President Obama is “Madder than Hell” about VA, but Americans are not going to take it anymore.

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CHARLOTTE, N.C., May 19, 2014 — President Obama is “madder than hell” about the Veterans Administration scandal, but its American’s who should be screaming they won’t take it anymore.

According to White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough, who appeared on “Face the Nation”,  healthcare delays may have resulted in 40 deaths of people waiting for care at VA hospitals.

Remember when Obama was “madder than hell” about abuses at the IRS? That was before they became a “phony” scandal manufactured by Republicans to make him look bad.

Remember when the president was “madder than hell” about the use of chemical weapons in Syria? He drew three red lines in the sand before Vladimir Putin bailed him out.

Remember when Obama was “madder than hell” about the Americans who died in Benghazi? He was so concerned that he couldn’t make himself go to the situation room, and he has been desperately looking for the perpetrators ever since.

Obama’s rhetoric is beginning to sound like the old Beatles song: “Yeah, yeah, yeah.”

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Here’s what the president told the Veterans of Foreign Wars in a speech while he was on the campaign trail: “We’re gonna fund the best ideas and put them into action, all with a simple mission, cut those backlogs, slash those wait times, deliver your benefits sooner. I know you’ve heard this for years but with the leadership and resources we’re providing, this time means that we’re gonna be able to do it.”

So while you ponder those moments in the Obama legacy, here is something for the American people to really get “madder than hell” about. On Saturday, June 6, which is in the not too distant future, guess who will be standing on the beaches of Normandy to honor the 70th anniversary of the D-Day invasion in 1944? Yep. Barack Obama. If that isn’t an ironic twist of fate suitable for the best O’Henry short story, then nothing is.

Remember when the sequester closed those hallowed sites because the president was “madder than hell”?

The celebration of the invasion that led to the liberation of Europe by the allied forces in France will likely be the last time that anyone who participated in those events who is still alive can be honored for their service on a milestone date. By the time the 75th anniversary rolls around, there will only be a small number of D-Day veterans remaining, and those who are will be too old to travel.

That makes the 2014 anniversary a momentous occasion that should be duly noted and treasured by every American citizen. And the man who will praise the heroism of the youth who kept the world free for seven decades will be someone who could not carry the backpack of a single participant.

That is something to be “madder than hell” about.

Obama did not create the problems at the VA; other presidents have been equally inept at dealing with the bureaucracy when it comes to caring for fighting men and women who have sacrificed so much.

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“We’re going to get to the bottom of those things, fix them and ensure that they don’t happen again,” said McDonough during the CBS interview. That means they’ll work on it until something else hits the front page above the fold and then, “Dude,” we can forget about it again.

The sad thing about this story is that government couldn’t run a soda shop without screwing it up. The Obama administration practically has its entire cabinet mired in one scandal or another.

But even if that was not the case, the American people have always believed that our president is the most powerful man in the world and though the government might be a mess internally, the commander-in-chief personally has the deepest respect and highest regard for our military.

Not so with this president. Any way you look at the presidency of Barack Obama, there is nothing that instills those beliefs. How sad that the last remaining D-Day veterans should be praised by the likes of the weakest president in American history.

We should all be “madder than hell.


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  • Mike Pags

    So, he’s mad as hell, but let it go on for 5yrs….??? A joke!!

  • Dennis Bass

    I wish he’d get madder than hell about the democratic party.

  • Drew Peterson

    This is the story all over the country. As a disabled veteran I have had to fight for 10 years to get just some of the help that I need. I still don’t get the benefits that i deserve. If you are not one of the “severely” Injured that they can get “Good Press” out of you are not important in the eyes of the VA. All other Vets have to fight tooth and nail to get the things and support that should be given the second that we get off of active duty. We should not have to fight to get care or compensation for the injuries and problems that we have. I should have gotten treatment 5-10 years ago so that I would not be a 32 year old guy having to walk with a cane everyday cause they did not correct the problems I had with my legs. If they would have addressed it then I would be able to play with my kids and go on family vacations. But as it stands I have not been able to do any of that. I am finally having surgery this week but it took me going to three different civilian doctors and spending lots of my own money to get the VA to recognize and acknowledge that there is an issue that it is not all in my head (yes I have heard that from several VA doctors over the years) or that there is nothing wrong with you. I go have it looked at by a civilian doctor and they say that there is an issue on the second visit after MRI and X-Rays. I know I am not the only vet with a story like this I have talked to many of them some Iraq vets like me to WWII vets to Vietnam vets and I hear lots of the same stories. So is this story surprising No not at all I am glad that the things that vets have had to deal with is finally coming to light for the rest of the country to see. Please keep sending this around so that other vets know that the rest of the country is seeing what is going on and I hope that this causes things to change for the better in the VA system.

