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Portland, Oregon under siege: Whither Goest, Portlandia?

Written By | Jul 25, 2020
Portland, Portlandi

Portland skyline – Photo by Tabitha Mort from Pexels –

COLORADO SPRINGS: Portland in the fifties and sixties was politically independent.  For those watching Portlandia, the city, today on the evening news that might be difficult to believe.

Portland is ideally situated between Mt. Hood, the Cascade Range, and the Pacific Ocean.  The western half is “London in the rain,” with numerous pubs and excellent restaurants.  The eastern less-well-known part of the state is sunny high desert with Bend being a mecca for those who delight in Mt. Bachelor’s powder snow skiing.

Looking past today’s rioters, one can glimpse the Portland of old with its restored mansions, a rambunctious wild west past, active fine arts scene, Washington Park, and the ladies of the West Hills — dowagers, young and old, who embrace the city’s past.


Recently, the quirkiness of the city was displayed in the cult TV series, “Portlandia.”  They showed without even a hint of irony the place where young people go to retire. Where diners inquire as to the provenance of their chicken in their cordon bleu, and the presence of specialty shops for such ‘highly-demanded products’ as salt and bitters.

Of late,  “Portlandia,” as distinguished from its ancestor city of “Portland,” might best be likened to a teenager with all of her self-centered, “look-at-me” self-consciousness.  As with those not yet fully formed humans, it is a precious city, filled with serious liberal socialists who have lost any sense of humor if ever they had such. Fueled by Trump hatred and nasty college anti-capitalist courses, the understandable idealism of these young rioters has turned more serious, to anarchy and the overthrow of our “terrible country.”

Mark Hatfield’s Portland

For those who worked to build “Portland,” in league with the late Senator Mark Hatfield, the sight of these marauders attempting to torch the Mark Hatfield federal justice building is dismaying.  The dark turn “Portlandia’s” city government has taken as they abet property destruction and prop up the clueless brats doing it, has turned the city’s “Keep Portland Weird” motto into a joke.  If only it were funny.

As in Seattle to the north, Portlandia has suffered millions of dollars in public and private property losses at these hands to date.  President Trump’s offer of help has been pawned off as a Nazi dictator attempting to bring in his storm troopers and secret police.  Apparently, to the rioters, visible property loss no matter who’s, is necessary when confronting “the man.”  One may notice that the crowd convening every night from midnight to five in the morning is overwhelmingly white.

Is America a frog boiling under the threat of Socialism?

Dare we note most of them have lived well, have not suffered the real racial discrimination that still exists, and have participated in college courses that have commandeered their idealism into an anti-America, RESIST!, Marxist vision?

And what, pray tell, would these youngsters replace their acts of destruction with?  What might their constitution look like?  As they believe old white slaveowners promulgated America’s beginnings, how would their edition be any different?

These young people of privilege, steeped in white guilt and leftist politically correct speech (read “censorship,”) who have been saved from any substantive or positive history of the country that’s given them so much, wish to be in the driver’s seat now.  The ends, i.e., creating chaos and anarchy, justify the means, i.e., blinding federal law enforcement officers with laser beams.

The slogans are fun too.: “Pigs in a Blanket, Fry ‘Em Like Bacon!”  “Hands up, don’t shoot!”  “I can’t breathe;” “White silence is violence;” and, “No justice, no peace.”

And let’s not forget the lovely black hooded Che Guevara outfits.  What if an Izod-shirted man in khaki summer pants were to show up?  The answer is that he would immediately be recognized as not being a member of the RESIST! Party.

The Peoples Republic of Portland

There was a pair of college-aged people seated on the pavement recently outside a Whole Foods store, filled with upscale Portland shoppers.  We might note that the pavement in these times is the accepted place to sit in the new “People’s Republic of Portlandia.”  Where “the people” own everything or at least the right to seize it.  As the walker passed their tin begging cup, costly Timberland shoes and parkas were noted.

The passerby, who failed to donate to their cause, spoke, “Let me guess:  Brown University and trust funds?”

Now that may be a rather vicious characterization of some of these new “Portlandians.”  But it is not far off base.  They attend Ivy League and other pricey schools, are taught leftist claptrap by tenured socialist professors, return home, ream their parents for being old and conservative, and then head out for the promised land, “Portlandia.”

What could be finer?  Everyone needs to be somewhere after all.  Why not follow the revolution to a better America?  Why not begin by tearing the mother down?  Yeah, why not?!


Lead Image: Photo by Tabitha Mort from Pexels –

Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels


Karen Hagestad Cacy

Karen Hagestad Cacy, of Colorado Springs, is a former Washington speechwriter and transportation lobbyist. Raised in Portland, Oregon, she holds a BA degree in Russian and Middle East Studies from Portland State University (and American University in Cairo.) Her four novels are available on She is also the author of two plays.