Occupy Black Lives! Wall Street Matters!

The Left's protest movements have no purpose and stand for nothing other than noise and distraction


LOS ANGELES, August 12, 2015 — Between Code Pink, Black Lives Matter and Occupy Wall Street, it is tough to separate one leftist movement from another. The Republican Party through the conservative movement has an actual philosophy. Cutting taxes and killing domestic and foreign terrorists is well established ideological dogma.

The Democrat Party led by liberals and leftists are a collection of groups without a cohesive or coherent uniting thread. With no powerful Republicans around to blame, these groups are turning inward.

The Tea Party succeeded because it had what is known in the protest movement as a purpose. It had an objective. TEA stood for “Taxed Enough Already.” The goal of reducing taxes and spending has never changed.

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Try finding out what leftist protest groups stand for. Usually it involves something relating to justice. There is social justice, economic justice, environmental justice, animal justice, racial justice, and for Smokey and the Bandit fans, Buford T. Justice. Those not focused on justice fight for equality. There is gender equality, income equality, racial equality, housing equality, marriage equality, high quality equality and low quality equality.

When a group stands for nothing, the result is a hodgepodge of misfits unable to offer or defend anything that matters.

The National Organization for Women has an agenda that by and large has nothing to do with women. Their Internet home page has a July 30 memo that reads, “NOW Calls for Overhaul of Criminal Justice System in Light of Police Brutality Crisis.”

Code Pink is supposed to be an anti-war group. Their webpage contains a woman holding up a sign representing the 9/11 truth movement. They also tend to attack Israel, the only true democracy in the Middle east.

The Black Lives Matter movement had a gathering in May where a transsexual held up a sign that read, “Trans lives matter.”

The Occupy Wall Street home page says that “We kick the ass of the ruling class.”

Trying to find out exactly whose asses they kicked seems difficult. Not one American leader OWS targeted has been forced out of office and sent to jail for financial crimes since OWS formed in 2011.

“We are using the revolutionary Arab Spring tactic to achieve our ends and encourage the use of nonviolence to maximize the safety of all participants.”

The Arab Spring was very violent. So is the OWS movement. Those who took to the streets in the Arab Spring were fighting for the right to not be shot to death. OWS protesters demanded free stuff while drinking Frappuccinos and taking selfies to upload to Facebook and Instagram on their iPhones.

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The anniversary of the occupy movement saw people honking their horns for gay marriage while yelling “occupy.” Occupy what? What do gay people trying to get married have anything to do with Wall Street or the financial services industry?

The GBLT movement became the LGBT movement after feminists complained that the lesbians should come first because men always come first. The movement dedicated to gay equality fought over gender and class. Then they added a Q but argued whether it stood for queer or questioning. Some LGBT groups then added two Qs.

The reason these leftist protest movements deserve scorn and ridicule is because they have no purpose. There is no objective. A movie was made about them in 1994 called “Airheads.

After accidentally taking hostages at a radio station, the hostage takers had no idea what their demands were. Told they had to make demands, they asked for a six-foot baby bottle, a football helmet filled with cottage cheese, and naked pictures of Bea Arthur.

A 2003 Saturday Night Live skit had Matthew McConaughey lead an anti-war protest by people who all had their own pet causes.

“Legalize porn!”

An exasperated McConaughey points out it already is legal, and the protester responds “not the kind I like.”

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Another 1994 movie called PCU had a student deciding whether to attend Politically Correct University.

The least active student who just wanted to be left alone and play video games ends up leading a rally of protesters chanting, “We’re not gonna protest!”

This is what the left has become. These protesters have no rational purpose. They have no sensible objectives. They just yell and scream and vandalize because that is what they do. They want some sort of stuff but cannot determine what sort of stuff. They know that they want large quantities of it and it must be free, or at least on sale heavily discounted.

The Black Lives Matter movement actually disrupted a Bernie Sanders rally even though he is every bit as leftist as they are. His sin seems to be living in a state of Vermont with virtually few black people and holding a rally in Seattle with very few black people. What is he supposed to do, force them to move to his areas? Is anyone stopping them from moving?

Listening to these protesters ramble on for a lengthy amount of time is like trying to decipher boxing promoter Don King. Nobody knows what the issue is or if the protesters are against it, in favor of it, both or neither.

They should all be combined into one large group of airheads. Confused elderly white liberal politicians like Hillary Clinton can pander to the crowd and pretend to understand or care about one single word the rabble rousers have to say.

“Occupy Black Lives! Wall Street Matters!”

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Does occupying black lives mean an endorsement of bringing back slavery or blacks taking control of their own lives? Does Wall Street mattering refer to criminal matters, civil matters or Urkel from Family Matters?

None of it matters. It is nonsensical gibberish gobbledygook.

It is the leftist movement that is devouring the Democrat Party of FDR, Truman and JFK and replacing it with lunatics.

If Basket Case America wants to be part of Normal America, the basket cases need to put down their megaphones, pick up a pen, and write a mission statement. Before protesting, at least have an idea what the protest is about and what the movement hopes to accomplish.

Until then, the rally to give black gay couples the right to have abortions will go on as scheduled despite rich white racist heterosexist heteronormative medical doctors insisting it cannot happen.

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