Obama bends immigration for political gain, ignores real crisis (POLL)

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WASHINGTON, July 8, 2014 — President Obama is expected to ask Congress for $2 billion to address the immigration crisis, recently compounded with the arrival of over 50,000 undocumented children. The requested funds would go to the care of the immigrant children, and to fund the legal proceedings which the law requires take place before the children can be deported. According to numerous new source, that could take years.

While Obama tries to secure funding, the children and teenagers in question will be shipped to various locations around the country. This decision has prompted two towns already to stage various forms of protest, including a town hall meeting in Lawrenceville, Virginia, and picket lines in Murrieta, California.

This situation is a brilliant political move by Obama in his efforts to bend the immigration issue to his will, and use it to inflict pain on the Republican Party.

President Obama and his advisers have made it clear that the law will be followed, and the children will not be deported without the necessary legal proceedings. Of course, Obama and his advisers have up until now followed and ignored the law at their leisure. For example, Obama waived the law regarding the restriction on supplying lethal aid to terrorist organizations so he could send weapons to the Syrian Opposition. He ignored the law when he signed the Affordable Care Act as a revenue generating bill that did not originate from the House or Representatives. And he ignored the law when he made recess appointments when Congress was in session, which the Supreme Court recently ruled was in fact, illegal.

This administration, and previous ones for that matter, have little ground to stand on when they decide to stick their chest out and declare adherence to the law. This is the same President who sold firearms to drug cartels in Mexico, resulting in numerous deaths, and then demands that Congress ban semi-automatic weapons. Following the law, in the case of this administration in particular, is not the strongest, or most believable, justification for requesting $2 billion.

According to the administration, it could take years for the hearings to take place before deportation is even possible. That means years of this issue being dragged out, years of this issue appearing in the press, and years of this issue being brought front and center during election cycles. During that time, Obama and the Democrats will have ample time to exploit this issue.

President Obama will use this issue to severely damage the national image of the Republican Party. Well aware that Republicans are anti-immigration, he has the immigrants sent all over the country to be housed. He knows that this will spark outrage among Republicans, they will take to the news with their protest, and in turn they will be blasted as anti-children. When that happens, the president, the Democrats, and the liberal media will pounce on the Republicans and relentlessly call their love of children into question.

What’s more, the president knows that the Republicans will have to respond. If they do not, then their constituency will more than likely vote out any vulnerable incumbents who appear to be laying down on the issue. In addition, increased fervor from the right will most likely cause further friction within the Republican Party as establishment Republicans continue to use words like “amnesty” and “pardon.”

But there is a danger here, so much pushing will cause Republicans to make this a center issue of their own, and Republicans who are in favor of legal over illegal immigration will come to the forefront, making things more difficult down the road for Democrats. With Obama making this particular event a political issue to address the waning popularity of the Democrats, instead of actually dealing with a potential crisis is par for the course for this particular Administration.

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  • Elizabeth Stein

    What would have happened had we spent that $2 billion on enforcing the border?

  • Dax

    No, they don’t need a court hearing. They really don’t. Load them on a plane going back to their country of origin, drop them off and push them out at the landing strip farthest from our border in that nation.
    They walked here, they can walk home.

  • R. Scott Stewart


    Many Americans considering themselves loyal and patriotic are seemingly
    resigned to the idea a globalist Liberal government is going to do whatever it
    wants regarding immigration, and there is not a damn thing we can do about it.

    Can’t do a damn thing, or won’t do? Big difference.

    The post Constitutional regime in Washington is intent
    on dissolving our borders. And they try to silence opposition by saying
    Patriotic Americans are bigots.

    You know something?

    I’m not adverse to Mexico and/or Canada accepting the
    jurisdiction of the Constitution, and their citizens embracing American
    political freedoms and having full rights of citizenship, if it ever works out
    like that.

    I like Canada and most Canadians. I like Mexico and most Mexicans. We share a
    lot of history with both.

    Its not about DNA…its about traditions of freedom and
    rights, including the right we have to expect our government to protect our
    security and border to the best of its ability…not to decide American borders
    and sovereignty are dissolved because, hey, they say so.

    And because a lot of money can be made by creating a North American state.

    Many Patriotic Americans in this country have Hispanic DNA, may even speak
    English as a second language…but want those who enter America to abide by her
    laws as much as I do.

    That’s all most of us want…but we’re going to
    have to commit ourselves now to do whatever it takes to purge Washington and
    our political process of the traitors who are selling us out to a ‘New World

    That means being willing to openly and massively
    protest now and when (probably not if) they start killing us to clear the
    streets, shoot back.

    Harsh? Yes.

    But if we think there is any other way, we are as
    delusional as an Obama voter.

  • Bluecardinal

    Obama, needs to tell the protestors if they want money to help those people, they need to take care of it with their own money.

    • Susan Mireles

      The protestors are against having the illegal aliens dumped in our cities and do not want any money spent on them. I think you should read the article.

  • Shirley

    Congress should just say no to the billions Obama wants to house illegals. Americans! Stop feeling empathy for sad or cute faces! Send them back on trains, planes and boats back to their own governments. We should PROTEST in every state and tell Obama we are mad as hell and we won’t accept illegal aliens anymore! I’m a black female who is appalled with this president, when he stated he would change America, he meant it. POTUS have changed the landscape from white to brown single handedly, this is a race issue! Obama was a follower of Rev. Wright church for years where he taught racism and hatred of whites and yet they ideally follow him and donate millions.

    The ignorant black community support him because of skin color not substance of issues, he is their myopic king who is infallible. Notice how Obama systematically brought down America! We need to rise up and show Obama whose boss! We are a strong society, stand up as we are in California to stop the madness. AMERICA! Stop being WEAK, SCARED and DEFENSELESS! Encourage everyone you know to STAND UP AND FIGHT OBAMA!

  • texfan

    This out-of-control administration is treading on dangerous ground. In their efforts to appease the far left and TRIAL ATTORNEYS, Obama’s biggest supportors, he is putting the country in a dangerous situation. He invited the immigrants in now he wants to provide our hard earned tax dollars to defend them. What kind of crazies have we put in the white house?