Obama to give ICANN control over freedom of speech online


WASHINGTON, March 16, 2015 –  The Internet is the one domain where freedom of speech truly exists. It is this generation’s equivalent of the printing press. 

giving-your-fos-awayThe Obama administration has quietly announced plans to cede control of the Internet to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), an international body and non-profit group based out of California,  that seeks larger control, over the Internet.

ICANN’s primary role is over the registration of domain names. The ability to allow or delete a domain name effectively allows ICANN to choose who can, and cannot, maintain an Internet site — who can, and cannot, publish content online.

This change allows the contract between the Commerce Department and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to expire.

“We look forward to ICANN convening stakeholders across the global Internet community to craft an appropriate transition plan,” Lawrence E. Strickling, assistant secretary of commerce for communications and information, said in a statement.

Newt Gingrich has tweeted about this announcement:

The power grab by ICNN and international groups is not new.  This video is dated October 2013:

Now the Obama administration proposes allowing the contract that exists between ICANN and the Department of Commerce to lapse. The assistant secretary for commerce for communications and information released a statement saying, “We look forward to ICANN convening stakeholders across the global Internet community to craft an appropriate transition plan.”

What is ICANN, who are the “stakeholders,” and what is the plan?

International groups have been pressuring the United States for years to cede control of the Internet to an “International” body.  Everyone can understand why these groups want that.  It erodes American power and it degrades liberty online.

But what is in it for the United States?

The United States gains nothing from this. This does not advance American values. Putting the Internet under the control of nations and groups that do not share the traditional American values of free speech and freedom of expression is one of the fastest ways we can destroy the Internet, and American’s freedom of speech — the good, the bad and the ugly.

Sometimes the very ugly. While ICANN’s control over Freedom of Speech via domain control online could help to eliminate online pornography, it would be like shutting down Hollywood to kill the hard-core-film industry.

The Internet is the biggest threat to dictators and tyrants, those who would control the people they govern. And one thing we know about dictators is that they despise not only freedom and liberty, but also critics and criticism. 

On Monday, every American needs to be on the phone to their congressman and their senators and tell them do not allow the Obama administration to cede control of the Internet to an international body.

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  • cantshakeme

    No more executive orders without House approval we want our Democracy back pres.Obama!!!! USA USA USA USA USA USA USA don’t sale us out to International bodies!!!!!!!!

  • DahktaD

    You are seeing the next step of the New World Order, silence opposition.

  • jungleboy

    March 16th, 2015?

  • Sam Hill

    Well well well somebodies voted for the dh. Guess u getting your money’s worth now lmao lived for forty years just fine without any internet, only got about 10 left with any luck. So u all live with his legacy. U deserve him. Elect more like him, u deserve that too.

    • navin r. johnson

      Who wouldn’t have done thisk? Romney? You live in a sensitive fascist state that is run by intelligence. Been this way since ww2 ended. Getting real bad real quick now. Whats your solution old timer?

      • Sam Hill

        Impeach the king keep him as an advisor. For each problem ask him what he would do, then do exact opposite. That’s the short version and the easiest. In reality you can’t fix 6 years of stupid. We may very well be doomed. I am 71 and have seen hamburger go from 3 pounds for dollar to 3 dollars a pound, gas from $0.12 point 9 a gal to well over $4 a gal. A better built full boat Cadillac $3,695.00 to 75 grand or more for half the car. Good paying jobs a dime a dozen for a guy with a tenth grade education to now where people with doctorates working at drive through windows. Doctors who would make house calls for the promise of a chicken and a dozen eggs to where you got to be bill gates to afford an appointment within 2 weeks. everyone knows what is broken nobody got the balls to fix it. Go back to 1945 and do everything the opposite.

        • navin r. johnson

          That is fine 1945 was the peak year for union membership. That is why Eisenhower’s campaign was based on growing union Membership. From 1945 on the unions shrank and the wages became completetly stagnant from 1980 on. Jp Morgan declared a CEO to janitor pay ratio of 20:1. When you were a kid it became 60:1. Ten years ago it was 500:1, and now it is around 1,000:1. Where did all the money go? The big companies actual taxes are no where near what they used to be. The rich are bankrupting your cities, municipalities, states, and country. Forty percent of our economy is the business that goes on within those entities. If the uber wealthy can bankrupt all those entities they can step in and buy them for pennies on the dollar. They want to own and privatize all the infrastructure. Just think, they will be as frugal with your money as they were in Iraq. Go look up the amount of money lost when companies sign tax break deals to locate in a city and bring jobs. People have been compiling those numbers and they’re scary. Corporate welfare where they never actually bring nearly the amount of jobs they said they would, and they break their agreement to stay for twenty years in 6. That’s theft, and it goes on constantly. Bammer is just a distraction. They are all the same old timer. Thinking that voting republican will change our path is what they need you to think. They are two sides of the same coin. The uber wealthy trying steal the country are the grandchildren of the people who tried to recruit General Smedley Butler to overthrow FDR and install a fascist government. Did you even now that the rich Americans who loaned all their money to Hitler were going to kill FDR. How many thousand Ford and Opel(GM) GERMAN military vehicles were built forthe invasion of RuRussia? Nazi Germany was purposely invested in to destroy Russia(communism). Keep rooting for the grandchildren of American Nazis. Ford refused to take down his signed picture of Hitler even after the war.

