Obama’s untruths will not play well in Saudi Arabia where US policy is already suspect


CHARLOTTENC, March 28, 2014 – One thing Middle East countries know about is lying. Which means Barack Obama will have his hands full during his visit to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The little boy who cried wolf has far exceeded his prevarications and the Gulf States are not buying what Obama is selling.

If you don’t believe the U.S. has serious problems in the Middle East because American media has under reported Obama’s failed foreign policies in the region, then read some opinions from the other side.

Sayed Zahra, a columnist for Bahrain’s Akhbar Al-Khaleej, had this to say in advance of Obama’s visit:

“What Obama will hear from Saudi leaders will not be diplomatic statements or words of flattery. They will surely express to him, openly and clearly, all their reservations and fears regarding the American administration’s policy and their objection to this policy, and demand that he take a firm position in addressing these reservations and fears.”

That said, Zahra goes on to emphasize the obvious which has become a hallmark of the Obama’s strategy in all things domestic and international

“In his conversations and public statements during the visit, Obama is expected to stress the depth of the relations between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia, as well as America’s commitment to the security and stability of the Arab Gulf states. He will also speak of developing relations, etc. But the problem is that these positions and views are worthless and meaningless, whether they are stated publically or in secret, for American officials voice them constantly while the American policy that is the source of the Saudi and Arab fears remains unchanged.”  (Emphasis added)

Strong words to say the least, but Zabra is not alone in his views. During Obama’s brief stop in Rome for an audience with Pope Francis, Rush Limbaugh jokingly said the president stopped in Italy because he misread the itinerary and thought word “Vatican” said “Vacation” instead.

It was a stark reminder of how far the U.S. and Obama have drifted from the reality of serious international problems. As Limbaugh was joking, Jamil Al-Dhiyabi, deputy editor of Al-Hayat in London, wrote:

“Saudi Arabia has red lines regarding its security and the security of the Gulf and the region, which is rife with unrest and instability, and is (threatened by) countries and elements boasting that they have become Washington’s closest allies. This may be the root of the crisis between Riyadh and Washington. Saudi Arabia expressed great chagrin over the White House’s policy on the Egypt events, after it became clear that Washington welcomed the MB takeover of the Egyptian revolution.”

Adding further to the discomfort expressed by the Saudis is the fact that the Obama administration has at least a half dozen advisors in the White House who are directly linked to the Muslim Brotherhood.

“The chasm widened after Washington adopted weak and hesitant positions vis-à-vis the Bashar Al-Assad regime’s determination to kill its own people (in Syria,” said Al-Dhiyabi.

Later, referencing the administration’s efforts to diplomatically calm the Saudis, Al-Dhiyabi wrote:

“It is this that brought about the quick adjustment of President Obama’s itinerary for his Europe visit at the end of this month to include Riyadh.”

Sadly, Al-Dhiyabi’s insights were also an ironic twist that seemed to prophetically emphasize Limbaugh’s humorous comment about Obama and the Vatican.

In advance of the president’s Middle East visit, another columnist for Al-Riyadh, Dr. Mutlaq Al-Mutairi, noted that U.S. policy “is preparing Iran to enter into political and security agreements at the expense of the Gulf cannot be interpreted as commitment to protecting (our) security.

“If this is a new path in U.S. policy, the price will be steep for the Gulf states, which will not wait until their land and history become part of that price. If this stems from weakness in American policy, the Gulf states must not pay the price for this weakness.”

Perhaps American media does not recognize the U.S. weakness that is perceived by the rest of the world. Or, if they do see it, they fail to report it. Maybe the press refuses to acknowledge Obama’s falsehoods which have become almost a daily occurrence.

In light of the president’s side visit to Rome, even Pope Francis anticipated Obama’s spin by issuing an immediate press release to counter the president’s remarks about the focus of their conversation.

Barack Obama is under the illusion that his “silver tongue” is a panacea for everything. He believes he can diplomatically mislead the world with disjointed words and meaningless rhetoric. He forgets, however, that untruths are a fundamental tenet of Middle Eastern culture. The Middle East may not have invented the concept, but they certainly perfected it.

Consequently, distortions of words and their meanings by our president will not be as gullibly accepted in Riyadh as they are at home.

As Obama’s former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright once said, “the chickens have come home to roost.” You can believe that the Saudis will know if there is a fox in their henhouse.

Bob Taylor has been traveling the world for more than 30 years as a writer and award winning television producer focusing on international events, people and cultures around the globe. Taylor is founder of The Magellan Travel Club (www.MagellanTravelClub.com).  

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  • Phil K McLeod

    Every time he opens His mouth, No one believes what he is saying. And the whole world knows this is not good. He is a muslim bull crapper. And He well go down as a Liar to the World. He is finish as a president in the USA and Know one want him around. He is corrupted. and every one knows about him now. Done a Lame Duck President.

    • Htowndude

      Fool me once, shame on..

      Yeah, nevermind.

  • BillORights

    How about if we cut to the chase?

    KSA is ditching the U.S. because of Qatar’s capture of the U.S. government.

    See for yourself:


  • Sherill Weber

    We’ve been saying this all along about Obama. It was interesting to see what another country’s news media is writing about him because it just proves we were right when we said other countries view him as being weak and a liar. It’s scary to think that not only our allies know this but you know are enemies also know this. Now over in Europe he announces in one speech he is “leaning” our military. Then in another one he announces “I FEAR I perceive a nuclear bomb being dropped on New York”. What leader of any country would stand up and say that while giving a speech in another country? What campaign promises has he ever completed? Oh yes, Obamacare. That’s the only one he succeeded in doing and look what a disaster that turned out to be and still is. Look how many millions of dollars have gone into it. Yes he kept one other,,,the promise he made for transparency in government. He has made it very transparent that he is a liar and a weak leader who doesn’t know what the he$$ he is doing. He moves dates back on Obamacare,,,not to make it easier to sign up for but to hide the fact that employer cancellations are coming and he’s trying to hid that for November’s election. Plus to get the number of enrollments that are needed. Transparent. What about our Southern borders? When is he going to secure them. It’s not just illegal immigrants coming in that want to live here, but so are the cartel and the terrorist group,Hezbollah, who has cells all over this country. Muslim Brotherhoods are being appointed positions in our government. The Brotherhood that wants to take over the world and kill any body that isn’t Muslim. What has he done in six year about Immigration Reform? Not one damn thing. Putin, in a meeting a year ago made a comment that pretty much made Obama look like the fool. He said, “If somebody wants to come to my country there are three things they must do. 1. Learn our language. 2. Get a job. 3. Follow our Laws. And if you don’t like it,,,,Get out of my country”. I read everybody applauded Putin but Obama. The problem with Obama; he is a pathological liar with a narcissistic personality. And now he has the highest title in the US which feeds his narcissistic personality and makes him feel he has the power and everybody looks up to him. But he is dealing with the fact that over half of America doesn’t care for him so out comes his pen and phone to make himself look like he has the power. Oh I left corruption off. The Democrat party is so corrupt. Chicago is the number one city for political corruption and now the state of Illinois is being called the number one corrupt state in the nation. Democrats. Four Democrats this week, arrested. And how about good old Harry Reid; the gifts that keep on coming for his granddaughter out of his campaign funds…up to $31,000 now.

  • mikesbuffalo

    he is a liar period and the entire world knows it.