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Once the burning is done, what follows the riots? History offers some clues

Written By | Jun 11, 2020
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WASHINGTON: Minneapolis, Minnesota has defunded police. A councilwoman, speaking on CNN, said that answering a call of a burglary is (white) privilege. She went on to say, after being asked who to call in an emergency, that the council envisions a community-based force, that is responsive to the sensibilities of the neighborhood. That is who would be called when armed thugs are coming through your door. Or the riots overrun your neighborhood.

Her idea is already in practice in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, Washington.

That neighborhood has declared itself the Capital Hill autonomous zone (CHAZ), a free country within the city, where everything is free. Free of police, after they abandoned their station there, free love, free food, everything free for the taking.

Race Riots: I thought we would leave America better than we found it.

Until, some nasty, non-woke homeless people took all the food. Now some are reaching out on social media for anyone to give them more free food. Not just any donation, but vegan food. (Antifa Organizer in Seattle’s “Autonomous Zone” Begs For ‘Vegan Meat and Soy’ to ‘Keep Area Operational’ After Homeless People Take All Their Food)

CHAZ found they need laws, even if not ours, so now that community-based enforcement is a reality in the form of

By Black Umbrella – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

followers of an armed rapper, Raz Simone.

This armed force closely regulates, and taxes every movement within CHAZ, they dictate who eats, who lives, and who dies. They are police, prosecutor, defense, judge, jury, and executioner. Sounds just like a Somali warlord. To the woke crowd they are the future.

Whatever commerce still exists, is monitored closely. While forming the free nation of CHAZ, most stores were looted and the shelves are now bare.

The armed followers of rapper Raz Simone and his merry crew of armed enforcers, along with all the Black Lives Matter and Antifa inhabitants of the six square block nation, care nothing about those nasty capitalists who owned those stores. Those capitalist were trying to earn an income, and even make a profit; when everyone knows everything should be free.


That is what anarchists believe. They feel they are not destroying anything, only taking what is rightly theirs.

Right by not having been aborted by their woke mothers, and simply tired of living in their mommy’s basement. Oh, and those hurt and killed in the process, that’s on them. They are capitalist swine and racists police anyway.

Democrats embraced anarchists because it helped them attain power. But now the reality is settling in exactly what that deal with the devil is. Last Sunday Chicago Mayor, Lori Lightfoot, the black, openly lesbian, Democrat running the city, held a teleconference with all 50 Aldermen to discuss options to end the several straight nights of mayhem their anarchist brothers and sisters had wroth upon the city.

Exit the police, enter the government’s politicians and intelligence agencies

That conversation was leaked to the public and provides vast insight into the hole Democrats across the nation have dug themselves into.

Except for Washington State Governor, Jay Inslee, who claims that he isn’t aware of the free state of CHAZ within his borders. (Inslee baffles literally everyone with Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone answer) Forty-eight of the people on that teleconference are Democrats, with three independents.

Chicago, Illinois – No longer the land of Lincoln, now the Land of (lawless) Democrats

It has been so for 90 years in the city of Chicago. In fact, the last Republican mayor of Chicago was Big Bill Thomson, who ruled the city from 1927 to 1931. Since then Chicago has been ruled by Democrats.

During a teleconference with hiz Honor, Aldermen Edward Burke blamed the mayor for protecting the loop (A high-cost shopping and business area) and not devoting enough resources for the south and west areas of the city ravaged by the looting, rioting, and shootings. (18 murders in 24 hours: Inside the most violent day in 60 years in Chicago)

There was cursing, weeping, and gnashing of teeth as the panicked Democrat aldermen demanded action from the Democrat mayor to stop armed criminals from destroying their neighborhoods.

Lightfoot said officers were in “armed combat” with criminals on the West Side, and only made progress after they brought in “heavy equipment and stronger pepper spray.” One hundred and thirty-five Chicago Police officers have been injured trying to take back the city, but it is worth mentioning here that Lightfoot and aldermen had initially sided with protesters and against police.

Until mayhem happened. Suddenly they became believers in the necessity for police and their use of force. Yet Lightfoot still admonished citizens from protecting their property, especially while armed. In this way she enabled rioters, looters and murderes. There were 85 people shot, with 24 murders, last weekend, while the teleconference was being held. In fact on one day alone there were 18 murders. (Editorial: Zero tolerance for rioting in the fight for police reform)

An Al Goodwyn Cartoon: Pandering Pelosi leads democrats in taking a knee

At one point in the leaked teleconference, an aldermen accused Lightfoot of supporting armed gang members who were defending their turf from Antifa and Black Lives Matter looters. And why not, looters are targeting grocery and pharmacy stores.

When the riots finally are under control, as they now appear to be, no one will have food to eat or life-saving medicine.  Burnt out grocery stores will expand the food desserts that harm the most vulnerable, the children. No one has anything, except for looters.

Lightfoot has begged stores to rebuild and restock in those areas hardest hit by the rioting.

But it will be a hard sell because initially, the response was tepid, if not anti-business. Chicago’s problems go back further, to Rham Emmanuel, who hated police, cut budgets, and refused to hire officers. CPD was almost 2,000 officers short when the rioting began.

But Chicago is not alone.

Detroit, Los Angels, Portland, New York City, Seattle, and most other large cities that have been bastions of Democrat rule,  all have a handcuffed police response to one degree or another. Allowing, or enabling, anarchists’ power they should never have been allowed.

The results are these wild, rabid, anarchists running helter-skelter throughout cities, stealing whatever they want.

Some in California thought it wasn’t right that rich people exist, so they rampaged Beverly Hills’ Rodeo Drive and looted all the expensive clothing, jewelry and accessories they could walk out with. They believe that if rich people have this stuff, that they are entitled to it, too.

As Seattle’s autonomous zone denziens has learned when the food runs out, anarchy is no longer romantic

Having laid waste to countless cities, the cost of that minute of absolute freedom to be a jerk is coming back to reality. Some of that reality will come at a personal cost. It is known as the consequences of one’s actions. (The Death of the Hippies)

It really sucks when reality bites you in the butt. Apple, that leftist bastion of computer development, warned that they are tracking stolen computers, tablets, phones, and watches. Making all those looted items useless. It appears that all business is awakening to the reality of what they encouraged to appear woke.

It is a shocking awakening of the woke to exactly what anarchy is.

There will be more consequences faced by rioters. Food, medicine, and housing will be more expensive, and harder to find. They just can’t grasp the concept of supply and demand. That in the end business will recover their loss in higher prices.

Some businesses will relocate to safer, red areas, some will never recover. This will cause jobs in those neighborhoods to disappear. (Minneapolis manufacturer leaving city after factory burned in riots)

And some, not most, will be arrested and jailed. Of course, once in prison, everything will be free.

There are other costs of the riots, and how they are addressed will define this nation going forward.

The lawless radical left that has ruled the Democrat party the past four years has finally laid bare exactly what they are. Even the best efforts of the mainstream media cannot hide what has happened.

An awakening is happening right now. Either we come together to fight the mayhem on the left, or we capitulate to it. There is no middle ground. Fight the wrong or become a part of it.


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About the author:

Joseph Ragonese is a veteran of the United States Air Force, a retired police officer,  has a degree in Criminal Justice, a businessman, journalist, editor, publisher, and fiction author.

His last book, “The Sword of Mohammad,” can be purchased at in paperback or kindle edition.

Joseph Ragonese

Joseph Ragonese is a veteran of the United States Air Force, a retired police officer, has a degree in Criminal Justice, a businessman, journalist, editor, publisher, and fiction author. His last book, “The Sword of Mohammad,” can be purchased at in paperback or kindle edition.