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Pelosi, Schumer, Fentanyl, the Wall, and Kabuki Theatre

Written By | Jan 3, 2019
Pelosi Schumer Fentanyl Wall

Cartoon by Branco. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with Comically Incorrect. (See link in article for details.)

WASHINGTON, DC. Last year Fentanyl killed over 28,000 Americans according to the latest figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In one year. That’s 28,000 out of the 72,000 who died of opioid overdoses in the United States. Last year alone. Among the dead in recent years are rock stars Tom Petty and Prince. But countless other victims of the open border trade in Fentanyl are dying while Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer play games over border security. And they completely ignore President Trump’s demand for a wall on our southern border to secure us against the ongoing tide of drugs and violence.

Sex Trafficking, Fentanyl, and Kabuki Theatre

Tens of thousands of people are sex trafficked from Central America across the border, every year. Tens of thousands. Many of these victims are children and young girls. Hundreds of thousands of people are at the mercy of criminal gangs, cartels, and coyotes as they ply their way across the US border illegally. All while Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer stage a never-ending Kabuki Theatre production, pretending the problem just doesn’t exist.

Trump visits American troops in Iraq, realigns the Middle East

Billions wasted in Afghanistan can build the wall

Last year the United States wasted $45 billion dollars in Afghanistan. $45 billion with a B. Trump wants to draw down the number of troops in Afghanistan by 50%, saving us upwards of $20 billion dollars a year. Americans are tired of spending our treasure abroad for no discernible purpose.

Next year $20 billion more in the military budget could be freed up by not spending it in Afghanistan. That’s 4 times what Trump is asking for border security. But Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer want to give the President nothing. Not a dime for a barrier that will stop the drugs, human smuggling, criminal gangs, and sex trafficking of young girls and boys in their tracks.

Pelosi and Schumer: Tone deaf to anarchy on the border

The Pelosi-Schumer Solution: Not a dime to stop the anarchy on the border. It’s a strange position for people who just last year voted to approve $25 billion in border security. But Pelosi and Schumer aren’t about doing something real. They are all about the Kabuki Theatre of posing and virtue-signaling while spouting platitudes while doing nothing to address the problem.

During their meeting with President Trump at the White House Wednesday, they would not even listen to a national security briefing from Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjin Neilsen. Their followup with the press was a disaster, after their announcement that they would bring a vote on a bill they knew the Senate would not even take up.

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Even the press was appalled

In the first sign of life from a press corp that is generally in a bias induced coma, Pelosi and her aging colleagues were asked repeatedly and loudly, “Whats the point?” The Senate won’t take it up. The President won’t sign it. “Why even bother?” one reporter asked. Kabuki Theatre, indeed. It was embarrassing. And disingenuous.

And extremely dangerous for America.

This stale, pathetic, haggard excuse for “leadership,” — Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin — would not even acknowledge the problem. They instead spewed forth a jumble of programmed talking points, conducting partisan attacks on a President trying to solve a problem they are ignoring.

Democrats want open borders

It’s all because the Democrats don’t want border security. They want open borders. The hate ICE, and they scorn the Border Patrol. They denigrate every aspect of respect for the men and women on the front line of defending our country. Most importantly, they do a horrific disservice to everyone trying to emigrate to America legally.

Legally? Why bother anymore? America takes in over 1 million immigrants a year legally. Over 1 million a year. Every illegal immigrant we let skip the line and cross the border without consequence makes a mockery of people who have spent years waiting in line. Doing it the right way. What is fair about that?

Pelosi and Schumer apparently don’t care.

President Trump’s first press conference of 2019 was a doozy

America’s open border: A Fentanyl highway

America’s essentially open border is killing America and Americans, quite literally. Fentanyl made in China is shipped to Mexico, crossing the border largely through Mexican cartels. Fentanyl, heroin, methamphetamines are all widely distributed across the country by the cartels. A broken border in Texas leads to thousands of drug overdose deaths in Vermont and New Hampshire.

