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Pelosi – Schiff Democrats operation destroy America Chapter 3: Impeachment

Written By | Sep 30, 2019
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WASHINGTON: Democrats are employing the classic spaghetti on the wall offense in order to impeach the President. In Nancy Pelosi’s own words, as read by Rep. Devin Nunes at last weeks hearing, this is not about truth, facts or even crimes. It is about the Democrat and liberal media “operation” to destroy the presidency of Donald Trump and nullify the rights of the American’s who did dare to vote for him.

First, the claim was that President Trump somehow stole the election. That he was not duly elected.  Then it was the Russia Hoax. Now it’s the Whistleblower fiasco.

Democrats quest to impeach the President has nothing to do with facts. Crimes – either high crimes or misdemeanors – be damned. We shall continue to turn over every stone, throw every piece of spaghetti, until something sticks. For Democrats, it is not about truth or justice.  It is an operation, a deliberate series of actions planned out meticulously, whose goals is to destroy President Truth before the election.  An election he cannot, in their eyes, win.

Another Trump hoax or a real investigation leading to impeachment?

At the recent Impeachment Investigation hearing run by Adam Schiff, Rep. Devin Nunes made the following statement:

“But a whistleblower is claiming President Trump made nefarious promises to a foreign leader. The released transcript of that call has already debunked that central assertion. But the democrats simply moved the goalposts and began claiming there doesn’t need to be a quid pro quo conversation to serve as the basis for impeaching the president.”
Speaker Pelosi went further when asked earlier if she would put brakes on impeachment if the transcript turned out to be benign, she responded “so there you go, if the Whistleblower operation doesn’t work out, the Democrats in their media we have candidates quote, we have many candidates for impeachable offensives”

That was her quote so if the Whistleblower “operation” doesn’t work out the Democrats and their media assets can always drum up something else.” Just watch Pelosi – Schiff twist and turn.

Beware America. Be very, very careful about how you proceed.

Play the following game of replacement:

Replace “Joe Biden and his son flew on Airforce 2, leading to Hunter Biden receiving lucrative contracts with China and Ukraine.”  With “President Trump and his son flew on Airforce 1, leading to Eric Trump receiving lucrative contracts with China and Ukraine. ”

Now ask yourself, is the truth of Joe Biden and Hunter Biden being given the same scrutiny it would be given if Joe and Hunter were replaced with Donald and Eric?

Steve Hilton, on the Next Revolution, says Democrat hypocrisy is pervasive at best.  The talk show host saying:

    • Chuck Schumer, you took money from lobbyists for the Saudi Arabian and Mexican governments.
    • Nancy Pelosi, you took money from lobbyists representing shady companies in Ukraine.
    • Mark Warner and Hakeem Jeffries you took money from lobbyists for China.
We called all four of these Democrat hypocrites to ask if, in addition to taking money, they or their staff have taken any meetings with foreign government lobbyists. None of them would say. Of course not, because we can be sure they did. That’s how the Swamp works. You pay the money, you get the meeting.
And now ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the ultimate Democrat hypocrisy. We’ve seen how Schumer and Pelosi and Warner and Jeffries are in the pockets of Saudi Arabia and Mexico and Ukraine and China. But surely not Russia. Surely after all this fuss, after all these years of hysterical, apoplectic, self-righteous shrieking about Russia, no Democrat would take money from lobbyists for Russia, would they?
Chuck Schumer, Cory Booker, Kirsten Gillibrand, Robert Menendez, Richard Blumenthal, and yes, Mr  Treason himself, Hakeem Jeffries, have all taken money from lobbyists for Russia. There is only one worse example of Democrat hypocrisy: Someone who’s running around accusing President Trump of being captured by a foreign power, but who himself is compromised not just by any foreign power but by the biggest and most hostile – America’s No. 1 enemy, China.
Joe Biden took billions of dollars in bribes from the Chinese government in the form of payments to the Biden family businesses. And in exchange, he was soft on China the last time he was in office. #JoeChina

According to the experts at the Heritage Foundation:

“The Constitution gives the “sole Power of Impeachment” to the House, which can approve articles of impeachment by a simple majority. As a practical matter, therefore, it might be said that the category of “High Crimes and Misdemeanors” includes whatever the House says it does. But America’s founders took this phrase from English common law, where it had developed a definition. It is a narrow category of serious misconduct that requires removing the president now, rather than waiting for the next election.”

The highlighted text tells the Democrat’s story. They cannot fight an incumbent president running on economic gains – low unemployment, rising wages, recipients moving off welfare, jobs returning to America.

Barack Obama’s shadow government of coup plotters in exile

Voters, once in the voting booth, are going to have to balance the strength of having a job and a growing 401K against voting for a party that promotes not only socialism but is unable to move anything but hate for the President, forward.

More simply states, Democrats “operation” is about destroying the economic and market gains. To return us to the Obama era recession. To put us back on welfare. Take us out of our jobs, and back to our couches. To destroy the Second Amendment. To fine us if we fail to use their politically correct terms.  (NYC fines $250K for calling someone an ‘illegal alien’)

Because a poor populace is a complacent populace. And Democrats like nothing more than having power over people too hungry to fight back. Need proof? Look to Venezuela.

This election campaign and Democrats impeachment proceedings are going to be ugly.

And it’s we are only at the beginning of the beginning.  This is going to go on forever. And that truth is depressing at best.  Since Bill Clinton, we have known we cannot trust our current political leaders. This is the truth behind the election of Donald Trump.

And for our courage to elect an outsider to defeat Hillary Clinton, we are paying a horrific price. And the cost is rising with the hate and divisiveness fomented by liberals in politics and the media. But how high would the cost have been under Hillary?

On the Sunday talk shows, Pelosi’s advice to the President et al. is to speak the truth and don’t make it any worse than it already is. The truth is that if impeachment does not work, Democrats will attack President Trump and republicans with something worse.  Something made up, lies, slander, and libelous caterwauling.  They won’t stop.

Maybe, just maybe, Democrats and the liberal media should just work toward the 2020 elections and stop making things worse for America.



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