    • cassie1655

      Drew, first i want to thank you so very much for your service. Your average American civilian have no freaking clue what our military has been put through and still going through when it comes to the VA. They are too busy watching Dancing with the Stars, or reading about the Kardashians. Very few would even begin to comprehend the hell our soldiers go through once back from war when it comes to the mountainous paperwork that the VA thrusts at the wounded soldier, what it’s like to go through the Med Board process only to be given 5 calendar days to rebuttal should they write it up completely wrong because they don’t bother to listen. i’m a civilian, a Federal employee, a Army Mom! My daughter is going through this process right now and it’s insane! The fight that she is taking on and the mounds and mounds of paperwork is beyond reason! She deployed twice to Iraq and once to Afghanistan where she was sexually assaulted by an stinking, filthy Afghani Colonel right there on her FOB. Once back in the States, our Army didn’t bother to keep her informed of her case of which she later found out that this Afghani, and her case, was turned over to the Afghani Army which did nothing! It’s too long of a story to write it here. Just know that i understand what you are going through so i know your pain. Frankly, NObama should be arrested not just for this, but for all the many scandals that are taking place under this regime! i’ve been screaming about the VA clear back to when i was a teenager when seeing how our WWII and especially our Vietnam Veterans have been treated. This isn’t a Democrat or a Republican issue. This is an American issue! But since NObama brought it up during his campaigns, then this lies at his feet! Again, Thank You, Drew, for your service and i pray you get the much needed help you so rightfully deserve!

      • Joseph E. Bowker

        30 year man, 100% Disable Vietnam Veteran, and at 71, Dancing with the Stars is my favorite. Fact, at 14-15 I was a dancer, but my gang buddies in Philadelphia thought my dancing was ‘queer’ and I wasn’t man enough to stand up to them. But serve 30 years, be involved in 4 shooting wars, twice to Vietnam, I think I have a right to enjoy the great programing of DWTS. Thanks, just had to say….

        • cassie1655

          Hello Joseph, Thank you for your service! When i mentioned DWTS, i wasn’t talking about our veterans. i was referring to those civilians who do not know one thing about what our veterans have gone through, and are still going through, where our govn’t is concerned. i feel strongly that America cannot do enough for our returning soldiers. Our servicemen and women should not have to fight for their benefits that were promised to them and should receive them without having to go to ‘trial’ each time. i just lost a dear friend last week who was Special Ops in Vietnam and was a POW. What i saw him go through, and several others, was insane because he was still suffering from wounds he’d received as a POW. And who was putting him through this hell? The DoD, Federal Govn’t! All he requested was to work from home and the stinking civilian bosses were fighting him to the point where he just gave up and retired. Although we have disability laws on the books, they are worthless if no one bothers to follow them. You go and enjoy your time spent watching whatever gives you pleasure. You deserve it! i only wish that the kids today would understand our history and know what our veterans are being put through by our own government. Again, thank you for your service!

          • Joseph E. Bowker

            @Cassie1655; I could not possibly agree with you more. In 1976, I was offered 75% Medical Retirement for problems which evolved with unrecognized Agent Orange, and other Physical ailments. But I stayed because, while my health was deteriorating, I felt more than capable, and loved my duties in the Air Force. When I did decline to being unable to move without pain, I had retired with 30 years as an E9. (I was an E6 in 75, a lot less Retirement, and Disability pay.) But I am trying to enjoy what time I have left. Just bought a 42″ Flat-screen, and my favorite dancers, Maks and Meryl won DWTS. ( I would have settled for a share award, Meryl and Amy, but Maks deserved this win.

  • Cog

    Like he was mad as hell about the , DOJ or the IRS or the NSA now the VA.
    2 terms and still clueless?

  • Top Hand

    God help us until this lazy, do nothing loser is out of our White House and he takes the rest of his parasites with him!

  • Top Hand

    The PHONEY SCANDALS just won’t stop coming! Poor little boy president! Would you
    guys quit picking on the little boy? He’s probably been real busy helping masculine Michelle work out the plans for her next REGAL VACATION that the taxpayers will have to work hard to pay for!

  • jimmyrourke

    They are shredding documents per Obama right now.These pricks did this to Veterans for their Obama bonus’s.At the same time Obama is freeing murderers who are ILLEGAL ALIENS. All they have to do is jump the fences and they get medical,housing,food,free college. All thanks to OBAMA and he wants to give them voting rights when their is an amnesty with no waiting period. This President and his loser Administration need to be thrown out of office now before they do anymore damage .I am a Veteran and to treat our Vets this way is just disgraceful. The ILLEGAL ALIENS mean more to OBAMA


    Will someone please inform the president Veterans do not get BENIFITS !!! We have EARNED ENTITLEMENTS by way of our service to OUR country !!

  • Joseph E. Bowker

    Being madder than hell isn’t enough. But I have been a member of the VA since 2001 (I retired after 30 years in ’91) When the Republicans were in charge, the VA was horrible. Then I felt ignored. I was rated as 40% Disabled. Now, I am 100% Disabled (Vietnam War – 2 tours, 4 times in a shooting war from 61~91) The VA has shortcomings. A young Doctor in training mentioned that I needed a colostomy. My VA Doctor, as I saw in a Miorrored surface demonstrated that the VA will not pay for a Colostomy. But service is a 100% better since the Republicans are no longer trying to prove the VA needs to be Privatized. And the Democrats are proudly giving the majority of us Vets the best service available.