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Joe Biden, President, a gift to China and other predictions for 2021

Written By | Dec 28, 2020
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2021 will not be a stellar year, no matter what politics you hold. Like 2020, it will only go from bad to worse. The year’s highlight will be when it ends. The only high spot to look forward to will be the peaceful conservative organizations of patriots that will band together to protect the middle class. The year’s low spot will occur on January 20th with Joe Biden being sworn in as the 46th President of the United States.

He will not remain president until the 2022 mid-term elections. While both statements sadden this writer, both will most likely take place in 2021, with the impetus for Biden’s removal starting soon after his inauguration.

Biden policies will completely destroy the economy. Between his shutdowns due to the Chinese flu, tax increases, and new regulations, the economy will tank, joblessness will peak. Look for inflation and rising interest rates beginning in 2021.

Biden’s corruption as Vice-president will come to the forefront soon after his term begins.

Heck, it is already heating up with more revelations coming out about Ukraine and China daily. (Hunter biz partner confirms email, details Joe Biden’s push to make millions from China)  Biden, both Joe and Hunter, are wanted men in Ukraine, () and soon maybe indicted in the US through the Durham investigation. (Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, George Soros, Facing Indictment in Ukraine)

Yes, I know that this investigation has gone nowhere so far, but before leaving office William Barr did appoint Durham as a special prosecutor. The move ensures that the politically charged probe will continue into President-elect Joe Biden’s administration. (Barr names Russia prosecutor Durham as special counsel, ensures probe continues under Biden)

The only hope Biden has that this doesn’t blow up before summer is if Republicans loose both Georgia Senate seats on January 5th. If that happens the investigation will be hidden and Joe survives a little longer.

But Democrats really don’t like Joe

So while they may try to hide his corruption, as it tarnishes the entire Democrat party. All along they really wanted Kamala Harris as the first female president. She is much more malleable. While both will pander to the extreme left socialist, Kamala is seen as more acceptable to more Americans. Biden will fight back, as we have seen,

Kamala is both female and black. Republicans would have an extremely hard time attacking her positions, as they did Obama’s. Any criticism would be seen as both misogynistic and racist. A lose-lose to any politician, journalist, or opinion writer.

So, Joe will suffer removal, most likely via the 25th Amendment route, due to his rapidly declining mental status. It was probably the Democrat’s plan all along. This is if Republicans lose the majority in the senate. If not, Joe resigns after his corruption can no longer be hidden by the MSM. This may not entirely happen in 2021, but the process for his removal will be far along in the coming year.

The domestic scene under the Biden Democrats

On the domestic scene, we will reenter a year of more terrorism-related events. Because of Joe’s crackdown on China flu restrictions, it will set the stage for every radical, both left and right, to take action. It has already begun, as the Christmas explosion in Nashville, Tennessee has demonstrated.

While we still don’t know the reason for the Nashville bomb, it marks a comeback of terrorist-related incidents. Under Trump, they vanished, but Joe’s ascendancy has already sparked their return.

Bombs aren’t the only form of terrorism that we will face in 2021

as there will be more ANTIFA and BLM riots demanding more autonomous zones in large Democrat cities. Terrorism will not stop there, as any conservative will become a target for left-wing fanatics. Watch as all white people are terrorized, and all conservatives, of any race, religion or sex, are denigrated openly.

The levels of terror tactics used against whites and conservatives will cause a backlash, which will also add to the terror statics. Domestic turmoil will be at all-time highs in the coming year. While many centrist and independents voted for Biden to stop the acrimony, the opposite will occur.

Calling the Sons of Liberty to stop the pretender president-elect Biden

Right-wing violence should be avoided at all costs.

It will only be used to place more harsh restrictions on conservatives. The left’s tactics are to incite rightist violence. Let’s not fall into their trap. We can beat them without lowering ourselves to their level. It may take calling on groups, like the Hells Angels, to attend any pro-Conservative – Trump rallies not to fight, but to peacefully protect as it will be hard to rely on the ever more defunded police.

International relations

China will invade Taiwan. They need military chip technology that is produced in Taiwan for the CCP military. Taiwan knows how to protect its secrets, unlike the US whose politicians sell military technology to China for political donations or outright corruption, as Biden has (allegedly) done. For China to obtain this information they will invade Taiwan in order to get the chips that are presently going to our military.

Biden will do nothing, which will expedite China’s dominance over the South China Sea.

That act will shift shipping routes, causing extreme duress to our Asian allies, like Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Australia, and New Zealand. 2021 will not see a major shift in our alliances. However,  that shift will be toward America. Those nations will shift to a more conciliatory posture toward China.

China’s economic gains due to its uncontested dominance in Asia will propel it to surpass America as the richest nation on earth. That shift will see closer relations with Russia.

Russia will become dominant in the Arctic

That dominance giving Russia control of shipping, fishing, and oil rights in the Arctic region.

