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Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff dies of humiliation in light of Biden schemes

Written By | Apr 14, 2021
Madoff, Biden, Ponzi Scheme, capo di tutti capi

Billion-dollar Ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff. NBC News screen capture.

WASHINGTON. It was more than prisoner #61727-054 could take. No longer the Ponzi scheme king, billion-dollar Wall Street swindler Bernie Madoff died mortified on Wednesday at the Butner Federal Correctional Complex outside Raleigh, North Carolina. The last straw for Madoff clearly came upon hearing the Democratically-controlled Congress is about to pass presidential-pretender Joe Biden’s trillion-dollar-plus infrastructure Ponzi scheme – in one fell swoop.

Madoff, Biden, Ponzi Scheme, capo di tutti capi

Butner Federal Correctional Complex. Photo: US Bureau of Prisons.

The plan is the largest, swiftly executed theft of investor cash in world history. I say investor’s cash because Democrats love referring to wasteful government spending as “investing.”

Most humiliating for Madoff, Biden’s swindle will never be subject to the same Justice Department Criminal Division scrutiny, FBI investigation, or criminal trial that sent Madoff to rot and die in an eight-by-ten prison cell.

Joe Biden gives a speech on his infrastructure plan. CNBC screen capture.

Remember, Madoff’s reported $65 billion embezzlements of client’s money began sometime in the 1970s. That’s three decades of sweat and toil whose final payoff came in the form of a federal indictment, a grueling criminal trial, and a conviction by a jury of his peers.

All this followed by a 150-year prison sentence handed down by US District Judge Denny Chin in 2009.

And while the worst examples of violent offenders recently received temporary prison furloughs due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Madoff’s attorneys failed to convince Judge Chin – yes, the same judge that sent Madoff to the slammer more than a decade ago – to afford the same treatment for their client.

“When I sentenced Mr. Madoff in 2009, it was fully my intent that he live out the rest of his life in prison,” wrote Justice Chin in his ruling.

Madoff, Biden, Ponzi Scheme, capo di tutti capi

US Marshalls escort Bernie Madoff from court in 2009. CNBC screen capture.

Judge Chin’s compassion failed to manifest despite Madoff’s suffering from kidney failure at the time. That’s because Bernie Madoff was a petty criminal of little consequence.

But some king-pin crime bosses, like Capo di tutti capi Joe Biden of the Democrat crime family, are like Teflon. No one, especially the press, sees the muck of crime dripping off boss Joe.

It’s said that behind every great fortune there lies an equally great crime. In the case of the late Bernie Madoff, that fortune was comprised of his client’s life savings. (How have victims fared 10 years after Madoff Ponzi scheme scandal)

But in Joe Biden’s case, that great fortune being spent belongs to you.


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