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Obama channels a beloved TV character, but it’s not Ronald Reagan

Written By | Dec 6, 2015

INDIANAPOLIS, December 6, 2015 — Who knew? President Obama ended his Oval Office address—his first in five years—with some Reaganesque remarks about American exceptionalism. “Freedom is more powerful than fear,” he said.

But the rest of his talk highlighted his chronic delusion. According to Obama, San Bernardino wasn’t inspired by ISIS. Those victims were “injured by one of their co-workers and his wife.”

He equated San Benardino to Major Nadal’s mass killing in the Ft. Hood “workplace violence” incident, and the attack on the unarmed recruiters in Chattanooga. The killers were not Islamic terrorists. “Their minds were poisoned.”

Military action alone can’t defeat terrorism

Obama is intent on “protecting us,” as any good parent would. He doesn’t understand that his job is to protect the Constitution, which he consistently ignores and degrades.

In order to “protect” us, the President has authorized “tak[ing] out terrorists abroad”—without Constitutional authority; without convictions—without even a trial. He has done it without any regard for the ages of his targets or American citizens’ rights.

Obama has hamstrung our airstrikes by requiring that they not injure civilians—an impossibility—but has used his killer drones against enemies of his choosing.

The President said two things that aren’t crazy. He said “The threat from terrorism is real.” Of course, a nine-year-old knows that. And the President pointedly did not say, “The threat from Islamic terrorism is real.”

He also said, “We need to look harder at those who will come to America without a Visa.” Great, but he has done everything he can to allow an open Southern border, and he’s all for importing thousands of un-vettable “Syrian refugees” and relocating them throughout the U.S.

But those were the only two things he said that, given the most-charitable view possible, were not crazy.

His “plan” is crazy. He said our “military will hunt down terrorist plotters in any country where it is necessary.” Really? He won’t commit to boots on the ground anywhere. How are they going to do this “hunting?” And whose borders will he violate to do this hunting?

And whose citizens will our military hunter-killer units kill?

Military action alone can’t defeat terrorism

He said, “We will continue training tens of thousands” of presumed allies. Does he mean like the four or five we’ve already trained (Isis: US spent $500m training only ‘four or five’ Syrian rebels to take on Islamic State)?

He said “We will cut off their access to money.” By giving hundreds of billions to Iran?

“We have begun to establish a process and a timeline to establish a cease-fire” and end the Syrian civil war. So, how long will it take to establish the process? And how long to establish the timeline? And will the timeline outlive us all? Is Assad part of the solution, or the problem?

He repeated that “65 countries have joined an American coalition.” And what is this coalition’s purpose? Who are these 65 nations, and what are they doing?

Obama wants to “Make it harder for terrorists to escape from justice.” Okay, what does that mean? Which terrorists—the ones you traded for deserter Bowe Bergdahl?

The President thinks “Congress should act to ensure that no one on a no-fly list should be able to buy a gun.”

What are the criteria for being on the no-fly list? Who is in charge of putting people on the no-fly list, and by what authority will they deny Americans their plain Constitutional rights?

What other Constitutional rights should Congress deny them? If you’re on the no fly list, should you be able to vote? Should you be able to join the church of your choice? Do you have the right of habeas corpus? Can you speak your mind, or write on a blog?

President Obama’s misleading call for sensible gun control

Obama also says he needs Congress to authorize “my” airstrikes? Is he saying he’s doing this without Congressional approval, already? Is he saying he thinks Congress needs to give him some kind of authorization? Then, he’s admitting that he’s acting illegally, today.

President Roseglasses said, “Most of terror victims around the world are Muslim. We need to enlist them as allies, rather than pushing them away.” Most of the terror victims of Islamic terrorism in America (which is the President’s only responsibility or area of legitimate power, by the way) have NOT been Muslims.

A President who is that far removed from reality is a menace.

Tim Kern

Tim Kern taught economics for fifteen years, and discovered that understanding life is easy; it’s recognizing reality that takes practice. He holds a music degree, and later earned an MBA in finance from Northwestern University. He has lived across the US, and now makes his home in Anderson, Indiana.