One night in Brussels: Barack Obama spends $3million taxpayer dollars on…. rental cars?

On Airforce One, President Obama laughs on yet another taxpayer funded jaunt - Obama laughs on yet another taxpayer funded jaunt -
On Airforce One, President Obama laughs on yet another taxpayer funded jaunt -

WASHINGTON, April 6, 2014 – For Barack Obama, one night in Brussels ain’t free either.  Well, actually it was free. For Barack Obama.  For the American taxpayer, his twenty four hour jaunt to Belgium cost a cool three million dollars.  To paraphrase Michelle Obama, “All of this for a damn speech!”

In the era of budgets and deficits measured in the trillions, that is not even a blip on the radar. But that is the problem.  It should be.

Obama went to Brussels to give a speech to a European Union summit. America isn’t a part of the European Union begging the question, why was Obama there?

Obama’s team took up 387 rooms at a building called “The Hotel.”  That bill alone was $1.5 million.  387 rooms!  Was the third assistant undersecretary for boll weevil eradication at the Department of Agriculture the only guy they didn’t take to Brussels?

That wasn’t the only hotel occupied by the Obama Regime.  The Regime also spent $396,000 for rooms at the Crowne Plaza.  Seriously, was anyone left at the White House besides Joe Biden and the janitor?

Granted we aren’t going to ask Tom Bodett to leave the light on at a Motel 6 for the President but seriously, why does he and his staff need hundreds of rooms at a cost of almost two million dollars?  To move these staffers around, the White House rented 143 rental cars at $1.05 million dollars.  That translates out to over $7300 per vehicle.   Over $7300 per vehicle for less than a week’s rent?  Enterprise has better rates and they will come to you.

The obvious question is, what kind of cars were these that were rented?  Were they stretched, pimped out Hummer limos?

Perhaps the greater question is, when is someone in Washington going to start acting like a grown up.  Barack Obama and his team act like 18 year olds heading off to college with their parent’s credit card for “emergencies.”  Emergencies for 18 year olds and the Obama Regime are beer and pizza.

Last year, the Obamas took a $100 million dollar vacation to Africa.  This year, not only have they had multi-million dollar vacations to Hawaii, they’ve also been to Colorado, Barack Obama has been on golf vacations and most recently Michelle Obama’s vacation to China with mom and ‘the girls.’

The Obamas act more like royalty than they do public servants.  Every time a Republican speaks, they talk about fiscal responsibility.  Perhaps real Americans need to start asking when the GOP is going to impose fiscal responsibility on the Obama travel budget.

Republican House Speaker John Boehner and Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell don’t want to shut the government down over Obamacare.   How about shutting it down over Obama’s $100 million dollar vacations? Barack Obama acts as if the public treasury is his private piggy bank and the Republicans go around trying to schedule another symbolic vote to repeal Obamacare.

The left loves to talk about “shared sacrifice.”   Millions of real Americans are sacrificing. Millions of real Americans are out of work.  Millions of real Americans have lost their homes.  Millions of real Americans have lost their health insurance.

Isn’t it time the Obamas shared the sacrifice by losing their travel budget?

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  • hathraswallah

    Why Congress does not pass the total amount of money will be allocated for the Presidential trips in one year and only that is spent.

    • Macudono

      Because congress is full of a bunch of yes men who are happy to spend as the boss does— like ” good if he does it so will i”

  • CapHoya

    This has to be one of the most ignorant things I’ve ever read. The President of the United States is always President of the United States. The person in that job has to manage any incident that may come their way, which means that the President’s staff is always with him. As for your isolationist stance, our nation can’t be the leader of the free world with our heads buried in the sand. International engagement is key to our success and our safety.

    • Macudono

      Maybe he should be paying attention to Iran sanctions he so easily relieved if he wants to keep us safe rather than attending useless expensive trips

  • Catherine MacKinnon

    Seriously? Barack Obama has no business addressing the EU because the United States is not a member? I hate to break it to you, but the European Union has a collective economy that is larger than the United States’s, and, if it’s all the same to you, I’d like to keep them on our good side. Rather than making a point about how every bit of savings counts toward eliminating the budget, you instead go off into crazy isolationist, xenophobic, allow-me-to-do-some-unproductive-mudslinging territory. By all means, criticize the president for spending $3 million for one night in Brussels. But next, try suggesting ways to cut corners, try to figure out who actually went on the trip, and whose presence wasn’t necessary. Rather than making facetious assumptions designed to ridicule, figure out what kind of cars they actually did rent and then judge if they were necessary. Above all, don’t use phrases like “The Obama Regime,” because you know what that does? It tells me that you are one of the crazies. It tells me that Obama could poop butterflies and rainbows and you would still have something nasty to say about him. And THAT tells me that you are not a reliable, objective source and that I should ignore you as someone completely self-interested and incapable of compromise or cooperation.

    • Macudono

      I think you believe he poops butterflies and rainbows and is therefore above reproach. the guy’s a joke. spending all he possibly can on the freebies while in office.If you can justify all that then you spend your tax dollars on it and leave mine out of the mix

    • gshelton

      I could not agree more! This could have been a great article had the author actually invested in investigating the story. Instead he went for the cheep shot– but, I guess he can pop 5-6 of these out and his base will read it and believe it— in the same time it would take to actually do the work of investigating one story. Sad state of American Journalism– no one investigates anything it is all he said she said.

  • sc patriot

    presidential seal not good enough for bo? he has to have HIS BRAND LOGO embroidered on the seat?!? gee, i wonder how much we paid for that?

  • gr8alarmguy .

    To those of you that consistantly gloss over what this administration does: $7300 a week for a rental car? With the planning that goes into these trips, the gooberment couldn’t have found a better deal? ‘Cmon really??

  • gshelton

    I agree this is a problem but come on All Presidents have done the same thing including Bush.

    • Macudono

      as usual blame Bush as an excuse, there are a lot of presidents who were very frugal with their spending, I like to consider them as a good example, can’t you liberals quit looking at this guy through rose colored glasses and admit you made a mistake? if you agree it’s a problem and are willing to look past it , you are part of the problem.

      • gshelton

        First of all you don’t know me and have no idea if i am a Liberal or not… I thought the story was a good one with a good point but the writer completely lost me as an “Independent” when he tries to assert that this is all Obam’s doing and not a problem with both parties. And i never ever said i was willing to look past it that was YOU jumping to a conclusion without enough facts.

        Though i do have an issue with the Authors assertion that this was not an important meeting since we are not part of the EU. The fact is the EU is one of our top trading partners and the President is our top Sales Person so without question he should have been at the meeting but I agree that is a crazy number of delegates to send.

        You are right about one thing other presidents have gone down as being very frugal like Jimmy Carter of all people.

  • AfricanGuest

    US is the RICHEST nation in the world. When we, in Africa, see you complaining about a measly $3million that was meant to keep your status quo of being rich and powerful in the international arena, spent on very sensible things we wonder what you really want.