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Police brutality and the new Civil War being fostered on America

Written By | Jun 5, 2020
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WASHINGTON:  No one can deny that the Presidency of Donald Trump and America has been fraught with attacks. Democrats’ ongoing attacks of the Presidency have been pervasive for the last three-plus years. Russia, the Mueller Report, the Kavanaugh hearings, impeachment.  All costly attacks by Democrats on the President and the American people. All attacks that took place instead of Democrats working with the administration on making life better for Americans. Only this time including African Americans and the disenfranchised hidden in our liberal run cities.  Democrats ignoring the increasing evidence of police brutality.

Then Minneapolis policeman Derek Chauvin channels Judge Dredd, becoming cop, jury, and executioner to George Floyd, a man that did not need to die at the hands of a rogue cop who felt he was judge, jury, and executioner.

Floyd’s death spurring peaceful protests against bad policing.

Unfortunately, Chauvin, while not being representative of all cops, is representative of liberal unions allowing bad policing policies that make it impossible to stop a bad cop.  A Buffalo Police line response shows that bad policy policies affect not only young blacks but older whites as well.

This video shows a 75-year-old Buffalo man being violently pushed over when the police officers could have easily walked around him.  The exact same type of brutality this writer suffered at the hands of a white Washington DC swat officer with multiple complaints to his record. (Eric Garner died, I didn’t: Surviving a police take down)

Note, the officers in the shoving and then walking past as the man lay bleeding no longer on the force, despite police claiming the man tripped while walking backward.  The instance of the cell phone video instantly uploaded to social media being a powerful beacon of light into the dark.

Protests were quickly hijacked by looters and criminals.

From the Wall Street Journal – ‘Everything Is Gone’: Looting Strikes a Second Blow to Reeling Businesses in Minority Neighborhoods:

PHILADELPHIA—The destruction came in waves.
The first one hit about 4 a.m. on Sunday, when four people smashed the glass door of a clothing store in this predominantly black neighborhood and made off with armfuls of merchandise. About 12 hours later, looters emptied out a corner pharmacy and set fire to the uniform shop next door. Several more businesses were victimized in the wee hours of Monday morning, including a jewelry store where thieves broke into glass cases and stole about $200,000 of goods.

The criminals stealing the goods behind the broken windows and burning down the neighborhoods where some of our most economically vulnerable live. There was the destruction of small and minority businesses as much as high-end shops, electronic stores, and luxury cars from dealerships.

Killing innocents like former police captain David Dorn.

An Al Goodwyn Cartoon: Seeking intelligent life as riots burn America down

And during the police response, we saw many of our police acting bravely, stopping to hear and embrace the protestors. To take a knee not in acquiescence but in support of their demands for appropriate policing. No feeling American, police, politician or citizen could watch the death of Floyd without feeling horror:

Americans also stood arm-in-arm in Washington D.C.’s Lafayette Plaza, across from the White House, offering a line of protection for the officers from the agitators.

Being Black in America

The images at 1:00 minute into the Police Officer’s Kneel video show amazing images of white police embracing black men who have most likely grown up in fear of the police force. Whose parents have given them “The Talk” in how to survive the most innocuous traffic stop. (The Talk: Surviving Police Encounters While Black).

Black GOP Senator Tim Scott (Florida) says police have stopped him up to seven times in one year. Scott is one of two current African-American senators. Scott describes his encounters with the police.  Including when an officer thought his car was a stolen vehicle. Because a black man could not be legitimately driving a nice car.

He described a similar incident that happened to his brother, a command sergeant major in the U.S. Army. And he told the story of a staffer who was “pulled over so many times here in D.C. for absolutely no reason other than driving a nice car.”

The staffer eventually trading in his Chrysler for a “more obscure form of transportation” because “he was tired of being targeted.”

“I do not know many African-American men who do not have a very similar story to tell no matter their profession. No matter their income, no matter their disposition in life,” Scott says.

Scott made these remarks in July of 2016, the final year of the Obama – Biden Administration. After eight years of our first black president, Scott lays bare the true feelings of Democrat lack of leadership:

To whose benefit is the looting?

