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FISA Court exposes Obama’s abuse of NSA to spy on Americans

Written By | May 28, 2019
Obama, Brennan, Collyer, FISA, Hastings, Terry

WASHINGTON, DC: The Obama White House used the most sensitive intrusive surveillance systems of the NSA to spy on Americans.  A ruling by FISA Court Presiding Judge Rosemary Collyer finds that 85% of NSA database requests under FISA section 702 authority at the DOJ were illegal or noncompliant. Surveillance systems, including PRISM, spying on hundreds if not thousands of Americans.  Including Donald Trump and those around him.  (United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review Amicus Brief)

Moreover, Collyer finds, that the Department of Justice showed an appalling “lack of institutional candor”.

FISA Judge Collyer rules illegal spying occurred

In April 2017 Judge Collyer found that unwarranted and illegal surveillance of American citizens was done by the highest reaches of the Obama Administration for at least 4 years, starting in 2012. (Secret court rebukes NSA for 5-year illegal surveillance of U.S. citizens – MAY 26, 2017 ).  Moreover, James Comey did authorize and allow for limitless, continuous, unlawful, and warrantless access by three Federal contractors. (Institutional Lack of Candor – FISA Violations January 24, 2018).

That those contractors had accessed over 40000 searches of the NSA programs and databases, including PRISM,  during that 48-month period of time.

Obama Clinton Coup Attempt: Decimating the “peaceful transition of power”

Out of approximately 5000 searches of the NSA database from October 2016 to April of 2017 in the National Security Division of the DOJ, 4250 of them were deemed illegal or non-compliant by the Presiding Judge of the FISA court.

That its targets were American citizens. Prominent Republicans.  That the abuse was continuous, frequently entering the same person’s name over a protracted period of time.

Collyer ruled that this information was shared and disseminated unlawfully to John Brennan and James Clapper. Furthermore, information was disseminated within the Obama administration in violation of the 4th amendment.

From Obama and Brennan -The damage brought on America

How is it that Obama and Brennan could get away with being so diabolically sociopathic. Surely they knew what they were doing was illegal. All under the authorization of James Comey. He knew it was illegal.

It seems it was pure arrogance and hubris. They were sure they would not get caught. They were sure that Hillary Clinton’s election was inevitable and would cover up their crimes.

I’m sure they all thought they would get a promotion for their efforts.

And when they did get caught, they fought back with treason. By continuing to usurp the constitution. Undermining the incoming President with the Russia hoax. Trying to cover up their litany of crimes. And staging an attempted coup against Donald Trump.

A reckoning is coming

Fortunately for America, Mike Rogers was a true patriot. He uncovered and stopped the abuse, and reported it to the FISA Court. (Who is Adm. Mike Rogers? Unsung ‘hero’ alerted President Trump to illegal spying)  FISA Court Judge Rosemary Collyer presented honest findings to the Attorney General and DNI outlining the specific, intentional, systematic, unlawful and unconstitutional nature of the abuse.

She called it illegal and a clear violation of the 4th Amendment.

Illegal Spying on Americans: what are the names

Judge Collyer has ordered that the court be provided the names of every person targeted by the spying.  Additionally, information on the content of every query entered into the NSA surveillance database. Once those names are made public, and they will be, a firestorm will erupt over the depth and corruption of the Obama White House abuse of the intelligence agencies and political processes.

Mueller – Weissmann: Destroying Trump with the fruit of the Poisonous Tree

Who was Obama spying on? Why  everyone, of course.

Consider the situation. John Brennan, James Comey, and James Clapper give themselves or are given by President Obama the authority to obliterate the rule of law and the 4th Amendment and surveil without limit any person they want. Political enemies. Members of the Press. Supreme Court Justices. Senators. Presidential candidates. Donald Trump.

Starting the minute Trump began criticizing Barack Obama.

Obama, Brennan, Collyer, FISA, Hastings, Terry

Branco Cartoon from Politically Incorrect

Unconstitutional, East German, police state tactics

Accessing their phone calls and emails. Taking over their computers. Duplicating their keystrokes. Able to get a full readout of every website they ever visit. What porn do they watch? Are they a freak in private? What secrets do they have? Total police state, Stasi, East German style tactics. Gestapo jackboots with unlimited authority and no oversight.

This isn’t theory. This actually happened.

So what do you think the White House did?

Obama and his henchmen did exactly what it looks like they did. They used the NSA programs to spy on Americans.  Illegally, systematically, and for malign purposes. (How We Got From 9/11 to Massive NSA Spying on Americans: A Timeline)

These are facts as expressed by the head of the FISA Court and filed with the Attorney General and the Director of National Intelligence over two years ago, on April 26, 2017.

Admiral Mike Rogers: American Hero

The masterminds behind the operation were John Brennan, James Comey, and James Clapper, although their names are redacted in the FISA ruling.  Comey providing unlimited access to the databases for the three contractors, who appear to have worked for Brennan and Clapper under CIA or DNI authority.

Whatever they were doing, they made at least 40000 queries in 4 years, 10000 per year.

The Clinton Brennan Russia Hoax: The damage done to America

The whole scheme came to light when NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers was informed that continued systematic unauthorized access to NSA databases through FISA 702 authority was occurring (NSA Director Rogers Disclosed FISA Abuse Days After Page Warrant Was Issued).

He ordered access to the programs for the contractors cut immediately, in April of 2017,  and ordered an audit of the previous 6 months activity.

Collyer rules that 85% of DOJ searches of NSA databases were illegal

That audit reveals the NSA database was accessed 5000 times in 6 months. Furthermore, 85% of those queries were illegal and unauthorized. 4250 unlawful, noncompliant queries using names of American citizens, email addresses, phone numbers, or other identifying information.

