President Obama causes Alyssa Milano to lose her job

Alyssa Milano
Alyssa Milano

LOS ANGELES, October 2, 2014 – President Obama’s policies have led to one out of every four working age Americans being unable to find work. Now actress Alyssa Milano has added her name to the list of unemployed Americans.

Ms. Milano voted for Obama, donated money to him, and deeply believed in him based on her history of activism for a myriad of politically liberal causes.

The actress from “Who’s the Boss,” and “Charmed” had to leave her newest show “Mistresses” when the show decided to relocate production to Canada. Losing her job leaves Ms. Milano still among the rich.

Milano lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two young children, and, according to her statement, she did not want to uproot her family. With all respect to Canada, the quality of life in Los Angeles is quite good, especially when one is rich and famous.

The media spin on this story is that Milano is a wonderful human being who put her family above her career. She gave up a television role to be a mom. While this is true, those praising Milano miss the bigger picture.

The issue is not that Milano made the right or wrong decision, since that is subjective. What matters is that Milano should never have had to make that decision in the first place.

Hollywood studios do not move to Canada for fun. Rich, famous celebrities do not voluntarily give up having fun in the warm California sun because they like polar bear winters. The studio is moving production of the show solely due to financial considerations.

They are escaping oppressively high taxes and regulations and moving to a lower tax, business-friendly nation.

When oil companies move, they are deemed unpatriotic. Efforts are even made to ban them from leaving. When Hollywood studios do it, they get a free pass. As long as an entity is liberal, especially on social issues, they are allowed to vote for politicians who advocate higher taxes while refusing to pay those taxes themselves.

Forget that the studios are hypocrites, voting liberal and acting conservatively. What matters is that these limousine liberals are never called on the carpet for advocating destructive policies, even when those policies hurt them personally.

In addition to America having the highest corporate tax rate in the industrialized world, California has one of the top state tax rates in the nation. Then throw in Los Angeles county and city taxes. Even good weather is no longer enough of a lure to prevent businesses fleeing to places where they can financially breathe.

There is a temptation to discount Milano because she is a wealthy celebrity. This would be unfair. By all accounts, she loves being an actress and a mother. If anything, feminists and corporate CEOs should rise in angry unison at her being forced to choose between the family she loves and the career she loves.

If the war on women was real, one could even declare her a victim of it.

Milano has the luxury of giving up her job without losing her home or standard of living. There will be some emotional pain, but others who work on the show are now going to be suffering real financial pain. Hardworking Angelenos now have to either move to Canada or lose their jobs.

Blaming the corporation is not the answer. Too many liberals confuse businesses with charities. A business is designed to provide a good or service in exchange for money. It is not set up to be an agent of social change or promote any kind of warped concept of justice.

The problem in America is our government, specifically President Obama and congressional liberals who believe in higher taxes and higher regulations as a means of improving society. This approach called liberalism does not work, has never worked, and will never work. Liberalism and its high taxes goes against human nature by demanding that people behave in anything other than a rational manner.

The solution is simple. Obama and his liberal cohorts must for once in their lives just shut up and cut taxes. Shut up. Cut taxes. Then keep shutting up. Then keep cutting taxes. Then stay shut up. Then leave taxes low.

Alyssa Milano is a talented actress, an intelligent woman, and could very well be a nice person. She has raised plenty of money for various charities. Yet she has also been a liberal crusader for leftist social causes. She represents the typical Obama voter, a young woman who believed in change until she realized that “change we can believe in” was change that affected her adversely.

She voted against her own interests, and it cost her a job she loved.

In the long run she will be fine. The blue collar workers on her show may not be so lucky.

Until Barack Obama leaves his job and is replaced with somebody who can actually cut taxes and create jobs for others, the cancer of job losses will continue to metastasize. Meanwhile, businesses will continue doing everything possible to keep Obama from dragging them into despair and bankruptcy.

Liberals cheered when anti-war protesters dodged the draft, illegally fleeing to Canada to avoid death. These same people should cheer when businesses legally flee to Canada to avoid getting their financial heads blown off in a war on American businesses that were peacefully minding their own business.

Milano and other sentient people may wish to vote for Republican tax-cutters in 2014 and beyond. Worrying about trees, gays, bunny rabbits, the war on women, and the Washington Redskins name does no good when Americans are begging for financial relief from government-inflicted liberalism and its companion misery.

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  • Buddy Jackson

    Funny how all the feel good Facebook spam failed to mention anything about the real reasons she left the show. Or at least as far as I noticed for the banners. Now I now more than I ever cared to about the whole non-issue. Not sure should I thank you, Eric? Or curse you?!

  • I remember watching Who’s The Boss back in that day and telling myself how that little girl could grow up to be nothing but drop dead beautiful. And that shes is.
    I’ve had dreams of her and will always thank her for that. That sentiment might draw some sympathy from the perspective that begs you to ask yourself, does a a woman raised in Hollywood since she was born “not” become some self conflicted moonbat ?
    This happens to them all the time.
    They give the impression, or truly believe its all about “the art”.
    But when the producers or record labels give them the money picture and they’re forced to realize the millions involved and jobs dependent on them they cry about capitalism.

  • Tim Kern

    There are a couple things wrong here. First, if Ms Milano left the show to be a mother, why didn’t she leave show business when she became a mother? Nobody’s going to believe today’s excuse.

    Second is the idea that Republicans cut taxes. They don’t. They don’t cut government bureaucracy, either. Even during St. Ronald’s reign, tax revenues famously went up, as did the deficit. Even when Republicans are in power, as they have been only briefly in my lifetime, taxes always rise, and government always expands.

    Perhaps the Democrats are worse, but both parties go the same direction, toward more intrusive, bigger, more-expensive government. It’s only a matter of degree; they’re all socialists.