Palestinians violate ceasefire: Israel must win this war


LOS ANGELES, August 1, 2014 — The newest negotiated ceasefire in Gaza was so fragile that even President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry refused to take a victory lap. Israel agreed to a 72-hour humanitarian ceasefire with the Palestinians as represented by Hamas. Israel would allow Palestinians to bury their dead and stock up on emergency survival supplies. Hamas normally uses ceasefires to restock their supplies of weapons. All they had to this time was stay quiet for three days, using the time of to regroup.

All Hamas had to do was spend three days away from overt displays of terrorism.

They refused to do this. As soon as the ceasefire was enacted, Palestinians slipped through one of the many illegal tunnels they created and kidnapped an Israeli soldier inside Israel. Once again, Israel ceased and Palestinians kept firing. Once again, Palestinians used the ceasefire to deliver themselves one virgin for each hour the ceasefire lasted. The first virgin never arrived because the Palestinians ignored the late John Lennon’s advice and still insisted on giving war a chance.

Those desperate to distinguish Palestinians from Hamas should try distinguishing ordinary Ku Klux Klan members from the Grand Wizards and Kleagles. The Palestinians enthusiastically chose Hamas as their duly elected democratically elected government. When one lays down with dogs, the result is fleas. The entire Palestinian people have become infected with the disease. The obsession with waging war has become almost pathological. They cannot win, but they cannot stop. When gift-wrapped three days of calm that comes with a bonus of a potential strategic advantage, the Palestinians still cannot accept normal life. War is all they know, because war is all they do and war is what they wage.

At this point other nations are finding out what Israel has known for some time: Ceasefires with the Palestinians are worthless because the Palestinians treat them as worthless.

It is impossible to negotiate an agreement with a people who have decided that agreements mean nothing and breaking one’s word is the typical method of doing business.

The United Nations is at best useless and at worst a collection of Jew-haters. The United Nations may claim to have a mission, but that mission is never accomplished. This is the body that failed to prevent genocide in Rwanda. This is the same body that allowed its peacekeepers and humanitarian workers to sexually assault locals it was supposed to be protecting. This is the same body where radical Islam is allowed to turn inward on its own people with nary a peep of protest. Bashar Assad murders his people in Syria with impunity. Now this same body dominated by Arab States condemns the world’s only Jewish state against a roving band of nomadic murderous Islamist zealots.

Barack Obama and John Kerry can once again be counted on to side with evil over good. Israel in the current conflict is backed by the relatively moderate governments in Egypt and Jordan. Hamas is backed by Iran, the Muslim brotherhood, and the once friendly but increasingly hostile Turkey. The moderate Arabs want Israel to extinguish the threat of Hamas. Obama and Kerry propose ceasefires that rescues Hamas and practically revitalizes it. Obama and Kerry get rescued when Hamas violates the most favorable terms it can possibly get, allowing Israel to keep fighting.

Outside of the morally bankrupt left, most people understand why the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians exists.

The Palestinians elected a government run by terrorists. Rather than build civil institutions, the terrorists chose to engage in…pretend to be shocked…terrorism. Billions of dollars that could have built schools, roads, and courts of law were instead spent buying munitions, building tunnels into Israel, and using those munitions and tunnels to kidnap and murder innocent Israelis. Had three innocent Israelis not been kidnapped and murdered, nearly 1,500 Palestinians would still be alive today.

Palestinians claim that the Israeli response has been “disproportionate.” They are right. Israel has exercised far too much restraint. Palestinians have suffered 90% of the deaths, but they are 100% of the problem. The three murdered Israelis were killed in a disproportionate manner since zero Palestinians had died at that point. The main Palestinian gripe seems to be that Israel defends itself successfully rather than allow itself to be killed.

This conflict was never about an “illegal occupation” that is neither illegal nor an occupation. It is not about “refugees” from “Palestine” that actually fled Egypt and Jordan for trying to topple those governments. It is not about a “cycle of violence” when the Israelis keep agreeing to ceasefires and the Palestinians keep violating those ceasefires.

It is not about checkpoints and blockades that are in place solely because Palestinians refuse to stop murdering Israelis.

The entire conflict comes down to two very different peoples. The Israeli people are steeped in Jewish values that treat every human life as precious and desperately seek peace. The Palestinian people have become a culture of death that chose the most violent government possible to spread as much death as possible as quickly as possible so they could harm the Israelis. The Palestinians then complained when their approach failed militarily.

Anybody not named Obama, Kerry or Russell Brand is bright enough to understand this. The Palestinians are not victims. Their government of murderers was given a chance to stop killing. Three days was too much to ask. They could not keep peace for three minutes.

Diplomatic solutions exist when warriors lay down their arms, bargain in good faith, and keep their word by honoring negotiated agreements. This is how peace came to Northern Ireland. There is no diplomatic solution with a people that refuses to lay down their arms, negotiates in bad faith, and violates agreements.

The military solution is the only solution at this point. Ceasefires have failed. Israel must blow up every tunnel and hunt down every Hamas terrorist. Collateral damage cannot be a deterrent. The Palestinian people, like every other people, got the government they deserved. Now they need to face the consequences. They and they alone are responsible for what happens to them.

Israel needs to wipe Hamas from the earth. Israel needs to win this war to truly end this war. Israel must smash the terrorist infrastructure until the Palestinians are completely and totally incapable of waging any more war. Only then can there be what Israel has always desired and the Palestinians have always rejected, a true and lasting peace.

The time for talk is over. It is time for Israel to turn Hamas into Hummus.

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  • Courage

    Very well said.

  • adriana

    wow! Amazing and well articulated. I could not agree more and I wonder how the rest of the world can not see what Hammas truly is and the madness of Palestinian people supporting them. How can Palestinians support the madness of their political leader to use them as human shields? Why Palestinians do not see they are just used as bait in this cruel game? Why Hammas used materials to build tunnels and aim to Israel instead of building schools, housing to their people? Why Palestinians keep on blaming Israel for their disgrace when they chose it in the first place? What is the definition of madness? I just can’t feel any pity for those who are mad enough to defend their rockets, leaders and senseless belief in destroy everything instead of seeking the welfare of their citizens.

  • Doni Kandel

    It always seems so simple when you say it Mr. Golub. Makes it seem like people who don’t get it, including the current Admin, are CHOOSING not to understand these basic truths.