President Dictator “Where does the money come from, because we don’t have any.”

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WASHINGTON, January 22, 2014 – The uninformed citizens of our country are radically changing the course of our nation at rapid speed. The good has turned to bad, all that was right is now wrong. Let’s face it, our world is upside down and we are in a downward spiral on a collision course directly aimed at socialism and a president who’s become a dictator.

The first paycheck of the year (for those who actually work for a living or own a business or having to deal with the Affordable Care Act), should have been a wake up call.  Sadly, with blinders on, the sheeple walk in lock step with the regime of the Obama administration and are being herded into a corral enticed by what they believe is the endless funding of the governments wallet.

Note to those takers: The money runs out, the benefits will dry up. It is not that difficult to realize that as your dad or mom used to say, “Money doesn’t grow on trees”.  The ill informed of our nation and those not paying any attention, fail to see that money comes from somewhere and will eventually run out. The cow can only give so much milk, the horse can only run so many races, then what are you left with? Nothing.

Americans no matter what walk of life, no matter their race, creed or religion can understand these basic words “Out of Money”. When your personal household is out of money what do you do? Do you pick up the phone and call your federal government office and tell them you need more? Our fellow Americans used to take care of one another, they didn’t rely on government handouts, they helped each other, that is the American way.

These up and coming generations of today feel like they are “owed” something for doing nothing, or as little as they can to get by. We are raising generations and future generations to come as spoiled brat, selfish and soon to be, (if not already) government dependents.

The obligation of the government is to promote the general welfare, not to provide it. The government is not an endless money tree. That money comes from somewhere.  Here is a link to the resources of where the government get’s its money: it’s called tax payers. If Americans are not working and paying taxes, if businesses aren’t productively making money and hiring employees, if corporations aren’t successful, the cow’s milk dries up.

The workforce is in a sad state, businesses are tanking left and right. Corporations are folding up shop and taking their business elsewhere. WHY? Because we have become a nation of takers, the newer generations are being told by their parents that the government “owes” it to them and will take care of them. Lies, all lies and manipulation to take our country to the lowest levels that this country has ever known.

The next generation has a chance to steer the ship, but we must reach out to them, we must show them the right way. Capitalism and success is just a portion of what made this nation great. To let them walk through blindly while all we do is watch it go down is pointless. Action is needed and needed right now.

As citizens of the United States of America and believers in the foundations on which this nation was built, it is our duty to not just “talk” about rising up, it is time to take that action and fight this tyranny head on. Meaning you, all of you, reading this right now, it is your duty to take a stand and say enough. You will not dictate to me and my children, you will not take away my God given rights and you will certainly not take away the right’s given to us in the Holy Bible and the United States Constitution.


The cow’s milk has dried up. This country can’t take much more.

We owe Sodom and Gomorrah an EPIC apology!

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  • Sandra Goetz

    Too many takers, not enough makers…it is our demise.


      Takers, open boarders, runaway deficeits, lawlessness, immorality, removal of God, vanity….etc.

  • dekate

    This president seems like he doesn’t have a clue.!

    • ed leicht

      Dont kid yourself…he knows EXACTLY what hes doing…what he doesnt realize is when he causes the country to finally collapse, his house will be the first stop made by the American people.

    • harriet steele

      That’s because HE DOESN”T HAVE A CLUE!!

  • Thomas Parkin

    We also TAXED our Industry and Manufacturing right out the back door. 90% of everything is IMPORTED from . . . . CHINA. If these Industrial and Manufacturing companies were to return to business, here in the U.S., there would be JOBS. Jobs would create wealth. One skid worth of freight (48 boxes of widgets.), in the back of a truck, effects over 1000 people, all down the line.

    • Max Snow Spadavecchia

      Thank you! Whats going on isn’t necessarily the new generations fault, its a systematic take over that’s been going on for years. The govt. want’s as many citizens depended on them, so they can take it away at any cost, and by taxing all the companies out of the country, not only do they gain more money, they make it more difficult for people to better themselves. “A government that can give you everything, can take everything”

  • jimmie redding

    Allen, I’m 74 yrs. old and don’t know what to do. Talking does no good. Politicians go on as always. If Obama can bypass congress and our constitution, then why can’t our military bypass them too? It could be over in a matter of days’ with some deaths, but I think it would be worth it.
    Just to get our freedoms back and get rid of all the free loaders.

  • Anti ObamaHolder

    Our dictator is doing all he can to strip Americans of their heritage, pride and their dignity and he is tearing down much of what we have. He promised jobs, he promised much and has delivered nothing but pain, and anger. We the people need to all show up at the white house and demand his removal if we have to carry all of those losers out and set them on the curve. I am for this as he is using the American tax dollars as his own. He came to the White House with 1.5 million and now has 11.5 million, something smells rotten in Denmark and it’s the Obama’s. We need to put liens on all his properties, and get that ten million back. He has done nothing but take, take take and he don’t give anything in return. That ten million may not do alot but it sure would help our country and he is stealing it from us. He stole when he took multiple vacations and had his mutt flown by chopper to join him on vacation. He lied to the American people about his knowledge on Benghazi and had full knowledge and approval on Fast and Furious. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, he is a TRAITOR to this country and needs to pay the price of a traitor.