Drug cartels are full-service horror stories, trafficking people, criminal gangs, as well as drugs along well-established corridors. A complex border security system including a wall would put a serious crimp in most of those operations. Outside of simple human misery, and the need to control our immigration system, Americans are dying. In droves.

Not a problem for Pelosi and Schumer.

Chinese Fentanyl and Mexican drug cartels

Chinese fentanyl manufacturers and Mexican drug cartels are killing 28,000 Americans a year. That is an outrage. But those are the facts. Fentanyl is 50 to 100 times stronger than heroin and is killing addicts and users who have no idea they are administering themselves a fatal dose.

The cartels dealing fentanyl are the same ones dealing heroin, black market oxycontin, methamphetamines and the whole spectrum of deadly toxins  that make up the modern American drug epidemic.

Why are Pelosi and Schumer okay with that? What do they say to the decimated families of New England and upstate New York.

Disgraced coup plotter “J. Edgar” Comey’s phony outrage

Waiting 40 years to finally secure the border

For most of my adult lifetime, since Ronald Reagan and the 1980s, Democrats have been promising border security for immigration reform. Thirty-five years later we are still waiting for the wall. Actual border security. The kind that people want. So they know that before the other side of the equation is handled. Before amnesty, or pathways or new programs are introduced, that the open, gaping hole on the border must be closed.

But that has never happened and still won’t. The question is why. Customs agents and the border patrol union want it. Americans are dying every day because we don’t have it. Victims of coyotes and sex trafficking are being abused daily. No one should tolerate the system as it is.

Yet Pelosi and Schumer seem to think its just fine.

A deal to be made

There is almost certainly a deal to be made, but will they make it? Trump won’t back down, nor should he. An exchange for DACA or some other formula is the obvious solution. Right now, Pelosi and Schumer milk the issue for fundraising on a daily basis. They show no signs of budging.

But it’s bad politics, and it’s bad for America. When you don’t build the border barrier you are saying you are okay with 28,000 Americans dying from fentanyl overdoses every year.

Pelosi and Schumer: You are OK with sex trafficking, and enriching the cartels, and coyotes, and exploitation? It’s not just cynical. It’s immoral.

Khashoggi, Erdogan, Yemen, Saudi lies and Media hypocrisy

Border security is national security

Pelosi and Schumer know this. They don’t care. An illegal alien criminal gang member driving an unlicensed car while drunk on Christmas murders a legal immigrant. Who is also a cop. But, Pelosi, busy on her Hawaiian holiday, could care less.

With 28,000 Americans already dead and with no tangible end in sight, Pelosi and Schumer simply couldn’t care less.

Because border security is national security. Pelosi and Schumer are apparently against both. If a deal doesn’t happen soon, Trump may need to take more drastic measures. The Army Corp of Engineers could build the wall with funds redirected from Afghanistan. The securing of our borders is intrinsic to the very security of our country.

Border security: preventing chaos, saving lives

Trump will not let the government open without funding for the wall. Pelosi and Schumer need to figure out, sooner rather than later, what they are willing to trade for it. The future of America is counting on it. A majority of Americans oppose the endless chaos on our border, sanctuary cities, and a raging opioid epidemic that kills Americans every day.

Democrats are either willing to fund border security or they are on the side of the cartels, the sex traffickers, and the criminal gangs. They are either willing to act, or they have the blood of at least 28,000 dead Americans on their hands. 28,000 victims of Chinese fentanyl smuggled across the border by Mexican drug cartels last year alone.

That’s 2,400 people killed by a fentanyl overdose every month, or 80 people each and every day.

Ultimately, Congress could accomplish great things if Pelosi and Schumer chose to work with Trump on this and a range of issues. But until that day comes, all we will see is more Kabuki Theatre. Meanwhile, the fentanyl tsunami keeps pouring across the border, and Americans continue dying in droves.

— Headline image: Cartoon by Branco. Reproduced with permission and by arrangement with Comically Incorrect.


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