Obamacare a Ticking Health Care Time Bomb

The plans of Democrats for health care are coming to fruition in a way they did not foresee but have no way to avoid.


ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA, March 27, 2017 –  After the healthcare bill failed to pass, the remark that the left and right are “too far apart to come together on a healthcare solution” was heard. Was that true? It’s worth giving it some thought.

Obama and the Democrats ruled healthcare for eight years, while the nation incurred massive expenditures with little to show for it. Healthcare “reform” created havoc on all levels of society with a series of foreign policy failures, a bad agreement with a nasty aggressive Iranian state, and a tepid creaking economy. Today America is more divided than we have been in a very, very long time.

It draws us to a different conclusion. It is the progressive single-payer fans that think big government is the only solution. Single payer literally means that we all move to a government funded program, like Medicare, for our healthcare. Which means bureaucrats, not physicians and patients, determining your health care. Those single-payer advocates are standing too far apart from the rest of us to even hear the conversation. The Democrats sit on their hands, play tiddlywinks, and orate to their heart’s content, but their way hasn’t worked. Obamacare will implode if a solution is not found by our present government  – Republicans and Democrats.

Senator Chuck Schumer now says Democrats are willing to come to the table, but in exchange, Republicans must make some concessions. Only the one concession they want is to increase government control over your life, moving America closer to socialism with an even more powerful government making our life and death decisions.

Those who believe in minimal government involvement and those who believe in a moderate role for government are, by contrast, not too far apart. That is where the solution will be worked out. Don’t worry too much about the progressive left, as they have isolated themselves on an island of moral superiority.

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With the 2018 midterms already looming, the usual delaying tactics are not an option because Democrats now own 100% of Obama and the Democrats are soiling their socialist diapers as it falls apart.  The rising panic amongst the left and their media allies can be seen in their hysterical behavior. They are now wearing the alt-right wing’s tinfoil hats.

How did the Democrats get their red knickers in such a twist? Arrogance and overconfidence certainly got them started. If they couldn’t get single-payer through in 2009, they would simply take what they could and get the rest later.

So the Democrats built a powerful bomb, an America busting bomb, into Obamacare armed to detonate after Obama was safely out of office. Once armed, it would not be easily deactivated.

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Roberts, could have disarmed the Obamacare bomb, only Roberts voted to uphold Obamacare. The ticking of the bomb resumed. There are those who firmly believe that John Roberts upheld Obamacare on purpose.

The Democrats of 2008, still drunk on victory and their coming “fundamental transformation of America” in the progressive mold, assumed Obama was given the mandate to move us to a socialist country where health care, education, business, and speech are all controlled by the government.

They promised that the earth would immediately begin to cool and the seas would begin to subside. Wars would end, and with President Bush finally gone, the world’s despots would behave.

Democrats assured us that the Republican Party was forever finished. The Democrats expected to hold the House and the Senate because after all, they had destroyed the Republican Party. The combination of our Neanderthal-era views and an ever-less-favorable demographic climate made the Democrats overly confident that the Republicans would never again win a national election.

To drive the oaken stake into the heart of the Republican Party, Democrats planned to open the borders and pretend to be surprised when illegals poured in.

Obama sought to use Executive Orders to grant legal status to millions of illegal aliens, making it possible for them to vote, and, find a quick and easy “path to citizenship.” Illegals would be jumped in line ahead of the millions overseas seeking to emigrate legally.

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The government would also transport the illegals from the border to locations all over the country, at taxpayer expense, in order to hasten the shift of red states to blue. They would create millions of grateful new voters that owed everything to the Democrats.

It should not be surprising that Democrats seek to legitimize illegals. Legal immigrants do not have the same degree of loyalty to the Democratic Party.

The bomb Obama and the Democrats built was never supposed to go off in a way that would hurt them. It was supposed to go off when Hillary Clinton the Inevitable was President. She could them move health care to the government in order to save the Americans suddenly without – Americans that did, before Obamacare, have insurance as well as those who found themselves with Obamacare insurance they could not afford. Single-payer government issued socialist healthcare was a sure thing: an easy, logical next step. Government to the rescue!

But that isn’t the way it happened.

Remember the officer on the Soviet submarine trying to torpedo the Americans in Search for Red October. The officer who was too smart for his own good? Once it became clear the torpedo was now targeting the sub that fired it, another officer said, “you arrogant ass, you’ve killed us!”

The fuse is lit and the bomb is close to detonation and it is the Democrats that are sitting right on top of it. It cannot be disarmed. We know it, and they know it. If they won’t cooperate, all Trump has to do is wait.

The Democrats have no leverage and almost no time.

Hoist by their own petard.


Jim Jones is a graduate of the College of William and Mary and lives in Alexandria, VA.

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