  • icowrich

    “We owe Sodom and Gomorrah an EPIC apology!”

    Yes we do, but for reasons other than you might think:

    “Now this was the sin of your sister Sodom: She and her daughters were
    arrogant, overfed and unconcerned; they did not help the poor and needy.” Ezekiel 16:49

  • Conservative_Utopia

    Great article – legislators not willing to cut entire federal departments and remand those duties and dollars to the states need the boot.

  • Victor Stanton

    first mistake Credit cards they fed the wants and drew us away from budgeting our needs before our wants.
    second mistake taking away accountability, no punishment at early age for both parties involved made our children unable to care about future consequences.
    third mistake welfare — their should be no such thing, anyone can do a job to a certain point and if they can do a job they can get paid, social security was never meant to be used in the gross way it is
    forth mistake– classing people — their should be no classifications middle poor wealthy we are all equal we all have blood we should work to better ourselves our community and our lives if one cannot do this they do not deserve to be part of that community (remember story of the chicken and the bread)

    Loans — along with credit loans destroy the ability for one to budget.

    Greed — man is by far the greediest animal on the planet, no one needs a 15k square foot living space or a 52″ tv we want it and the more we want the bigger the void gets to fill. if I can live on 6k a year for a family of 3 why the hell can;t others budget the same with more and all I pay is cash no credit no subsidy

    it can be blamed on governing body but who voted for this the people, who allowed this to happen the majority, who kept it going the general population, and like the chicken and the bread story if you don;t help in the work then you shouldn;t reap the rewards.

  • Betty Lou Bouchard

    Yes they sent our industry overseas to China , Mexico and Canada and to make matters worse they stopped unemployment for the people who lost jobs in this country and gave money to the foreign communist country

    • Michael B

      Not quite true. The federal government didn’t ‘stop’ unemployment benefits, not at all. UI payments come from private insurance firms, and the insurance policies are paid for by US businesses. The policies were written for 26 weeks, as required by FED and State laws.

      When the Congress extended UI benefits, the insurance firms continued to send out checks… and billed every employer for double the existing policy coverage. These extra insurance bills put (surprise) more companies OUT OF BUSINESS and laid off more workers, costing more in UI premiums to the remaining business owners.

      Wake up. Extending UI benefits comes out of the pockets of US businessmen, not the US government or the taxpayer.

  • Tom Girouard

    Great Article , I couldn’t agree more . Right now we are facing the largest threat to our way of life then ever before and without a dedicated Leadership in Washington , D.C. our decendents , will never know the prosperity and freedoms we cherish so dearly today . My friends , we are not too far away from losing everything we and our forefathers have spent our entire lives building , and that all our Soldiers fought so hard to preserve . If we chose to ignore the financial crises we are now facing , we will decay into a third world economy overnight . I foresee this black cloud in our future and it frustrates me more then words can say , because I am only one person against a wave of apathy . America , needs to wake up , we need to be one voice screaming in unison , for the Leaders of our Country , to protect us and this Country , that we all love so dearly . God Bless America !!!!!!

  • Barbara Anastasia

    What a load of “poor old oppressed white people” crap. “Makers” do not “make” alone, and they certainly take far more than their fair share of the world’s resources.

    Time to back away from the Faux News Vortex, open your eyes to the world beyond your blind-spotted privilege and grow a heart.

  • Scott Corrigan

    It’s still off the mark to call it Socialism. A technocratic oligarchy is on our horizon. If you know someone “important” you get away with stealing and murdering.

  • Tami Nantz

    SO agree with you, Tanya! Reminds me of this quote: “The punishment which the wise suffer who refuse to take part in the government, is to live under the government of worse men.” –Plato

  • Deport all illegals

    It’s OVER we are now under a dictatorship it’s not when are we going to be there. We are there. Politicians don’t overthrow dictators, the people do. We are too weak to have a democracy anymore Every president including the republicans hero Regan have screwed Americans. Illegals have been here for years obama opened the flood gates but he didn’t start it. It isn’t a matter of party. We already lost our freedom. We just don’t want to realize it. No one is fighting for us, and we certainly by posting comments aren’t fighting for ourselves. It’s OVER. This isn’t just my opinion but a fact. Take your blinders off. Don’t worry the best is yet to come. Every dictatorship in history was preceded by anarchy, mob rule, social breakdown and political confusion. I’ve fought long and hard for years I put myself out there to fight illegals when no one else showed up. I’ve went door to door in some of the worst neiborhoods. Today I was informed the fight is useless and on that note I will no longer fight. Goodbye America!! the greatest country this world has ever known…..