Palestinian children? What about Israeli children? Syrian, Afghan children?


LOS ANGELES, July 25, 2014 — As Israel intensifies its incursion into Gaza to root out Hamas, Palestinians have seen some of their children die. The death of any child is tragic.

The truth is that some children are more equal than others.

Palestinian children receive a special status that no other children receive. Palestinian children are the darlings of the global left. President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry are hell-bent on taking special actions to save Palestinian children that are not being taken anywhere else in this world.

One could even call the sympathy directed toward these Palestinian children as “disproportionate.”

In many cases Hamas uses their own children as human shields. In some cases the children are not even killed. They cry in front of the cameras. In some cases, Palestinian children are actually dying.

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The problem comes in the form of people desperate to “do something” even when the solution is worse. Whenever a politician wants to look busy, they claim that their cause is meant “for the children.” No course of action is too counter-productive as long as it is for the ch-ch-ch-ch-children.

If the late Whitney Houston was right in declaring that the children are the future, then that should apply to all children.

Sadly, there are plenty of children ignored by the world while Palestinian children receive outsized attention.

Israeli children: Palestinians are firing rockets into Israel on a daily basis. While Palestinians have so far failed to kill Israeli children, it is not for lack of trying. Israeli kids have to spend every day hiding under their desks and running into bomb shelters.

When Israeli children are murdered, Palestinians celebrate in the streets.

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Palestinians have said that the rockets will stop only when Israel ends the “illegal occupation” that is neither illegal nor an occupation. The occupation is not about Gaza. It refers to the entire state of Israel. So until Israel voluntarily wipes itself off of the map, the Palestinians will continue trying to do it for them. Israeli children are real victims of terrorism.

Syrian children: Between the butcher and the head-hackers, Syrian children are in a pincers.

On one side of the Syrian civil war is strongman Bashar Assad. On the other side is ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Over 100,000 people have died in this conflict, many of them children.

President Obama promised a “red line” if Assad used chemical weapons against his own people. Assad did, and Obama’s red line meant nothing. The media quickly lost interest in the Syrian children.

Afghani children: After September 11th, 2001, President George W. Bush began the War on Terror. American forces routed the Taliban and freed millions of Afghanis, many of them children. Obama was more interested in ending wars than winning them. As America removed virtually all troops from the area, the Taliban came back. Sharia law has returned, and children are again being brutalized.

Tabasco state government press office
Tabasco state government press office

Mexican, Guatemalan, Honduras and El Salvador children: The Southern border of the United States is under siege from illegal immigrants coming en masse under the impression that they will be given amnesty. Obama wants these individuals because it will increase the liberal governing coalition. These children are literally dying to get here.

They are victims of coyote smugglers.

The ones that do reach America have been thrown into the equivalent of internment camps. Malnourishment and disease are running rampant. The media has been banned from being allowed inside these camps, although some pictures of the deplorable conditions have leaked to the public. The original claim that these children were escaping violence in their own countries has been debunked.

Now they get to come to America, where their reward is everything from sexual assault to child slavery.

African children: While Africa is no longer the forgotten continent, it is still the poorest one. Every day children die of starvation, dehydration, AIDS, malaria and other diseases.

Refugee Child in Somalia
Refugee Child in Somalia

George W. Bush donated more money than any previous president to Africa. Obama reduced the amount of money. The group “USA for Africa” sang, “We are the world, we are the children,” but that was back in 1985.

Thai children: In Thailand, children are sold as prostitutes. While sex trafficking of children is an international problem, Thailand in particular is known as a place where wealthy individuals can exploit kids in the sickest of ways.

Chicago and Detroit children: The right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness should theoretically include the right to walk from the school bus to the classroom without getting shot to death.

Thai child forced into prostitution by poverty - bought by tourist?
Thai child forced into prostitution by poverty – bought by tourist?

In American inner cities, staying alive is more an aspirational goal than an expected reality. Obama has lifetime Secret Service protection, and even he is not retiring to his home of Chicago when he leaves office.

He is considering Asheville, North Carolina and Palm Desert, California. He is a good father who does not want to subject Sasha and Malia to war zones. Sadly, other parents are not wealthy enough or lucky enough to escape.

