Obama fails Bergdahl, Benghazi, Veterans, Obamacare, Americans and more

Obama Legacy - Image by DonkeyHotey - https://www.flickr.com/photos/donkeyhotey/
Obama Legacy - Image by DonkeyHotey - https://www.flickr.com/photos/donkeyhotey/

DALLAS, June 6, 2014 — Is Barack Obama good at anything? Is there anything left this man has not screwed up?

In September of 2012, four American diplomats including Ambassador Chris Stevens and a pair of Navy SEALs were murdered by Islamist terrorists in Benghazi, Libya.

In May of 2014, it was revealed that the Veteran’s Administration was in such a state of disrepair that neglected veterans died waiting for care.

Now President Obama has released five Jihadists from Guantanamo Bay in exchange for one American soldier who appears to have been a deserter.

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It is long past time to wonder if President Obama is ever in the appropriate place at the appropriate time. Even if one removed possible presidential malice from the presidential palace, Obama critics have every right to ask one simple question: Can President Obama do anything right?

If one looks at every headline grabbing instance of the last six years in the most negative light, a pattern of corruption can be ascertained. Yet even if one bends over backwards to cast Obama scandals in the most charitable light possible, valid questions about the very ability of Obama to govern remain.

Start with Benghazi. Plenty has been written about that cover-up.

First, the video Innocence of Muslims was blamed for the uprising and the filmmaker, a Coptic Egyptian Nakoula Basseley Nakoula was jailed. He was released nearly a year later, to a halfway house from which he was released to the custody of Pastor Wiley Drake of First Southern Baptist Church in Buena Park, California.

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Even if one ignores the entire cover-up that began on September 12, 2012, a major focus should be placed on the underlying incident: The American Consulate in Libya was completely unprepared for the attacks even as Obama, and Secretary of State Clinton, where aware of increased threats.

How is it that nobody in the entire Obama administration took the threats seriously and that once the attack began that nothing was done to provide assistance to U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and Sean Smith, Tyrone Wood and Glen Doherty?

Now shift to the VA.

Obama knew the VA had problems as early as 2007. He actively campaigned against VA inefficiencies and insisted he would fix the problem. After six years in office, the problems have increased exponentially.

Veterans who survived foreign battlefields are dying on American soil not from an enemy attack, but from government bureaucracy and mismanagement. Obama did not cause the problem, but his entire government was unable to fix it.

How is that after six years, promises to fix the VA in 2006 have be broken?

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Now President Obama has at best broken laws, at worst created a media frenzy, from the press conference in the Rose Garden to sending Susan Rice out on the Sunday talk show circuit yet again, politicizing the release of Bowe Bergdahl.

Bowe Bergdale should not have been left behind as America leaves Afghanistan, but what about:

Marine Sargent Andrew Tahmooressi is being held in a Mexican jail on specious gun charges. Tahmooressi made a wrong turn and found himself in the wrong place. That he is still being held is quite simply wrong. Tahmooressis is, like Bergdahl, a vet of the Afghan war.

Alan Gross has been imprisoned in Castro’s Cuba for five years. He was sent to Cuba by the Obama government on a mission of helping increase internet access in Cuba. The Obama administration got him kidnapped and left him to rot.

Warren Weinstein is an American contractor who was kidnapped two years ago by al Qaeda and placed in a prison in Pakistan. He was consulting for the United States Government when he was seized.

Shakeel Afridi, the Pakistani doctor thqt provided the vital information that led to the killing of Osama bin Laden  now sits in a prison in Pakistan, serving out a 33-year sentence. America has failed to broker his release.

These kidnappings did not happen when President George W. Bush was in charge. They are now a routine business practice of Islamists who know that for whatever reason, Barack Obama is too weak and ineffective to stop them.

Why is this the case? How can the man who once took victory laps over using predator drones and bragged to the New York Times about his “kill list” be unable to bring Americans home?

Jimmy Carter failed to bring home hostages from Iran for 443 days. Ronald Reagan got them home in one day. Bush the younger hunted the terrorists. Obama just lets things happen without consequences.

Now Obama frees Bergdahl, releasing five men whose goal is to do America and American’s harm. Could Obama have not come up with a better way to free Bergdahl than surrendering five of the most brutal Islamic terrorists the world has ever seen?

So let’s ask the question again. Is Barack Obama good at anything?

Obama’s entire world view is that America would be better off with an activist government handling major aspects of the American life from cradle to grave. An unapologetic leftist, Obama believes in the power of government to improve people’s lives.

Like many leftists, he wants government to run the healthcare system despite the government’s inability to even build a functioning website that took four years to build and cost over 100 times more than what it should have.

Obamacare costs to taxpayers rise further as HHS reveals more costly fraud

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The purpose of Obamacare was to give coverage to 47 million Americans. That goal failed and the cost to Americans is very, very high.

