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Obama seeks a third term to stop Durham prosecutions of Deep State coup plotters

Written By | Jun 18, 2020
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WASHINGTON, DC: A Joe Biden presidency would be a complete restoration of the corrupt Obama Administration old guard, and would effectively be Barack Obama’s third term. The puppet master behind Dementia Joe. The culmination of the 4-year rolling coup against the Presidency of Donald Trump. Especially if principle coup plotter Susan Rice has been conveniently installed as Vice-President. All in an attempt to derail John Durham from exposing the greatest crime in American political history. They are afraid of what is coming.

Except a lot has changed since 2016. And John Durham is on the case.

We now know how Obama and his minions illegally abused the Intelligence agencies, the FBI, the DOJ, and the FISA court to target Donald Trump as a candidate. To decimate the peaceful transition of power after the American people elected Trump. To sabotage and undermine the Trump Presidency with the open and clear intent to overthrow the duly elected President of the United States. That is treason.

Attorney Barr targets Soros funded Antifa as domestic terrorists

The Russia Hoax was the greatest act of McCarthyism in American history. It would be laughable except it was used as a cudgel by the Obama White House to undermine and try to destroy his successor as President. Now as John Durham closes in on the coup plotters it is not only essential that Dementia Joe is elected. Its the only way to keep the entire Obama legacy and its criminal perpetrators from being exposed and held accountable.

Barack Obama is waging a shadow war against Donald Trump and the American people.

There are a lot of familiar faces from the principle coup plotters showing up all over television all of a sudden. Joe Biden is trapped in the basement and can barely utter a coherent sentence, but Obama alumni are suddenly everywhere talking about how Donald Trump is unfit for office. They wouldn’t know the meaning of the word.

Barack Obama presided over, planned, and took part in the greatest political crime in American history. He was Richard Nixon on steroids of venality. The hallmark of his administration, when it all comes out,  will be that Obama used illegal warrantless wiretaps to spy on tens of thousands of his political opponents. That is at the heart of the Russia Hoax. The origins of the origins. The reason they had to defeat and destroy Donald Trump.

They couldn’t afford to let the American people know what they were doing. Subverting every aspect of the constitution to persecute political enemies with illegal and nefarious methods. Using the CIA, FBI, DOJ, and NSA surveillance illegally against a major political opponent, and then a sitting President.  Extending a string of illegal activities to further a seditious conspiracy to undermine the government. It is criminality on a systematic, astoundingly arrogant scale.

From Valerie Jarrett to Susan Rice to Lisa Page: A litany of horrors

So when I see Valerie Jarrett on television spewing garbage and lies about Trump. Never once being asked a pertinent question about the Russia Hoax. Or Susan Rice being seriously considered for Vice President. Talk about the circular fix being in. Just the chief coup plot coordinator one step behind her fellow co-conspirator Dementia Joe.

FISA Court exposes Obama’s abuse of NSA to spy on Americans

When I see FBI liar and Peter Strzok lover Lisa Page being interviewed by Andrew Weismann on MSNBC, where both are now employed, I want to puke. The man who launched Crossfire Hurricane with Peter Strzok, who helped Strzok put together the phony FISA warrants, and then headed up the Mueller inquisition. Talking to the FBI lawyer who criminally altered 302s, framed Michael Flynn, and made clear there was nothing ‘by the book” in her text messages between her and Peters Strzok.

“Potus wants to know everything we are doing” and “The White House is running all of this”.

Peter Strozk, Lisa Page, Emails, ObamaSome of the coup plotters have stopped talking in public

But you know who we haven’t heard a lot from lately. James Comey. James Clapper. Even Former CIA director and head coup plotter John Brennan has been remarkably close-lipped of late. That’s because the walls are closing in on them. The Durham probe is in the final stages of the initial round of indictments. Their names are firmly implanted in the Grand Jury. Expectations are that Durham will make some announcements before September. Brennan says uneasily that he has yet to be interviewed. That’s because he is a target.

Attorney General Barr has made clear that he believes that overt spying occurred and that the Russia hoax was a subversive attempt to “Sabotage the Presidency”. The Attorney General must know that time is running out. If the wheels of justice are going to turn at all they must turn quickly. If anything it is a necessary virtue for this all to be widely exposed before the November election. So the American people can know the truth.

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As Hillary said: If Trump gets elected “we’ll all hang”

Obama and the coup plotters in exile, from Obama and Biden down to Ben Rhodes and Samantha Powers, know that if Biden doesn’t win, their goose is cooked. You can smell the desperation. Lindsay Graham and Ron Johnson are finally sending out subpoenas into the origins of  Russia hoax that read like a roadmap of criminality. I look forward to high Obama administration official after official to taking the 5th amendment on live television as their criminality is bared in evidence too blatant to ignore.