They further found that the use of these databases under these illegal circumstances had begun as far back as 2012.

The audit found that out of roughly 40000 searches of the NSA database from DOJ computers using FISA 702 authority in four years from 2012 through 2016 that 34000 of them were illegal. Put another way, that is  34000 criminal violations of individual Civil Rights. 34000 attacks on the 4th Amendment, the constitution, the justice system and the rule of law.

Covering up their crimes by staging a coup with the Russia Hoax

So who were they surveilling? It becomes very important to know exactly. We know that Brennan and Clapper were not above doing anything. Brennan admitted that the CIA had hacked into the Senate Intelligence Committee’s computers. We know Brennan, Clapper, and Comey were instrumental in infecting the DOJ and FBI with the Steele Dossier.

Coup Leader Barack “Milhous” Obama makes Nixon look like an amateur

Now we know and will soon find out in explicit detail the whole of their participation in instigating and perpetuating the Russia Hoax. We know they were the central actors in the failed coup attempt against Donald Trump. Now we are seeing the antecedents of their behavior. The reason they couldn’t let Donald Trump become President.

Panic on election night, 2016

Now we know why they panicked on election night. Because all of their sordid illegal abuses of the American political system were about to be exposed. They knew it for a fact because they knew Mike Rodgers had briefed the FISA court about the full range of abuses of NSA data banks on Oct 26th, just after the Carter Page FISA warrant was issued.

We know that Brennan gave Obama regular secret briefings in “eyes only” envelopes. Moreover that those briefings were only seen by Obama’s inner circle of advisors. They were not part of the national intelligence briefings. Undoubtedly Brennan was conveying to Obama the fruits of the poisonous surveillance requests. As Peter Strzok famously confessed,”POTUS wants to know everything.”.

It is an unimaginable breach of trust to the Constitution and the American people. Sinister and Nixonian.

So many searches, so many American targets

So imagine that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan were under surveillance throughout the 2012 campaign. Their emails and internet browsing habits under scrutiny. Privacy invaded. Secrets uncovered.

Was the Obama White House, with no limits on their obviously sinister political enterprise, surveilling Chief Justice John Roberts during the Obamacare Supreme Court debates?

Were they keeping an eye on Justice Scalia when he was heading off to Texas?  Who wouldn’t they look at?

Trump is a Crime Victim: Time to indict the Coup plotters

We know the Obama cabal spied on James Rosen of Fox News. They got wiretaps on his parent’s phones. We know the Obama White House went after a dozen AP reporters.

The White House flagrantly used the IRS to suppress the civil rights of millions of Americans by illegally targeting the Tea Party groups. Then there is Fast & Furious, President Obama and AG Eric Holder’s gun running to the Mexican Drug Cartels that they unsuccessfully tried to cover up after Americans, including Border Agent Brian Terry, were killed.

John Brennan: at the center of the whole affair

It is a fact that John Brennan was the most politicized, ruthless, sinister CIA Director since Allen Dulles.  He continues to rail against Trump, even as Brennan is going down in flames as the Durham investigation heats up. Exposed for the fraud he is, he has no boundaries. There appear to be no limits to what he was capable of doing then, or saying now.

Was John Brennan illegally spying on Michael Hastings in the weeks before his car mysteriously exploded on Highland Avenue in Los Angeles at 3 AM in the morning?  Hastings said he was working on the biggest story of his lifetime. Bigger than the Stanley McChrystal story for Rolling Stone that made him famous. (The Runaway General: The Profile That Brought Down McChrystal)

Hastings was certain he was being surveilled by the NSA.

Was Michael Hastings one of John Brennan’s targets?

American journalist Michael Hastings was about to publish an expose on the illegal use of NSA programs to spy on Americans. He intimated to friends and associates that it was explosive. That he had the goods on John Brennan and the Obama Administration. (Who Killed Michael Hastings?)

Among the powers of certain NSA programs is the ability to take over the controls of computer systems on laptops, smartphones, and automobiles. Michael Hastings car exploded with such force that the engine block flew 50 yards in the opposite direction. Deemed an accident, or suicide, the suspicious circumstances, and subsequent surveillance and conduct disclosures make it sound like there may be a lot more behind it than that.

The Obama -Clinton Axis of Evil: From Benghazi to the Steele Dossier

Is Michael Hastings name is on the list of Americans under surveillance by James Comey and John Brennan?  If so, it might explain a lot of unseemly coincidences. On the night of Michael Hastings death, was access made to any of his devices through NSA 702 authority. What about during the days before or after his death.

My suspicion is that his name is on that list of targets. Along with many others that will shock the conscience of the American public. Literally hundreds of prominent United States citizens.  Spied on. Unlawfully.

The full list of all Americans illegally surveilled must be declassified and released.

US Attorney John Durham will be sorting this mess out

Fortunately, William Barr has appointed John Durham to explore all aspects of these illegal police state tactics.  Ultimately Brennan, Clapper, Comey, the contractors, and the rest of the guilty parties will be accountable for their crimes.

Violating the civil rights of hundreds of Americans on a continual basis with complete disregard for the rule of law. Attempting to usurp the constitution and overthrow the duly elected President of the United States.

When all is said and done Obama’s minions in the White House, including Ben Rhodes, Susan Rice, Samantha Powers, and Valerie Jarrett, and indeed, Obama himself, will be held accountable for their actions.  The proof is undeniable. It’s right there, for all to see, in black and white.

Don’t ask me. Ask the Presiding Judge of the FISA Court Rosemary M. Collyer.


L.J. Keith

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