Obama turns the Washington Redskins into a political football


LOS ANGELES, June 19, 2014 — Liberalism is officially completely out of control. A philosophy once meant to convey open-mindedness long ago descended into ugly intolerance of anybody not agreeing with liberalism.

The Washington Redskins have now been kicked around like a political football. With President Obama’s presidency in ashes and the masses uninterested in climate change or the war on women, Obama needed a new distraction.

The National Football League franchise located in the nation’s capitol is this week’s whipping boy.

The debate over the Redskins name is a simple one.

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Wealthy bored white leftists and a fringe minority of American Indian groups want the name changed. The people who are perpetually offended by anything and everything are once again offended. About 90% of American Indians support the Redskins name and understand it as a source of pride.

As the silent majority slept, the perpetually aggrieved minority waged war on the Redskins in an attempt to get them to change their name.

As expected, the left lost the actual debate itself. Most Americans did not care, and wondered why anybody would waste their time on something so inconsequential.

Of the people who did care, the general sentiment was that nosy busybodies who would not know a football from a meatball should mind their own business and get a life.

The problem is that whenever the left loses in the court of public opinion, they throw a temper tantrum and vow a fight to the death that applies to everything except real war. Rather than just accept defeat and move on, the Obama administration did what he tends to do with anybody holding a different viewpoint from his.

By kneecapping the Redskins financially, owner Daniel Snyder (a lifelong Redskins fan who does not want to change the name) is being bullied into doing so.

President Obama, who tends to weigh in on matters that are none of his business, said he would change the name if he owned the team. His government just did the dirty work for him.

By a 2-1 vote, the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, a subdivision of the United States Patent and Trademark Office, ruled that the Redskins name was offensive. Therefore, the Redskins patent was voided.

What this means in English is that Redskins merchandise can no longer be protected. Anybody can now sell counterfeit Redskins t-shirts, jackets and anything else with the team logo free of consequences. This is a crippling financial ruling based on a subjective feeling of an undefined concept of offensiveness.

In liberal Obama America, something is offensive whenever a liberal says so. The only argument the left has is a phony one. How would people react if a team contained a slur directed at blacks, gays, Jews or Christians?

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The answer is that public opinion should decide. The tyranny of the minority should not. By ramming an ideological decision down everyone’s throats, it only creates resentment among those who do not support the decision. From climate change to Obamacare to IRS targeting to the Washington Redskins, the left has turned into a lynch mob run by a dictator.

This is how Gibson Guitar can get raided for using illegal wood that was never illegal while their competitors were left alone. The Gibson CEO voted Republican. His competitors supported Obama. Does anybody honestly think third world intimidation tactics are good for democracy? Is a thugocracy really acceptable as long as the ends justify the means?

The left does not care, because they are the ones committing the abuses. What if the tables were turned?

What if George W. Bush or some other Republican President had MSNBC or New York Times personnel arrested and their records seized for “offensive” content? When and where would this end?

The Redskins name is not offensive to anybody except ignorant zealots who have no idea what the name represents. Even if the name was offensive, that would only be grounds to have an honest conversation.

A debate would take place. What is not acceptable is for the left do what it always does when it fails to win an honest debate. Liberalism’s process starts with declaring everybody agreeing with the liberals, even in the face of overwhelming contradictory evidence.

The next step is to demonize the other side as evil and bigoted. Protests and boycotts are attempted, and they usually fail. Finally after refusing to get anyone other than the zealots to care, the next step is to use executive orders, constitutionally deficient legal rulings by activist judges, and unrestrained administrative agencies to decapitate the innocent victims.

This is bigger than football. If the Redskins are forced into retirement, the open season environment on anything liberals disagree with will have an emboldened fringe.

The decision is being appealed. Meanwhile, American liberals are still free to bring their pitchforks and political McCarthyism to businesses everywhere.

After all, what do they care? They are not the ones being targeted.

This week.

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  • betspotter

    Obama acts like the kid nobody liked in school.

  • Terrie Hunt

    Yes, Obama sticks his nose in where it does not belong, and makes an issue of things that most people do not care about. In the meantime, he is totally incompetent at doing HIS job, and America and the American people have essentially been without a real leader for some time now. We are all getting very tired of the bullying and thuggery that comes from the White House these days and it will be like a breath of fresh air when this whole administration leaves office. At least Richard Nixon had the class to step down, and Obama has done much worse that Nixon ever did. None of this bunch has the class or dignity to do anything right. Let’s just hope they don’t leave America in a shambles when they do go. Hail to the Redskins!

  • Mike McCurley

    Does this mean that little barry can’t hide behind his skin color anymore??? 🙂

  • cloudshe

    i find the name “President of the United States” offensive when applied to the present guy in the white house

  • alloutanames

    I truly hope this contrived issue awakens all that Obama and the Libs are in fact the true enemies of a strong and just America!

    Hail to the Redskins!

    To those feigning opposition to the name and honoring Native Americans, may the bird of paradise fly over your head………………… and take a huge sheeeet!