George Soros gave Black Lives Matter and Antifa over $100 Million dollars

But of course, the co-conspirators in the corrupt Trump-hating media try not to cover any of it. We are in the midst of the greatest collapse in legacy media credibility ever witnessed. CNN and MSNBC are open propaganda channels for the DNC and Democrat Party. They don’t even try to deny it anymore. Google, Facebook, and Twitter openly censor conservatives and flaunt their ability to do so. So much for the First amendment.

President Obama, Coup Plotters, Brennan, Rice, Durham, Clapper, Biden

Is President Obama checking on an email from Hillary’s private server? Official White House Image by Pete Souza

Because the media is a player in the coup plotters game.

Michael Isakoff at Yahoo News was leaked the Steele Dossier, by Clapper, Comey or Brennan,  and printed the article in Sept 2016 that was used in the FISA warrant against Carter Page. David Ignatius at the Washington Post was illegally leaked the Flynn transcript. A senior aide to John McCain, of all people, leaked the dossier to Buzzfeed in January of 2017. David Korn at Mother Jones was a regular source of published information leaked to the media by the coup plotters.

And then obediently published

So were these co-conspirators in on the plot to plant Russian disinformation in the public eye to provoke criminal investigations of Obama’s political opponent paid for their participation. Other than the widespread boosts to their careers. And the Pulitzer Prizes some were given for their fake and corrupt ‘Journalism”

Were they more than honest journalists? It sure doesn’t look that way.  In this scenario, they acted as government agents. Seditionists in a plot to plant libelous outrageously untrue stories for a political purpose. As government operatives in a CIA conspiracy against Trump it is reasonable to ask if they are paid, and if so how much.

It’s a reasonable question that they have never been asked.

The legacy media as a libelous co-conspirator

State Department operative Stefan Halper was paid over $1 million dollars by the Defense department over several years to be available to help set up George Papadopoulos in the Crossfire Hurricane scheme. We have no idea how much Joseph Mifsud was paid, but that longtime  CIA operative had to have gotten as much money as Halper, if not more. With so much money sloshing around, in such a grand conspiracy, its reasonable to ask if journalists were on the take as well.

The Russia Hoax: James Clapper throws Barack Obama under the bus

Its important to know if key journalists were paid for their participation in the Russia Hoax. That would mean knowingly participating in a libelous conspiracy. The media has been a corrupt co-conspirator in this coup against Donald Trump all along. They continue that role today.

Protecting Dementia Joe. Attacking Donald Trump relentlessly. From the Russia Hoax to the impeachment farce, to the Wuhan Chinese biological attack on the civilized world, to the Soros funded Black Lives Matter – Antifa Riots, the legacy media is part and parcel of Democrat message machine of lies and obfuscation.

That’s where the dilemma lies for the coup plotters

Obama needs Joe Biden to be elected or the Durham investigation will reach its natural conclusion. The same people who plotted against Donald Trump and illegally abused the government now want to scramble back into the White House to undo what has taken 4 years to uncover. They can’t be allowed to.

Just imagine if Hillary had been elected. We wouldn’t know about any of this. They would still be using NSA data systems to illegally spy on anyone they want. James Comey would still be FBI director. John Brennan would have remained America’s Stalin. A dark twisted abuser of the very systems and citizens he was sworn to protect.

Barack Obama’s shadow government of coup plotters in exile

Stopping a “third term” for Barack Obama’s administration is the only way to prevent the complete obliteration of our constitution and constitutional rights. Defeating Joe Biden and electing Donald Trump is the only way of keeping the coup plotters from taking back over the Government.

Every single person at the January 5th, 2017 meeting where Obama, Brennan, Comey, Clapper, Biden, and Rice decided to destroy Michael Flynn and launch a coup against Donald Trump would escape the slightest accountability.

Every one of the 39 people who unmasked General Flynn 56 times, including Biden himself, would be back in power.

For those who need a reminder of what John Durham is looking at:
  • From 2012 to 2016 Brennan, Comey and Clapper used 3 DOJ contractors, one of whom could have been Nellie Ohr,  to illegally search NSA databases over 34,000 times. These warrantless wiretaps on 34,000 American’s were declared illegal by FISA Court Presiding Judge Rosemary Collyer in a scathing 99 page ruling in April of 2017. The information gleaned from the illegal surveillance was compiled into secret reports delivered to John Brennan.
  • When Admiral Mike Rogers at NSA stopped the abuse of NSA systems in March 2016, Brennan, Comey, and Clapper sprang into action. They had been using these invasive NSA surveillance systems, designed to monitor terrorists, to spy on political opponents. Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, John Roberts, Antonin Scalia, and especially Donald Trump and Michael Flynn.
  • Almost immediately Fusion GPS is hired by the DNC and Clinton Campaign to concoct the Steele Dossier. John Brennan coordinates with Italian and British intelligence to set up George Papadopoulos and the Trump Campaign. He employs Joseph Mifsud, Australian Ambassador Alexander Downer, and State Dept operative Stefan Halper for monitored meetings with Papadopoulos in Italy and London.

