Paris rally brings a million people together; So where was Obama?

Only Jane Hartley, the American ambassador to France, represented the United States at the rally.


MILLINOCKET, Maine, January 12, 2015 — On Sunday, at least 40 world leaders from Europe, Africa, the Middle East and even Russia attended a Paris rally to show solidarity with the victims of the deadly attack on Charlie Hebdo last week.

Estimates indicate that over a million people joined together in Republique Square.

But it was widely noticed by many that certain people from the U.S. were not there.
President Obama and Vice President Biden had nothing on their schedules on Sunday. The President reportedly watched football on television later in the day, while Biden talked to himself in the mirror.

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Jane Hartley
Jane Hartley

Secretary of State John Kerry was on a previously scheduled trip to India, but he plans to travel to France later in the week to offer his support.

Attorney General Eric Holder was actually in Paris for a terrorism summit. He made appearances on Sunday morning talk shows, but he had undisclosed better things to do than join French President Hollande, German Chancellor Merkel, Israeli Prime Minister Netenyahu, Palestinian Authority President Abbas, British Prime Minister Cameron and dozens of other heads of state at a rally.

Only Jane Hartley, the American ambassador to France, represented the United States at the rally.

Administration officials pointed out that the President had recently made several phone calls to French President Francois Hollande.

Also, he made a trip to DC’s French embassy to sign the condolence book.

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  • mosahlah

    Where was Obama? Golfing?

    • blabberwulf

      Like you care .

      • mosahlah

        You should.

  • Thisstuffmakesmecrazy

    Communist Digital News is a joke. Bozeman is the punch line.

  • VernonDozier

    From other news articles I read, this just seemed like a get-together for Paris… Paris, I guess, wants access to someone’s army for protection.

    Still, if Obama would have gone, US taxpayer dollars would have been spent, and US troops likely would have been deployed to France to protect it.

    When you think about that concept, it’s actually kinda funny, and a good thing that no one went.

  • Luther Brixton

    And the fake outrage from our fake news media continues.

    Remember the outrage from the MSM when Bush did nothing for 8 years to get Osama bin Laden?

    Remember the outrage from the MSM when there were no WMD’s in Iraq and over 4500 US troops died in vain?

    Remember the outrage from the MSM when it was revealed that Bush was given dire warnings throughout the summer of 2001 that “Bin Laden Determined To Attack Inside US”?

    No, because there was none.

    But the 8 years of Obama will be remembered for the MSM desperately trying to create manufactured scandal after manufactured scandal after it had spent 8 years pretending 3000 Americans dying on 9.11 wasn’t a scandal and over 4500 Americans dying in vain in Iraq wasn’t a scandal.

    • OhioRaider


  • Katy Smith

    Obama is a racist coward.

    • the_chemist_of_discord

      And you are a staggering, superficial moron

  • the_chemist_of_discord

    Really? Why didn’t the leader who’s forces have killed more jihadis than those of the 40 attending leaders combined show up for a gesture? For something symbolic? Grow up, you silly superficial twits. Obama’s critics don’t really care, they’re simply happy to jump at any chance to criticize, no matter how pointless.

    • I disagree. If President Obama did not want to attend, he could have sent Joe. And, by the way, if watch the news, Earnst (the President’s press mouthpiece) has said “they made a mistake” – so they admitted that they made a mistake in not sending a high-ranking official.. its not like the Attorney General wasn’t in France or anything.

      • How many of the French Govt. Jacquie, came to visit and support the USA after 9/11?

  • George Boreas

    American leaders wouldn’t want to give the support of their presence to civilized demonstrations. God forbid such a communist habit picks up among the American rabble.

    Besides, the principle of American exceptionalism precludes American leaders from holding hands with leaders of the rest of the world. Just like LeBron shouldn’t touch the Princess.

  • Dohn Monjover

    Did the writer of this article attend the Paris rally?

    • The writer does not have Airforce One paid for by the American taxpayers at his disposal. And its not his job… it is Obama’s job to represent America. Bit of difference in expectations.

      • Dohn Monjover

        So it’s Obama’s job to represent America by attending rally’s? I thought he was busy fixing the economy and gathering world leaders for anti terrorist strategies. Yes, a bit of a difference in expectations indeed.

        Where’s Osama and how do you like those gas prices? Job growth is steady and college is about to be free in some states. Cuban relations getting better and healthcare for poor. Oh yeah, but he didn’t attend a march….keep digging dinosaurs, you will go extinct soon.

        • Actually, Mr. Monjover, our President is our representative at world affairs, so yes. However, it is often the vice president who attends funerals, etc.

          The gas prices have nothing to do with the President, they are a result of Saudis manipulating the market. Nothing is free… someone is paying for that college, though generally I support the idea. And the White House has admitted that they made a “mistake” by not sending a high level official.

          The dinosaur in the room, are liberals that feel that a socialist society can be maintained. Even Castro has been quoted as saying “yeah, not working so well for us.”

          • Dohn Monjover

            Lol, you people get so cute with your hypocrisy. “Someone has to pay for it”, yes someone has to pay for the air force one going to Paris too, where they announced sleeper terrorist cells were ordered to attack. And guess what, I don’t support that with my tax money. I like how you ignored everyone of my points except the oil, which I am not going to fact check because I just don’t care since I cited many other reasons why Obama rules.

            Yes, the Obama administration apologized they didn’t send someone important but not because Obama didnt attend him self as he well shouldn’t off.

            I am not a liberal or conservative, I value logic too much to blindly follow one. When I said “you dinosaurs will go extinct”, I meant you racists hiding behind your passive aggressive petty arguments just like this author and you.

            The argument that Obama is a bad president because other leaders attended a rally and he didn’t is the same as saying that the journalist that wrote this article is a bad journalist because other joilurnalists attended the rally and she didn’t. Or because the website that she writes for didn’t send a better representative.

          • Jim Bozeman

            Um… the “she” you refer to has a beard.

  • Yvonmoua

    Paris rally bring million together to support France’s hard time but USA hahahhahahaha….

  • blabberwulf

    It’s not like Charlie didn’t know his stockgobbing, that’s touted as freedom of speech by a ignorant criminal cabal that doesn’t enforce existing laws, would get innocent people killed because of his reckless stupidity.