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Patrick Philbin, the rock-star of the Democrat’s impeachment farce

Written By | Jan 31, 2020
Patrick Philbin, Philbin, Impeachment

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WASHINGTON, DC: Throughout the droning impeachment trial and constant bleating presence of Adam Schiff on our 54″ flat screens, White House Deputy Counsel Patrick Philbin has emerged as the indisputable voice of reason in a season of madness. The Democrat House Managers think America is stupid. They’ve proven that. They seem to think that the mere repetition of the mantra of an invented “foreign interference” is a sufficiency of guilt. Time and again Patrick Philbin has taken the podium to calmly and efficiently undercut the hubris and criminal overreach of the Democrat’s impeachment farce.

Attorney Patrick F. Philbin, a graduate of both Harvard Law School and Yale University is a partner at Kirkland & Ellis, LLP. He is a past Associate Deputy Attorney General US Department of Justice.

Impeachment is a partisan farce

The President’s team has been remarkably restrained in the face of the stream of defamatory invective, dripping with contempt, that emanates from the House managers every time they open their mouth. The clarion call, endlessly repeated, of how Trump enticed a foreign power to interfere in our election. When nothing could be further from the truth.

Socialist Bernie Sanders set to win Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary

President Trump froze Ukrainian aid temporarily based on well-founded concerns for corruption and burden-sharing. He asked the Ukrainian President to cooperate with Justice Department investigations. The two concerns existed on their own merits and are not intertwined. They were never connected as a policy matter.

All aspects of his conduct fell well within President power and authority.

Adam Schiff: A modern-day Joe McCarthy

The impeachment farce, on the other hand, is the latest example of the rolling coup d’etat that began when John Brennan and the Obama White House targeted candidate Trump with the full force of the intelligence community and the Justice Department. 

There is a seamless line from Crossfire Hurricane, to the Steele dossier, to illegal FISA warrants, the Mueller Weissmann inquisition, and now the Pelosi Schiff impeachment charade.  A partisan attack on the President designed to suck up the last year of his presidency the way the Mueller inquisition sucked up the first three.

Newt Gingrich says “It’s a coup d’etat not an impeachment inquiry”

Adam Schiff has been at the center of this firestorm from the very beginning. A living breathing Joe McCarthy, calling the President a Russian agent for three years. Doing so again just today on the Senate floor. Blocking exposure of FBI corruption. Defending the illegal FISA applications. Staging a Stalinist show trial of an impeachment hearing.

Based on yet another deep state operative, the so-called ‘whistleblower”, working with the President’s enemies to undermine the Republic.

Impeachment, Philbin, Hunter, Joe, Burisma, Ukraine, Coup, Coup de etat, Biden, Burisma, Trump, Impeachment, Democrats, SchiffImpeachment is part of the rolling coup d’etat

This isn’t impeachment. Its the continuation of the conspiracy to overthrow the government. The ‘whistleblower’ who dare not be named was a CIA operative. A Joe Biden staffer. He was a Susan Rice and John Brennan protege. He was intimately involved with Ukraine’s policy under Obama. Including Burisma.

It is abundantly clear he coordinated with Alexandra Chalupa, the DNC operative who worked with the Ukrainian embassy to dig up dirt on Trump and Paul Manafort. He invited her to the White House on several occasions. The partisan “whistleblower” later arranged a meeting at the White House with senior Ukrainian officials to discuss Burisma holdings and Hunter Biden.

NSA’s Adm. Mike Rogers, American hero, working with Durham probe

Reports are that the “whistleblower” worked with two Schiff staffers, Sean Misko and Abigail Grace, at the NSC at the White House. The ‘whistleblower”, a John Brennan protege,  illegally leaked the allegations of the Zelensky call by Lt Col. Vindman.  He coordinated extensively with Schiff staff members, and possibly Schiff himself, before turning in his complaint.

Schiff’s staff also connected him with his legal team, a prominent partisan Democrat. The actions of the ICIG is extremely suspect in regards to his role in facilitating the conspiracy with the so-called “whistleblower”.

His ICIG testimony to Schiff’s Stassi style East German secret committee hearing remains under lock and key.

The fake Whistleblower is not entitled to protection

The  Trump-Zelensky call “Whistleblower’ isn’t entitled to protection. He is not a real whistleblower. The ICIG had no authority to forward the complaint to Congress. The ICIG can only deal with complaints about internal intelligence community matters. This was a White House call between heads of state.

The Whistleblower is more coup plotter than a patriot.

Schiff’s “whistleblower” has ties to Susan Rice and Joe Biden

He had no first-hand knowledge. Lied throughout the process and is now somehow sacrosanct. Yet he is at the center of the manipulated process that has brought the country to this degrading 5-month morass of impeachment.