Obama claims to want economic growth while crippling the oil industry and other engines of that growth. He passes environmental and other regulations and then wonder why the economy is contracting six years into his stagnant presidency.

Obama wants gun control yet was unable to effectively track the guns that became the botched “Fast and Furious operation. An American border guard named Daniel Terry and a couple hundred Mexicans died because the government handled this badly.

Is any aspect of this government outside of the military working? The Post Office loses money. The IRS targets political opponents of Obama.

Is Barack Obama good at anything?

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In an effort to avoid answering this question, Obama supporters fall back on a phony war on women, invented racial persecution, and climate change zealotry. Americans beg for mercy under sky high gasoline prices, high food prices, and a lack of available decent-paying jobs.

For whatever reason, Obama cannot and will not effectively answer these pleas.

The world is burning. Obama’s worst critics believe he wants this because he hates America. Rather than assume Barack Obama is an evil genius who wants to destroy America, let’s consider a more realistic possibility.

Obama belongs to a failed ideology that ruins lives and performs badly. Maybe Obama is just the typical liberal.

Maybe Barack Obama is just not good at anything. Surely not at running the United States of America.

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  • Blkojo

    “Obama wants gun control yet was unable to effectively track the guns that became the botched “Fast and Furious operation. An American border guard named Daniel Terry and a couple hundred Mexicans died because the government handled this badly.”

    Brian Terry. Also killed was U.S. agent Jaime Zapata.

  • Jon Kent Martin !


  • AmericanBlend

    He is an imam and self confessed muslim. The goal of Islam is world domination and their most revered prophet has ordered them to slay all nonbelievers who refuse to submit. Proof that their god is not God. Mohammed ordered them to use any means (lies,murder, subterfuge, etc.) necessary to subdue all others. To say B(BS)O is a communist negates his true and more dangerous motivation.

  • Mark Wade

    He won’t have to worry about a library. He claims no knowledge of most issues. And the rest? He wants swept under the rug. Floor getting pretty lumpy!

  • Bo

    The wanna be king is just a puppet to destroy America, sadly he’s doing a great job at that, and we the people are watching it happen.

  • El Gato

    “even if one bends over backwards to
    cast Obama scandals in the most charitable light possible, valid
    questions about the very ability of Obama to govern remain.”

    He doesn’t care about governing, he wishes to rule. For our own good.. or so he’ll say.

  • VIKI

    He is one ugly dude

  • Excuses? No. He’s trying to destroy the nation. NOBODY is stupid enough to make some of the economic decisions that he’s made and not expect disastrous consequences. If he doesn’t understand why, it’s because he’s being directed by the ones who put his speeches on his Teleprompter, and he just goes along with them. Someone, 3-4 years ago, made a good case for Valerie Jarrett being his “handler,” the go-between for his bosses.

  • Robert Smith

    Hussein Obama is delusional, deceitful, and dishonest. He simply cannot be trusted.

  • heilbama

    What if…just what if every bad thing that’s happened was planned to happen? He’s Black, so all negative responses are followed by accusations of racism; gays love him bc they think he’s on their side; Blacks love him bc he’s Black; Liberals love him bc they think he’s a Liberal; illegals love him bc he’s letting them stay, giving them assistance. What if…he’s using all his followers like they’re his puppets, and what if he’s in reality a devout radical Muslim who actually hates them most? What if his mistakes are not mistakes? What if he just wants you to think they are, all the while he’s destroying the nation’s economy, eroding its military, burdening the country with an unchecked invasion of illegals and bringing in more and more of his own kind – radical Muslims. They are now the second largest ‘religion’ in America. That includes, the Hispanics who are almost all Christian? What if?

    Oh, and he wants to disarm Americans? We are a small threat, those of us who could and would fight back, but what if he just wants to make us impotent, as well?

    What if there was an Obama/Bergdahl/Taliban connection before Bergdahl was ever deployed. You’ve seen the Benghazi photos, know of the horrendous torment they endured. Bergdahl had no marks we could see, was well-fed, clean, fully-clothed – did not even seem concerned in that video. Seemed to me his captors were treating him almost fatherly. What if the plan began when we started holding those terrorists at Gitmo & what if Obama needed them to be released upon a hapless nation? What if his bypassing of Congress was not a mistake but a necessity so as to carry out the REST of Obama’s plans?

  • RightWingFoamControl

    ahahaaaha this article is great. i rate the presidents performance on how mad the riech wing of this country is. 9.5/10 it seems. you guys had it out for him the moment his inauguration was completed.

    biggest whiners in US history. cant wait to threepeat with hilhil in 2016.

  • Bev

    At my sign language class last night, one of the deaf and I were signing about politics. He shared with me the sign for Obama. It’s an ‘O’ followed by the symbol for liar. lol