 21st century cultural norms, one question still remains. What religion if any do these not-niceniks represent?

The second I and S stand for the nations of Iraq and Syria. These are the countries ISIS is trying to take over. The first S stands for “state.” This roving band of unidentified killers want to set up a state across the lands of Iraq and Syria. What does the first I stand for?

Are they from Ireland? Italy? What about Israel?

President Obama seems reluctant to inform the American people if there is any possible religious connection to these murders. While many people on the battlefield belong to various religions, most of the people being targeted for beheadings seem to be Christians. This has to be a coincidence, unless the people doing the beheadings belong to a religion that is trying to murder all Christians.

Could the killers be Jewish? After all, Obama never identified the religion of the killers in Boko Haram either. Perhaps he thought it was an evil sect of Florida Jewish killers known as Boca Raton.

In a stunning turn of events, the killers decided to publicly tell the world what they proudly represent.

The I in ISIS stands for Islamic.

Well shut my mouth and call me an Islamophobe! How can this possibly be?

This has to be a coincidence. Just because Boko Haram and ISIS are motivated by radical Islam does not mean virtually every bunch of genocidal lunatics in the 21st century are motivated by radical Islam.

The Tsarnaev brothers were just angry kids upset about their favorite television show being cancelled.

The killers on 9/11 were probably disgruntled passengers upset with the beverage service the flight attendants provided.

The people who murdered Leon Klinghoffer just needed more room to set up a shuffleboard area. His wheelchair was in the way.

The thugs who murdered Israeli athletes at Munich were just angry at the judges for getting the curling scores incorrect.

In the real world, radical Islam is the biggest threat to global civilization. There is only one explanation as to why President Obama would rather give up a round of golf than ever let the phrase “radical Islam” emanate from his lips.

Obama is not a Muslim. Being a Muslim requires worshiping a higher power than oneself.

Obama is a leftist academic. He is the anti-George W. Bush. The Obama Doctrine, if one could claim its existence, was to do the exact opposite of everything George W. Bush did.

The results are in. The Obama approach failed. Everything the liberals supporting him believe in has been discredited, hopefully forever.

The notion that Americans should not blame one billion Muslims for the acts of a few bad guys has been exposed for the pathetic straw man it has always been. Americans do not hate Muslims. We hate genocidal religious murderers who in this case happen to be Muslims.

Liberals have insisted that evil can still be confronted even without calling it out by name. This has been proven false. When George W. Bush left office, America had won the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. All Obama had to do was maintain the gains.

Obama lost them all. He withdrew from Iraq, and out sprung ISIS. The very existence of ISIS is a 100% direct correlation to Barack Obama’s refusal to understand and acknowledge the direct link between radical Islam and genocide.

Barack Obama and his sycophants considered the George W. Bush approach to foreign policy to be a bigger threat to the world than the Islamic terrorists Bush was trying to eradicate. Many of the Obama drones still believe climate change, free contraception for women, and the Washington Redskins names are bigger problems than some guys who kill people in a different part of the world.

Now American journalists are being beheaded and kidnapped for ransom.

A group solely motivated by its connection to a virulent strain of Islam has told us exactly what they want. The goal is a worldwide Caliphate with Sharia Law as the only legal system.

The Neoconservatives have always understood this. The Neocons were right all along.

The Obama faculty lounge was, is, and will forever always be wrong on this issue.

Until and unless Obama puts his own ego aside, his wrongheadedness could get us all killed.

The killers will be radical Muslims.

Everyone except Obama liberals understands this.

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  • Brian Wagner

    I wonder how the author would respond to the question – “Do you agree that the Koran teaches that blasphemers and apostates from Islam should be put to death?” These killers in ISIS are not radical, they are fundamental Islamists. Take away those two clear teachings of the Koran against publicly standing against Islam and publicly leaving Islam for another religion and the whole authority of their prophet Mohammad is undermined. Liberalizing a religion away from it foundational teachings and still claiming allegiance to that faith may be more socially acceptable in a modern society, but it is not a true allegiance. ISIS may be radical in its extreme methods of its obedience to the Koran, but it truly is obeying the clear teaching of the Koran.