Obamagate unmasked: General Flynn leaker one of nine criminal suspects

The Durham investigation: Things start to heat up
  • Peter Strzok and Andrew Weismann launch Crossfire Hurricane based on the Brennan/CIA set up of Papadopoulos. They also incorporate the Steele Dossier with Crossfire Hurricane to fabricate a series of illegal FISA warrants. Not just against Carter Page, but also Michael Flynn, Roger Stone, and Paul Manafort. Of course, Inspector General Horowitz outlined 17 major issues of criminality with the Carter Page warrant. The FISA court immediately afterward issued a scathing commentary on the lack of ethics at the DOJ and FBI.
  • September 2016 – Clapper, Comey, or Brennan leaks salacious elements of the Steele Dossier and the Russia Hoax to Michael Isakoff and David Korn. They dutifully publish the false information. Those stories are then used by the corrupt FBI to further bolster the FISA warrants.
  • October 2016- John Brennan concocts the Intelligence Community estimate with Peter Strzok, incorporates the Steele Dossier in the findings, and passes off the Russia Hoax as fact, giving it the imprimatur of 17 intelligence agencies when the report was largely written and pre-cooked by Brennan and Strzok.
  • Trump is elected. Admiral Mike Rogers briefs the President-elect secretly. John Brennan and Defense Secretary Carter Ash try to get Rogers fired. The conspiracy against Donald Trump moves from illegal activity against a political candidate to sedition and attempting to overthrow the duly elected President.
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Durham Investigation: Abuse of surveillance authority turns to sedition and treason
  • Unmaskings of Trump associates continue at an unbelievable pace, The ability to distribute the information is widely expanded by Obama. General Flynn is targeted for persecution first. He knows where the bodies are buried. He must be destroyed. They have been spying on Flynn since he left the DIA  in a dispute with Obama.
  • Jan. 5, 2017  – the coup plotters gather in the Oval Office and layout the plan of attack to destroy the Trump Presidency. Susan Rice writes the “cover your ass” memo describing the meeting on January 20th, 15 minutes after Trump is inaugurated. In attendance are Obama, Biden, Rice, Brennan, Comey, Clapper, and Sally Yates. All actions from this point on are treason, part of the rolling coup to overthrow the elected Government.
  • Comey sends in Agent Strzok to frame Michael Flynn. Leaks of classified conversations flow from the White House “resistance” like a sieve. There is no honeymoon for the President from the media, or the Deep State.. None. Zip. Zero. NADA.
  • Meanwhile, the FBI knows for sure in January 2017 that the Steele Dossier is a complete phony, yet continues to use it to authorize FISA warrants on the sitting President.  Comey’s firing triggers Rosenstein into illegally appointing Mueller, with no underlying crime involved. The Mueller inquisition endures for three years, with Andrew Weissmann and the very people who framed Donald Trump in the first place then torturing him and the American people for the next three years with a basket of lies and sedition.
  • Newly released testimony from Crowdstrike CEO says that they had no evidence the Russians EVER hacked the DNC servers, destroying the heart at the center of the Democrat myth of Russian collusion.
  • John Durham is appointed to investigate the antecedent of the Russia Hoax. All of it.
A desperate attempt to overthrow the government exposed by Durham

When it comes down to is that it is highly likely that Admiral Mike Rogers will be the principal witness in the trial of John Brennan, James Comey, and James Clapper. Warrantless wiretaps are the heart of the whole sordid affair. The abuse of NSA systems to spy on political opponents. Including Trump. Especially Trump.

NSA’s Adm. Mike Rogers, American hero, working with Durham probe

When Mike Rogers took away their easy spy apparatus, they had to find a way to continue spying on Trump. Thus Crossfire Hurricane, unmasking, leaks, and illegal FISA warrants. We are on the cusp of having the whole affair exposed. That is what Obama’s people are afraid of. I don’t blame them.

Joe Biden’s campaign is a blatant attempt to protect himself and the corrupt Obama administration from criminal prosecution for the array of illegal activities they engaged in. Its the only way they can stop the cascading fallout from John Durham and his investigation.
Electing Joe Biden is equal to electing Barack Obama for a third term. Its the only way they keep from having to answer for their crimes. It would be the final act of cynical manipulation from the coup plotters.

There are many things at stake in this election. We are bombarded with a Trump-hating media and an array of forces seeking to undermine the United States. Saving the republic, and preventing the Obama coup plotters from regaining power, is the only way to make a steady march toward the restoration of true justice in this country.



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