The looters, of course. They run away with arms fulls of home goods, electronics, and big-screen TVs.  Whoever they are, wherever they come from, they are destroying the lives of Americans who have built homes and businesses.  Who are living in America’s Democrat-run cities attempting to grab a slice of the American Dream.

No one is more prolific on the damage that the looters and criminals were doing than one Ms. Desiree Barnes, caught on camera standing up for her neighborhood. (language warning)


Rioters are drowning out the peaceful protestors

Protestors have a legitimate complaint against past leaderships who have done little to push policies that will make their lives better. Politicians have ignored the issues of black and immigrant neighborhoods. There have been no federal pushes by past administrations to better the lives of Americans caught in the “hoods” of public housing.  Before President Trump  there have been far too many policies to increase jobs or provide school choice to ensure all children get the education they deserve.

In the Saturday essay in the Toledo Blade, Black communities thriving thanks to President Trump, Pastor Darrell Scott writes

African-American voters will be hard-pressed to justify casting their ballots for a Democrat next year. In just under three years, we’ve made great progress under President Trump’s common-sense policies.
Despite the socialist Democrats’ campaign to obstruct Mr. Trump’s economic agenda, the President has kept his core promise to our community. By eliminating job-killing regulations and cutting taxes for the middle class, he has given millions of African-Americans a chance to thrive in a strong and growing economy.
Since Mr. Trump’s inauguration, the U.S. economy has created a whopping 1,017,000 jobs for African-Americans, including many here in Ohio. Today, the national black unemployment rate is at an all-time low of 5.5 percent. Unemployment for black women is even lower, at just 4.4 percent. More importantly, the overall black-white employment gap is smaller than ever. It is great to see so many African-American men and women back in the work force.
In addition, President Trump’s “Opportunity Zones” initiative is spurring even more growth in underdeveloped communities nationwide. Through targeted tax incentives, the initiative is projected to generate about $100 billion of private investment in communities that need it most.
That focus on expanding economic opportunity for minorities has been a major priority for the Trump Administration. That’s why Mr. Trump was so committed to reforming the criminal justice system. By eliminating the sentencing disparities caused by the horrendous Clinton-era crime bill, which disproportionately affected African-Americans, Mr. Trump is giving thousands of unfairly sentenced black inmates a second chance at the American Dream.
Joe Biden’s claims his race record make him qualified to be President

Joe Biden is the author of the 1994 Crime Law. A bill passed by a Democrat Congress led by racist Robert Byrd and signed by President Bill Clinton. The bill was meant to reverse decades of rising crime by targeting African Americans. Many claim the bill was a major contributor to mass incarceration in the 1990s. The Biden bill leading to more prison sentences, more prison cells, and more aggressive policing — especially hurting black and brown Americans.

In the article ‘Lock the S.O.B.s Up’: Joe Biden and the Era of Mass Incarceration – NYT June 2019,  the  author writes:

In September 1994, as President Bill Clinton signed the new Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act in an elaborately choreographed ceremony on the south lawn of the White House, Joseph R. Biden Jr. sat directly behind the president’s lectern, flashing his trademark grin.
For Mr. Clinton, the law was an immediate follow-through on his campaign promise to focus more federal attention on crime prevention. But for Mr. Biden, the moment was the culmination of his decades-long effort to more closely marry the Democratic Party and law enforcement, and to transform the country’s criminal justice system in the process. He had won.
“The truth is,” Mr. Biden had boasted a year earlier in a speech on the Senate floor, “every major crime bill since 1976 that’s come out of this Congress, every minor crime bill, has had the name of the Democratic senator from the State of Delaware: Joe Biden.”

Biden, more recently has made the egregious remark, if you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black inferring that black people must vote for Democrat anti-black policies overthinking for themselves.

Democrat supported Police unions have made it impossible to fire “bad” cops, protecting them from prosecution even when they lie. Something videos of the 75-year-old man in Buffalo are now making it harder and. harder to do. The citizen with a cell phone becoming is our first defense against bad police.

