Obama’s ‘amnesty light’ and conservative opposition

President Obama | White House.gov
President Obama | White House.gov

WASHINGTON, November 22, 2014 — The morning after President Obama’s televised declaration that he would push ahead with de facto amnesty for approximately 5 million illegal aliens, Pat Buchanan, probably speaking for a majority of American citizens, authored a stinging rebuke.

Buchanan is, as usual, spot on in his comments about Obama’s flagrant violation of and attack on the Constitution and on the very fabric — and future — of what is left of our culture.

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Let’s add this: Obama maintains that he can manipulate the prosecutorial process under Federal law. That is, the administration can refuse to prosecute those who are here illegally. As a legal principle, that is debatable, but changing the legal status of law-breakers — and that is what illegals are — involves contravening specific laws enacted by Congress and that only Congress has to power to alter.

Obama has no authority to change the law on his own. By doing so he has arrogated powers to himself that are not his, that he has said on various occasions he does not have. He is becoming a real “third world” dictator, with no regard for whatever remains of this benighted republic, its laws and its Constitution.

Over the past 50 years we have seen the nearly unstoppable growth of statist tyranny in everything from the information gathered about us and our personal lives — which is being seized by government agencies like the NSA — to how our essential health care is determined and meted out. It controls who we can associate with and sell to (e.g., the civil rights bills of the 1960s), permits government imposition of secularism and atheism in public education, and creates an exponentially-growing welfare underclass totally dependent upon government bureaucrats and which votes in elections like sheep led to the slaughter.

Faux conservatives go through the motions of opposing these actions, but talk is cheap. We vote for Republicans on the national level hoping against hope that they will do something to halt, maybe even reverse, this process. But it only gets worse, despite the promises and avowals made during campaign seasons.

The late Prof. Mel Bradford referred to the “heresy of equality” in our public, social, and political life.

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Enforcing egalitarianism dominates the rhetoric of both political parties; you don’t want to be caught saying anything that can be construed to defend inequality or discrimination. You will be called anti-female, racist, or worse, and your job and your reputation will be trashed.

Yet, our nation was founded precisely on principles, enshrined in our Constitution, that affirm that there are differences between people, and that the States have the right to recognize these differences. The Founders worried greatly what would happen if this foundation disappeared.

What we saw last night was just the latest step in an anti-constitutional and statist “long march” through our institutions that began at least with Abraham Lincoln, and was spawned even further back with such streams of thought as transcendentalism and extreme abolitionism.

These “isms” partake of an attack on Creation and the Natural Law. Possessed of an itching, unquenchable mania, a veritable sickness of the mind, social revolutionaries have always sought to radically transform society in the name of the god “Progress,” so as to create some unobtainable terrestrial paradise. They profess to do so under the banner of concepts like “social justice” or in the name of “social gospel Christianity.”

But they can only do this by twisting Christian teaching out of shape to justify their implicit rebellion against the very God whose teachings they say they advance.

Revolutionaries use a panoply of weapons: first, socialist revolution, and when that frontal attack is rebuffed, the infiltration of the educational and entertainment monopolies, insinuating themselves and their friends (e.g. adherents of John Dewey in education) into positions that shape what our children learn and how they learn, and determine what type of films we see and what television programs are beamed into our homes.

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Their “progressive” standards are more rigid and dogmatic than any older traditional religious doctrine ever was. Violate them and you are cast out into “non-personhood,” forced to go on the boob-tube and contritely “apologize” and make reparations. Thus, their perverse mirroring of traditional religion — but this mirroring lacks the true divine Mercy of the older way.

And, crucially, their fifth column, Neoconservatism, has succeeded almost completely in capturing the supposed opposition conservative movement. Despite the strains of disaccord we may see manifested at Fox News or in the pages of the Wall Street Journal — both Murdoch mouthpieces — such opposition is always  limited and circumscribed by the fact that the Neoconservatives, many of whom are former Marxists, continue to propound egalitarianism and the imposition of liberal democracy everywhere as basic principles of the American nation.

For them, terrestrial “Progress” is also the goal of society. And while it may differ in certain lineaments from the form propagated by their opposition on the Left, the essential goals are remarkably analogous and parallel.

Such opposition is like approaching a raging cancer by only treating its symptoms, but not its root cause. That dog won’t hunt. The proof? Just look at how ineffectively the radicalism of the past few decades has been opposed under the leadership of the Neocons: disaster followed by surrender, one after another.

Obama’s latest and very grave usurpation should really not come as a shock. He knows well how to play the press and manipulate public opinion. Recall the statements of Prof. Jonathan Gruber about pulling the wool over the eyes of “stupid Americans” to pass Obamacare.

Obama is and always has been a quasi-Marxist “community organizer,” whose desire is to cast what remains of this nation into third-world status in which a small coterie of managerial elites, those “who know best,” will rule, unmolested, over a mass of semi-literates, dependent upon Federal largesse. All that remains is for the masses to be assembled at the Washington Mall to shout in unison, “Long Live the Supreme Leader!”

About this latest potentially fatal attack on the Constitution, we shall see what kind of real opposition mainstream conservatives and the GOP will offer. Frankly, although I believe in miracles — and this would be the occasion, truly, for one to happen — I am not holding my breath.

Perhaps the only practical, long range solution would be to revive the doctrine that John C. Calhoun eloquently explained 175 years ago: constitutional interposition by the states, refusal to go along with blatant Federal overreach. Maybe if enough states just said “no,” the constitutional crisis would come to a head. Better now than after two more years of this dictator-wannabe.

As the Duke of Wellington said during the most crucial phase of the Battle of Waterloo: “If I lose, I pray God take mercy on me, for history will not.”


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