It was outrageous that Chief Justice Roberts would not read a question from Sen. Rand Paul dealing with the “whistleblower” who started this most recent conflagration.

The John Brennan, Susan Rice protege who worked for Joe Biden. It is worse than outrageous that the scandalous roots of this farce are being deliberately withheld from the American people

Its a sham. The Russia hoax on steroids. The direct descendant of the Mueller inquisition. The illegal FISA warrants. Crossfire Hurricane. From Brennan and Comey to Pelosi and Schiff it has been a seamless criminal ongoing conspiracy against the duly elected President of the United States.

The Schiff show: unwatchable partisan blather

The first three excruciating days of the impeachment trial was a horror show repeat of the Schiff show from the last four months in the House. With his Ed McMahon sidekick Jerry Nadler playing second Jacobin.

After the 11 motions for witnesses were struck down, wasting the first day, the grandstanding begins. Now I have to admit, it was hard to keep the sound on. For three Days the Adam Schiff clown show of House Managers scorched the airwaves with hyperbole worthy of a parody of WWII and the fight against Communism.

Julian Assange, the real “whistleblower” is a political prisoner

Trump was definitely Hitler. There was no invective too low. No insult too outrageous. It was a stun gun repetitive political commercial for the radical wing of a Democrat party most concerned with destroying the President. Regardless of the consequences to their country. Openly part of a conspiracy to weaken America in the world.

To deliberately undermine the American Government and its capacity to operate, at home and abroad.  The Democrats have done more damage to our country the last three years than Russia could ever have done in a hundred years.

The White House finally gets a chance to defend itself

The President’s defense began Saturday with a brilliant opening from Ken Starr, followed by Patrick Philbin, the man who would become the steady voice of the impeachment trial. Philbin maintains certainty and dignity that is more than compelling. His stentorian tone rises amidst a sea of barking seals on the other side.

He cuts through the arguments of the House Managers with precision and numerous legal references. He spontaneously conveys both laser-sharp focus and masterful command of the issues at hand. It is a welcome counterpoint to the hubris and angry stormtrooper East German behavior of Adam Schiff and the Jacobin House Managers.

Pat Cipollone and Jay Sekulow and the rest of the Presidents team have been fantastic, if a bit understated. Alan Dershowitz gave a phenomenal constitutional lesson to close out the core of the President’s defense on Monday night. Its a pity not everyone in the country got to see it.

The networks blackout the President’s defense

After wall to wall coverage of Adam Schiff on every network for the first four days, on Monday, when the Presidents team gave the bulk of their defense, NBC, ABC, and CBS networks didn’t carry impeachment live. Fox News didn’t carry impeachment live from 5 pm onward. Fox didn’t show Dershowitz’s eloquent discussion either.

Horowitz report, a roadmap for Durham, destroys Comey’s FBI

I had to watch it on CNN or MSNBC.  It didn’t go unnoticed. The next day everyone was back, after an outcry from the President’s defenders. But it is worth noting, after 4 days of being force-fed Adam Schiff on all networks, that on the one major day of the President’s case, the available broadcast audience was cut by 70%. Deliberately.

Impeachment will be over on Friday

Now we are on the cusp of the end. Two days of questions have only laid more clear the willingness of the House Managers to literally say anything to attempt to support an unsupportable argument. The cry for new witnesses to extend the trial for the next two months is the next repeated mantra just behind” interference in the next election”.

But it is Schiff and the coup plotters that have interfered with the constitutional realm of the  Republic since Donald Trump was elected.

The Russia Hoax: James Clapper throws Barack Obama under the bus

Today seems a lot like the last day of the Kavanaugh hearing. Democrats will continue to lash out until the bitter end. This long nightmare is finally coming to an end. At least this phase of the nightmare. It appears clear that Mitch McConnell has the votes to bring this charade to an end on Friday night or Saturday morning.

Monday is the Iowa Caucuses. Tuesday Trump triumphantly goes to the State of the Union. One week later Bernie Sanders wins the Hew Hampshire primary after sweeping the Iowa caucus.

By March the 3rd, Super Tuesday, Democrats will either have a nominee or be on their way to a bitter fight at a brokered convention.

A reckoning is finally coming: Thank you Patrick Philben

By November President Trump will be overwhelmingly re-elected, and win control of the House of Representatives. By then indictments should be coming down in the Durham investigation. Adam Schiff can be censured by the House and held accountable for three years of McCarthyism.

The impeachment farce has been a stain on our Republic. It is the latest sad extension of the ongoing attempts, since Crossfire Hurricane, FISA warrants and the Mueller inquisition, to destroy this president.

When the dust clears and we look back at this disgraceful episode in our politics one figure will rise above. The man who carried the day in the impeachment trial of Donald Trump.

Patrick Philbin. The steady voice of reason in a world of apparent utter madness.


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