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Pocahontas no more: Elizabeth Warren concludes her trail of lies

Written By | Feb 8, 2019
Pocahontas, carlos bustamante of stanford university,Elizabeth warren campaign video screen

WASHINGTON. Last Wednesday, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren admitted in a press conference to having perpetrated a fraud. She swallowed hard and said:

“I’m not a tribal citizen. My apology is an apology for not having been more sensitive about tribal citizenship and tribal sovereignty. I really want to underline the point, tribes and only tribes determine tribal citizenship.”

Dishonest injun
Pocahontas, carlos bustamante of stanford university,Elizabeth warren campaign video screen

Photo illustration assembled by this columnist.

Do you recall how a few weeks (fittingly) before Halloween Warren released a DNA report supporting her claim to Native American ancestry?

Fake-news CNN breathlessly reported the test “backed up her family lore.”

Warren coupled the report’s release with a campaign video, in which she asks geneticist Carlos Bustamante of Stanford University (who conducted the DNA test),

“Now, the President likes to call my mom a liar. What do the facts say?”

A confident Bustamante responded,

“The facts suggest that you absolutely have a Native American ancestor in your pedigree.”

Pocahontas, carlos bustamante of stanford university,Elizabeth warren campaign video screen

Stanford University’s Carlos Bustamante. Elizabeth Warren campaign video screen capture.

Affirmative on affirmative action

Years ago, Warren used her appropriated “ethnicity” to gain advantage over other educators seeking employment at such institutions as Harvard Law School. In 2012, the Boston Globe reported that for…

“… six straight years during Warren’s tenure, Harvard University reported in federally mandated diversity statistics that it had a Native American woman in its senior ranks at the law school. According to both Harvard officials and federal guidelines, those statistics are almost always based on the way employees describe themselves.” (Emphasis added)

The US Department of Labor uses this data to determine if employers are actively discriminating against minorities seeking employment.

Fauxcahontas Liz Warren and her ancestry lies are no laughing matter

Warren’s admission means at least one minority educator lost out on a coveted teaching post thanks to the fraud perpetrated by her and compounded by Harvard University.

A fraud she placed upon her muddled head like a crown. A crown of victimhood ascribed to native tribes who found themselves in the path of America’s westward expansion. An expansion supported by Congress. A body in which Warren has served unflinchingly since 2012.

Rationalizing a silly liar’s lies

And we must remember the Washington Post’s “fact-checkers” gave a “no rating” to her claim, telling readers to look into it on their own “and decide whether Trump’s attacks over warren’s background have merit.”

Trump Derangement Syndrome prevented them from saying the president’s “Pocahontas” verbal jabs at Warren were warranted.

And let’s not forget geneticist Carlos Bustamante, the Stanford University professor, MacArthur Fellow, and advisor to the National Human Genome Research Institute Council. He gave Warren’s lie the weight of “settled science.” An act clearly motivated by politics than DNA.

A fact that should be remembered when political hacks claiming to be climate scientists present computer models predicting the world’s end 12 years hence. Such findings are designed to give dissembling politicians, like Warren, draconian control of our economy and a greater share of our wages.

Their path, like that of Sen. Elizabeth Warren, is a trail of lies.


Top Images: Sen. Elizabeth Warren goes over her DNA test with 
geneticist Carlos Bustamante of Stanford University (inset). Elizabeth Warren campaign video screen shots.


Steven M. Lopez

Originally from Los Angeles, Steven M. Lopez has been in the news business for more than thirty years. He made his way around the country: Arizona, the Bay Area and now resides in South Florida.