What separates Palestinian children and their adoring fans from all other children? Why do they receive media attention when children across the globe are ignored?

There are two reasons.


The first reason involves President Obama. The liberal media worships him. They will not cover any story that makes him look bad. Once Republicans take over the White House, stories about starving African children and crumbling inner cities will finally become newsworthy again.

The liberal media, like Obama himself, loves the little guy. The whole 99% against 1% narrative is what leftism is all about.

By falsely and perversely portraying the Palestinians as David and the Israelis as Goliath, supporting the Palestinians makes for a perfect underdog narrative. The narrative is morally bankrupt, but the media has never based news coverage on what is decent and moral.

The second reason involves a tradition almost as old as the Jewish people, known as Jew hatred. Some call it anti-Zionism. Others even deign to call it anti-Semitism.

It comes down to a pure visceral hatred of the very being of the Jew. They have been global scapegoats for centuries and still are. None of the other children suffering around the globe have any connection to Judaism, Jews or Israel.

Since most hostility toward Jews comes from the global left, it is time to order the left to show intellectual consistency. In the interests of diversity, multiculturalism and equality, all children should be given equal amounts of attention. It is unfair to give an overwhelmingly disproportionate share of attention to Palestinian children when so many other children are suffering.

Barring that, a bare minimum would be condemning the people getting Palestinian children killed. That would be Hamas and the overwhelming majority of Palestinians who voted for them, not Israeli Jews.

When Palestinians stop trying to murder Israeli children, they will stop seeing their own children die. Based on their behavior and actions, their own children will not fare well any time soon.


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  • ulysse leon broglie

    Israeli children go to the shelters and Palesinian to the graves; the death exchange rate between the Israeli and the Palestinian shows the latter much undervalued.

    • blacktygrrrr

      Ask yourself why. Should the Israelis be punished for doing a better job of saving their lives of their own children? Should they be punished for valuing human life? The numbers would are skewed because Hamas starts a war it cannot win and then uses its own children as human shields.

      It is Palestinians not valuing their own children. The liberal media loves them.

      eric @ the Tygrrrr Express

      • diana harrell

        You are right and I totally agree.

        • ulysse leon Broglie

          The death exchange rate shows a devaluation of Palestinian life. Where did I read this humorous formula ‘Thou shall not kill’

    • maryjane

      BY HAMAS

    • Ulysse Leon broglie

      Facts must not be mistaken for attempts of explanations. To paraphrase the inimitable style of President Bush Junior, it is not guns that kills, it is the one that holds the gun. One can always find good and bad reasons to justify killings and yet, if might is right, then nobody will complain to be a prey when it is no longer a predator.

      • Curiousone

        Yet, by omitting to demand that Hamas uses Human Shield, you may have inadvertently proven that their tactics work.

        • ulysse leon broglie

          Facts are facts and the rest is litterature

  • xexon

    This article has hasbara stink all over it. Which is what we expect from Eric Golub. Israel employs a small army of such people to work the US media in Israel’s favor. Just so you know. I’ve dealt with them for years.

    Polish this all you want, Eric. Israel has already lost the PR war. Zionism has once again shown it’s cloven hoof to the world and the world is getting tired of seeing it. You zionists (not Jews, mind you, ZIONISTS) killed over 400 Palestinian children in operation cast Lead. The Palestinians haven’t forgotten about that. Neither have I.

    Nothing in Israel will change until the fighting reaches Tel Aviv. Plus, the Israeli economy is going to tank over all this. Then the people of Israel will consider a new direction of the country as well as a new leadership. Until that happens, I say let the 3rd intifada come.

    You’ve earned it, Israel.


    • blacktygrrrr

      I know, I know, I am a donkey Zionist aggressor infidel.

      I am not offended by your comments…just bored.

      You do know that Israeli technology allows you to type on your keyboard. If you really want to protest Israel, stop using your keyboard. Stand on principle. Do not use Zionist technology.

      eric @ the Tygrrrr Express

      • xexon

        Nazi technology allows us to do a number of things too.

        They STILL got what they deserved.


    • diana harrell

      Spread your propaganda and kiss the liberals arse. Israel is God’s chosen people……..Israel’s enemy’s are God’s enemy’s. Israel will win!!!!!