          • Sam Hill

            You preaching to the choir. Elections only give the appearance of control by the people. I propose that no one should vote for a known politician use the write in option and vote for yourselves or relative or neighbor anyone but those listed. Then sit back and see who squirms the most.

          • navin r. johnson

            Sounds like a plan. That’s the same thing that Ken Kesey told a crowd of 50,000 Vietnam war protesters. “don’t play their game” It ruffled some feathers.

    • Scott

      I agree with Sam, and like him, the CONTROL that is coming in the future will be a TERRIBLE THING, but like him I won’t be here to see it…. THANK GOD!!!!!

  • navin r. johnson

    I’m sure it enjoys plenty of bipartisan support. Bammer is as bad as Bush. The stakes keep getting higher and the presidents keep getting more fascist, domestically speaking. Foreign policy wise, all options have been on the table since the forties if not earlier.

    • libsbite

      Bush was never into handing the country over to the one world order. That is all Obama wants to do with his buddy George Soros

      • navin r. johnson

        What ever happened to the Amero? Bush tried to ruin the internet on multiple occasions. He allowed, or tried to allow, the internet service providers to pick and choose which sites they would let you view. You obviously missed a lot of the stuff that Bush did. Pay more attention player piano. Obsessed with Soros are you? There are a bunch of Soros type guys. Don’t just worry Bout the left leaning one. Do you only oppose fascist democrats. There are plenty of fascist republicans. If you don’t acknowledge them you’re a player piano. YOU’RE NOT WORTH TALKING TO.

  • Danny Robertson

    The bad part about Obama is. He is not even a American citizen.

    • Sharon Hyatt Wyser

      I can’t narrow down the “bad part” about obama. There’s so much to choose from.


      And you must be a total idiot. What is it with you people? If you do not like him, fine. That is your right. But do not make up totally false information. It negates any other argument you may have. God help you and your kind.

      • The αντιταχθεί .

        well not all of the information on this guy is fake,(most is not)

        is he a American? well he does not act like one.

        -Viva la freedom. The αντιταχθεί .

        • JOHN KLINE

          Neither do the Republican and Tea Potty minions.

  • dekate

    I guess we are going to let this dictator give away what is not his to give.!!! This is a way to further his agenda or the people pulling his strings. To bad something couldn’t be done before he gives away our Nation.!!!

  • Mary95

    More oppression. Silence the people who disagree. The Internet & radio are our last vestages of real news. So many more stories about so much that’s going on. So here they are again trying to silence us. Last week it was the FCC & radio.

  • 345566

    Obviously written by someone who has no concept of what ICANN does arguing from a position of blind ignorance. Or a shill for the government who actually WANTS the government regulating the Internet. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

  • snakeguy

    Obama tries to LESSON government control of the internet, and the right freaks out. He should come out in favor of assault riffles. The right would melt em down tomorrow.

    • potofan96

      Really? You really are in favor of China and Venezuela controlling it?

  • Max

    Really, Mr. Phillips? I mean, couldn’t you at least pretend that there was a valid reason for this statement? “Everyone can understand why these groups want that. It erodes American power and it degrades liberty online.”

  • You can’t stop the US from giving up control of the internet but you can take control of your data and internet privacy…www.americansrighttoprivacy.com

  • The internet does not belong to America. It belongs to everyone. If Australia, or China, or Japan just happened to be the one to be in control of domain names right now, everyone here would be saying this announcement was a good thing. Isn’t that a bit hypocritical?

  • Sean Jones

    Wait, what?

    Does anyone here remember the RIAA domain grabs, the shutdown of Megaupload, etc.? All of this was done by the US at the behest of lobbyists.

    None of this would have been possible if ICANN controlled name deletion and thus far ICANN has refused all requests for name deletion or suspension unless the site blatantly violates INTERNATIONAL law, not just US law, e.g. child porn sites are shut down not sites that have Metallica videos.

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