Again, Biden will not stop them. Like Obama, he may say knock it off, but Russia will not listen. Russian politics will take a turn for the worse when Putin retires, maybe sometime in January. Although the Kremlin is denying that Putin plans to retire anytime soon, strong indications show otherwise.

His replacement will have to be a very strong politician, someone who can command the respect and loyalty of both the oligarchs and generals. Such a man will be, like Putin, very much a dictator. Unlike in the communist days, Russia will not seek world domination but will demand a larger portion of the world’s resources.

Their alliance with China will not be strong, but it will subject the world to the control of the two superpowers, as America’s ability to stop them fades. While the full effects of the China-Russia alliance will not be complete in 2021, it has already begun as the two nations’ militaries continue to train together to face off the only foe strong enough to stop them, the U.S.

Biden’s effect on the US military

2021 will see a rapid decline in our military. Joe Biden has already indicated that he wants massive social programs for his friends to prosper from. To do so he will strip funds from the military in both open and surreptitious ways.

Some of those underhanded redirecting of funds will be to transfer dollars budgeted for the military, to environmental causes; under the false guise that the environment is our major fight. It will not only make his green supporters happy, it will make his donors in green technology wealthy beyond their wildest imaginations.

We will see a return of the VA Administration that fails our vets and more homelessness and suicide among our troops.

This will all start big time in 2021, no matter who controls the Senate.

Speaking of the Senate races in Georgia, Republicans will maintain a one seat majority, as in all probability one of the two Republicans running will win. Only one win will keep the Senate a Republican majority. But such a narrow majority, coupled with weak-kneed Republicans, will allow most Democrat bills to pass.

Just as happened under Obama. However, with the small majority, they will not allow the weakening of the Supreme Court by stacking liberal judges to counter the 5-4 conservative majority now seated.

Remember, John Roberts went completely over to the dark side, he is no longer a conservative.

Gun Rights will erode with the Second Amendment

That alone will protect the Second Amendment. Joe, however,  will sign executive orders (EO) to directly impact the rights of gun owners. This will go to the Supreme Court no earlier than 2022. Biden will, by EO, outlaw possession of AK and AR type rifles they wrongly call “assault rifles.” Also baned by Joe’s pen will be magazines that hold more than 10 rounds.

This will include pistol magazines. SCOTUS will overturn, eventually, Biden’s right to do so by EO, but the questions about the Second Amendment will not be answered. But this will happen in 2022. Meanwhile, gun rights will suffer.

Biden’s first 100 days will be marked by the most radical socialist movements in this nation has seen since FDR’s New Deal.

Daughters and Sons of Liberty will rise up to counter the radical shift to the left fostered by Joe’s policies. Much like the Tea Party rose in response to Obama. This will be a populist movement driven by a desire to maintain our Constitutional rights.

Those rights will be under full attack by Joe’s policies. Those 2021 Daughters and Sons of Liberty will take the fight directly to those politicians who are trying to deny them those rights. The major difference between the Tea Party and the 2021 Daughters and Sons of Liberty is that this group will learn from the mistakes of the past.

What the Daughters and Sons of Liberty can do to help America

Leaders will emerge, maybe even President Trump, and this movement will not be crushed as was the Tea Party. In fact, it might turn into a new political party to challenge both Democrats and Republicans, neither of which serves the people of America.

While the transition will not be completed in 2021, it will be fully in motion early in the year.

This will mark the beginning of the end for the Republican Party, much as they replaced the Whig Party (1834-1856). The Democrat party will move so far to the left that there will be no turning back. This is the fight now happening within the Democrat Party today.

The more traditional Democrats will lose to the socialist left. While this shift will not be completed in the coming year, it has already begun. (Democrats want to impose socialism, and worse, on America)

2021 will be known for its tumultuous domestic instability, coupled with a markedly contentious political change.

This will dramatically weaken America’s standing in the world. The world will face changes brought on due to this weakness, coming from China, Iran, and Russia.

The world will not look the same on January 1, 2022, as it does today.

2021 will be a transitional year. The outcome of that transition will be determined by We the People, and how we react to the changes.

So buckle up for a full year of politics on steroids. We at CDN will keep you up to date on every important event throughout the year. Calling out the Democrats and Republicans who are failing their oaths to the US Constitution.


Gun ControlAbout the author:

Joseph Ragonese is a veteran of the United States Air Force, a retired police officer,  has a degree in Criminal Justice, a businessman, journalist, editor, publisher, and fiction author. His last book, “The Sword of Mohammad,” can be purchased at in paperback or kindle edition. Follow Joseph on Parler

Joseph Ragonese

Joseph Ragonese is a veteran of the United States Air Force, a retired police officer, has a degree in Criminal Justice, a businessman, journalist, editor, publisher, and fiction author. His last book, “The Sword of Mohammad,” can be purchased at in paperback or kindle edition.