Obama willfully blind to terrorism

When it comes to threats from radical Islam, Obama is delusional to the point of being dangerous; we can't fight the enemy if we are unwilling to name it.

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WASHINGTON, December 29, 2015 — President Obama refuses to recognize Islamic terrorism. On the night of the San Bernardino shootings, several sources report that the Obama administration “moved in to squash the terror classification,” pressing the FBI and other federal agencies to not call the shootings what they were: terrorism.

By ignoring the reality of terrorism, the president allowed other groups, including Muslim Brotherhood affiliate CAIR, to warp the reality and distort the information to a message they prefer. CAIR presented the shooter’s brother to their press conference before the American people could hear any other version of the events.

The president seems to have intentionally guided the narrative away from calling the shootings terrorism, despite knowing that the shooter was well prepared for the attack. He left  the office Christmas party, picked up his wife, left their 6-month-old daughter with her grandmother, picked up his instruments of death and destruction, and returned to create devastation.

Many saw a president who responded by looking down at Americans with an upraised chin and his usual air of arrogance, once again refusing to blame radical Islam for killing innocent Americans. While Obama’s response could be seen as one designed to calm the possibility of retaliatory violence against peaceful Muslim-Americans, many Americans asked if Obama’s response would be the same if the shooter were Christian and the target were a Planned Parenthood office?

Knowing the truth behind San Bernardino and Colorado Springs terrorism

Unfortunately, with many Christians feeling that Christianity is under attack, Obama’s response was more in line with his ongoing narrative dismissing the reality of Islamic terrorism; it seemingly put Islam above Christianity.

Obama’s affinity for Islam over all other religions blinds him to those who have twisted that faith to their own purposes. Yes, not every Muslim is a terrorist, most are good people living their lives.

However, Obama’s inability to discuss Islamic terrorism truthfully, combined with his world view, has put the country in danger.

President Obama is an anti-colonialist, as taught by his father and the likes of Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright.

He is blinded by his ideology, separating himself from the consequences of his actions.

Political correctness will be the downfall of America unless Americans wake up to the facts.

Ahmed “Clock Boy” Mohamed and his family, who have since moved to Qatar, filed lawsuits against the city of Irving, Texas, and its school district for $10 and $5 million respectively over the Sept. 14 “suitcase clock” incident at MacArthur High School.

The 14-year-old was temporarily detained by police and suspended for three days after his device drew the attention of school officials.

The lawsuit claims that the boy was traumatized and will forever be seen as a “bomb maker” despite his warm welcome to the White House and his appearance on television talk shows.


The school’s reaction was a direct response to the “if you see something, say something” directive; however, we saw how that turned out.  And there is more to the story, but according to school officials, information about Mohamed’s past cannot be released due to confidentiality.

But Americans, like the neighbor of the San Bernardino shooter, are afraid to speak out, even when fears are justifiable, for fear of being labeled racists or worse, being targeted for suit.

The Western world is under attack, and this administration says that our fears are unfounded. It labels our fears “Islamophobia” and discourages concern.

But we have to ask:

  • Does anyone believe that San Bernardino will not happen again?
  • Is the administration really doing everything possible to protect us?
  • Does it expect us to feel safer when political correctness and fear of negative PR stops us from conducting appropriate background checks or even reviewing social media accounts?

CAIR, one of the most radical proponents of Islamic terrorism, is more than happy to blame America and our culture, our way of life and our beliefs for the radical Islamic response.

Standing on the brink of America’s second Civil War

Obama blames guns. Blaming guns is an effective way to turn the attention of the country away from the failures of this administration. These failures include the fact that the vetting process and counter terrorism measures to screen refugees and immigrants are woefully inadequate.

Obama wants to hide the failures of his cynical administration in Syria, Libya and Iraq. These same failures will most assuredly appear again in Afghanistan.

ISIS is already in Afghanistan, from which Obama will remove most of our troops except for 9,000 advisers.

Domestically, health care, immigration and executive orders that have mired us in economic stagnation— which the administration touts as the new normal—and that have been the failures of Obama’s administration.

Obama is incapable of seeing his failures as negatively affecting the country he swore to protect. He will use every tool he can, including the news media to divert us from the actual threats we face.

The administration not only ignores these actual threats, but by doing so, helps promote the ideology of the terrorists.

With the carnage in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, and the spread of radical Islam across North Africa, Obama stresses civilization’s debt to Islam. He claims that Islam can be a medium for equality and tolerance.

Obama has quoted founding fathers like President John Quincy Adams to show that we have no enmity towards Islam or Islamic law. He doesn’t mention that the navy had to defeat the Tripoli pirates who terrorized our ships at sea.

The fight against Islamic terrorism should unite us rather than divide us. Division among the American people, some fear, is Obama’s plan. If we are divided, we cannot come together as a nation to fight real threats. Obama does not believe in American exceptionalism, and he is driven by his ideology to undermine national security.

There will be more attacks. Only our vigilance can stop them; Obama won’t be bothered.

Progressives and bleeding-heart liberals need to understand that racial profiling potential terrorists is common sense. Middle Eastern terrorists are here and are planning violence agaisnt America. If this administration will not allow federal agencies to investigate these terrorists, how can it tell us we are safe?

One thing the administration needs to understand is that we, the people, don’t really care if we hurt the feelings of possible terrorists, whether the act alone or as part of organizations like ICNA (of which Rafia Farook, the mother of Syed Farrok, is a member) or CAIR.

The object of our government is to keep us safe, to stop terrorists from getting into the country and to find the homegrown extremists already here.

It is not Islamophobia to want to protect our families, and the more the elites try to silence our concerns, the louder the American people will demand an answer.

Obama has none and has no intention of finding one.

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