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Pastor Artur Pawlowski’s “Get Out” message to “Nazi, psychopath, fascists”

Written By | Apr 4, 2021
Artur Pawlowski, Church of Adullam, Alberta, Canada

ALBERTA, CANADA: Police were decisively expelled from a street church in Alberta, Canada , with Pastor Artur Pawlowski denouncing them as “Gestapo Nazi communist fascists” and “psychopaths”.

“Please get out, get out of this property, immediately get out,” Pawlowski told the six police officers who were standing inside the entrance to the church. “Get out of this property immediately.”

Pastor Artur Pawlowski of the Cave of Adullam Street Church Alberta escaped soviet communism in Poland to legally immigrate to Canada. He ordered the six officers who descended on the out of the property, accusing them of being Nazi psychopaths.

“I have seen the power of unified Poland during the solidarity and I have seen what we can do as people if we will only unite,” Pawlowski encouraged the crowd. The preacher who escaped communism and made his home in Canada detailed his oppressive life under the Soviet communists in Poland and warned that Canada is rapidly turning into a communist state.”

The Cave of Adullam takes an active role in the political health of the communities, in both outreach to the people, and to the politicians. Their YouTube channel shows videos of their work the police harassment of the church and Pastor Pawlowski.

The Street Church, Alberta website saying:

“We preach the gospel at the steps of City Hall.  During the years, God shifted our ministry from preaching just to the poor and the homeless, to preaching to politicians and business people, that leave and enter City Hall.

The Pastor’ has a heritage history with first Nazi Germany invading Poland.  Then the U.S.S.R. invading Eastern Poland. All told many more than 300,000 Polish Jews and other undesirable, including homosexuals, gypsy, and the mentally unfit, in the Warsaw ghetto were murdered under Nazi rule. The Soviet Union occupying three-fifths of Poland and 13 million of its people as a result of the invasion. Many more Polish people died of starvation as the German and then Soviets occupied the country.

“Nazis are not welcome here, out,” he told them as they walked out the door to leave. “And don’t come back without a warrant.”

“Do not come back, you Nazi psychopaths. Unbelievable, sick, evil people,” he said as the officers walk away. “Intimidating people in the church during the Passover. You Gestapo Nazi Communist Fascists!”


“Can you imagine, those psychopaths,” Pawloski said to the camera as the officers walked away. “Passover. The holiest Christian festival in a year, and they’re coming to intimidate Christians during the holiest festival — unbelievable!” he exclaimed.

“What is wrong with those sick psychopaths?”

The pastor had been polite but firm with the half-dozen officers, telling them:

“Please get out, get out of this property, immediately get out” as they clustered together a short distance inside the building.

He became markedly firmer as they attempted to linger and put questions to him. He insisted:

“I don’t want to hear a word. Out! Out! Out of this property immediately, until you come back with a warrant — out!”

Pawloski chastised them as “Nazis” and declared that “Gestapo is not welcome here” as they straggle out, largely in silence


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