The Chicken and the Egg of Police Reform and Black Oppression

Police reform is necessary. Only it should have begun with the state governors and mayors who hire and fund these police departments. This reform should not begin in the Oval Office, but the State House.

However, Black oppression is real. That oppression is systemic and has not changed since… well forever. From Slavery to Jim Crow Laws to now we have Antifa and BLM – it has been a Democrat push to keep education, affordable housing, and food security from the black neighborhood.

Now with BLM and Antifa, they are making hungry people angry. And the result is the lessening of protests and the increase in riots.

With the riots destroying American cities, President Trump’s call for Law and Order is necessary. Reform does not come from the Oval Office because if it had, we would have to wonder why Obama did not issue an executive order to stop police brutality.

Joe Biden, emerging from the basement, calls for reform but he is an administration too late.  This is something he should have championed while he was in Congress and the White House. His response to lock the S.O.B.’s up not appropriate then, nor now.


State and Federal Democrats ignoring Police reform

Meaning if Biden felt reform was the answer, where was it in 1994, or post-Ferguson? Where was it following the Occupy movement? Where is that reform change over the last 50 years Biden has been in politics? Make no mistake, if you take nothing else from this story, the riots, the anger, the hate, and yes the peaceful protests, are all in response to the policies of Democrats going back to the days of slavery.

Biden’s big offering was the police act…

Or, listen to this man… he knows what is going on. Speaks his truth. This is the message that Democrats are drowning out. (warning: some language). As he says, its time for Patriots to stand up for America. Go somewhere else if you don’t like America.

For the officers to come not in a protective mode, but in an adversarial mode, in my opinion is also a big part of the problem. Americans are fighting back


America is based on law and order.

Our free society depends on the rule of law. When the rule of law breaks down, so does everything else.

But who funds the looters?

Many are opportunists funded by leftists group that many, including myself, believe are at least partially funded by the George Soros Open Society Foundation (OSF) whose goal seems to be the destruction of America from within.

The goal is a socialist, if not communist America. Soros’  OSF group is anti-Israel, one of America’s strongest allies. In 2015 Russia banned the OSF saying

“It was found that the activity of the Open Society Foundations and the Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation represents a threat to the foundations of the constitutional system of the Russian Federation and the security of the state”.

In 2017, the Open Society Foundations was among NGOs promoting a worldwide open government. Some politicians in eastern Europe, including Liviu Dragnea of Romania and Szilard Nemeth in Hungary. North Macedonia’s Nikola Gruevski, who called for a “de-Sorosization” of society. Poland’s Jaroslaw Kaczynski, who says that Soros-funded groups want “societies without identity.”

The Hungarian Civil Liberties Union receives half of its funding from Soros-backed foundations. Stefania Kapronczay, a leader of the HCL says Hungarian officials are “testing the waters” in an effort to see “what they can get away with.

Reuter’s reporting Civil organizations in Hungary brace for government crackdown on NGOs:

Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who won a third straight term in an election this month, has accused non-governmental organizations (NGOs) funded by Budapest-born billionaire George Soros of political meddling and actively supporting migration.
The government says the “Stop Soros” bill, which would impose a 25 percent tax on foreign donations to NGOs that back migration, is meant to deter illegal immigration, which Orban says has been stoked in part by Soros.

In 2017, the government of Pakistan ordered the Open Society Foundation to cease operations within Pakistan. May 2018, the Open Society Foundations announced they will move its office from Budapest to Berlin, amid Hungarian government interference.

In November 2018, Open Society Foundations announced they are ceasing operations in Turkey and closing their İstanbul and Ankara offices amid pressure from the Turkish government.

If you do not believe that Democrats are behind the looters and riots, listen to this young man, Chaziel Sunz, a former soldier for Antifa in Ferguson.  He says they (Antifa)

“are basically trying to get you to fight for a war that is being started on American turf very very soon and they want us to fight on their side and whit I’m trying to get the black population to understand and, and this is critical, the movement has been compromised everybody needs to know that. (3:50)”

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