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Sen. Menendez faces DOJ strong-arm over ‘No’ vote on Iran deal

Written By | Aug 25, 2015

PASADENA, Calif., Aug. 24, 2015 – About three years ago, the Daily Caller published a report accusing Sen, Bob Menendez of spending taxpayer money on lavish trips to the Caribbean, where one of his mega-donors was providing him with access to prostitutes, some of whom reportedly were under age.

Menendez firmly denied those claims, and he seemed to have behind him the Obama administration and the mainstream media, who didn’t refute claims from the left that this report was just a Republican hit job.

That was until this past March, when Menendez was indicted by the Department of Justice on corruption charges related to those initial reports. The public humiliation forced the New Jersey senator to relinquish his post as the top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Policy Committee.

Reports quickly surfaced that this change of heart on the part of the administration was due to a grudge over the likelihood Menendez would be an outspoken critic of Obama’s controversial Iran deal.

Clearly not pleased and not deterred by this suspicious change of position by the federal government, Menendez announced last week that he was officially voting against Obama’s controversial deal with Iran and published a fairly compelling case.

Lo and behold, only a week later, the Obama administration released a scathing 65-page report outlining its full investigation and announcing there was significant “corroborating” evidence that he engaged in improper conduct with underage girls.

Translation: “Hey, remember that alleged underage prostitution scandal thing? It was real.”

It is difficult to chalk this one up as a coincidence, considering the several instances where this administration has used its power to go after its adversaries, most notably the IRS scandal that targeted conservatives and the DOJ’s spying on the Associated Press.

Not only that, when the only other prominent Democrat to go against Obama’s deal, Sen. Chuck Schumer,  D-N.Y., spoke up, the White House immediately went on the record and insinuated that the man who everyone assumes will replace Harry Reid as the next top Senate Democrat better be careful he doesn’t step out of line and risk losing that seat.

It has also long been rumored that Obama’s chief of staff, Valerie Jarrett, is behind the damaging email leak that has almost completely derailed Hillary Clinton’s 2016 bid.  It is no secret there is no love lost between the Obama and Clinton camps.

This administration has routinely strong-armed those who disagree with them on policy. It appears the recent Menendez report was that same sort of political payback we have seen from many past administrations, although far more common over the last eight years.

Oddly enough, this political play seems to be nothing more than spite, considering the fact that most reports out of Washington are expressing confidence the Democrats have the votes to override a veto of the Iran deal.

Adding to Menendez’s recent headaches, the Daily Caller reported Monday that his chief of staff is one of the names on the recently released list of Ashley Madison subscribers.  Ashley Madison is the strangely popular website that encourages and coordinates extramarital affairs for husbands and wives.

It doesn’t exactly speak well to Menendez’s character, but also doesn’t justify this blatant act of political payback from the Obama administration.

Andrew Mark Miller