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The Nunes Memo: Democrats duplicitous, disgusting, delusional behavior

Written By | Feb 3, 2018

WASHINGTON, February 4, 2018: The Democrats suffer from a self-inflicted, delusional view of politics and economics.  This delusion seemed to be developed about five years ago when the personally popular President Barack Obama was re-elected.  While Obama did well, the Democratic party did not.

Their platforms that are at best delusional, at worst destructive,  led to losses in the 2014 election as well as the 2016 election.  Now they are moving from delusion to disgusting.

The Democrat decline began with the lies of Obamacare

The origins of their misreading of facts may have started after the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was signed into law in 2010.  The Dems convinced the American public that the law would result in nearly all Americans being covered by quality health insurance, premiums falling by an average $2,500 per policy and Americans could keep the doctors that they have been seeing.

More lies: Jon Gruber “gruberizes” us again.

The result was that only an additional 6% of the population (about 20 million) gained health care coverage, premiums continued to increase at a pace about the same as before the ACA and millions of Americans were forced to change doctors.

The result of this misrepresentation was that the GOP gained control of the House of Representatives in 2010 and control of the Senate in 2014.

In 2016, the GOP maintained their majorities in both houses while picking up the presidency.  In state elections, the Dems fared worse.

Democrats offer the same losing message.

Since President Trump’s election, Democrats are under the delusion that they can win back the House of Representatives and perhaps the Senate in 2018, simply by offering a “resist Trump” message.  It has now become apparent that if the Dems can’t win fairly with that message, they will take actions that are counter to the spirit of America and her democracy.

Last December, Democrats and the mainstream media said that the recently passed GOP tax cut (not one Democrat voting in favor of passage) was a tax cut for the rich and gave only crumbs to the middle class.  So persuasive were their arguments, and so negative was the mainstream media, that only about 26% of Americans approved of the tax cut.

Today, less than two months later, 44% of Americans approve of the tax cut as they see large companies planning expansions.  Americans also see that their take-home pay has increased.

The public’s approval is likely to rise significantly as the full effect of the tax cut is felt.

Once that happens, economic growth will soar, perhaps reaching 5% for this year.

That means tens of millions of now underemployed Americans will find better opportunities at higher salaries.  It also means millions of discouraged workers will re-enter the job market.

Democrats say, “If we can’t win fairly, we will cheat.”

The recently released memo from the House Intelligence Committee (HIC) shows that the cheating has been going on for some time.  Fearing that Trump may win the presidency in 2016, some Democrats who work in the Justice Department and for the FBI began to cheat and lie.

It looks like they abused their power in order to illegally obtain search warrants on members of President Trump’s team.

 Devin Nunes and why Pelosi, Schumer, McCabe, McCain fear the memo. 

The Dems were so shocked that Trump won, that they concluded that he must have colluded with the Russians, who appear to have interfered with the election process. How else could he have defeated the mighty Democrat machine and their heir apparent, Hillary Clinton?

Immediately they called for Attorney General Sessions to recuse himself.  Biased Democrat Rod Rosenstein was put in charge of the Russian collusion investigation.

The Director of the FBI, James Comey appears to have helped the Dems.  He hid information about the Democrats involvement with the unsubstantiated Trump dossier in order to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on members of Trump’s team.  He repeatedly said that Trump was not the target of the investigation, even though he really was.

Comey, along with other biased Democrats who worked in the FBI and Justice Department, allowed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to break the law, hide the truth and escape any consequences for her actions.

In a Democracy that relies on truth and justice, this is just plain disgusting.

The Memo: The dossier, circular reporting and fruit of the poisonous tree .

More Democrat dishonesty down the pike

There is more disgusting behavior by Democrats yet to be revealed.  Within the next couple of weeks, the House Intelligence Committee will release more of their findings.  The Democrats behavior has not only reached into the FBI but also into the Justice Department.

There is some indication that this behavior may have reached into the executive branch of the Obama controlled administration, perhaps all the way to the top.

Also, next month, the Inspector General will produce his findings.  This will likely show more questionable behavior by the Dems.  These reports, along with the ever-improving economy, will likely spell doom for the Dems in 2018 and perhaps into 2020.

America’s broken two-party system and the political future of the country 

If the Democrats ever expect to win elections they will have to stop their duplicitous behavior, put forth some positive ideas and better understand the will of the people.  $1,000 is not crumbs, and no American should be called deplorable by any election official.

If they don’t figure it out, they will continue to lose elections and perhaps lose their ability to exist as a party.

As much as we despise disgusting behavior, it is critical that we have two strong, honest and forthright political parties so our Constitutional Republic can continue to thrive.

Michael Busler

Michael Busler, Ph.D. is a public policy analyst and a Professor of Finance at Stockton University where he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in Finance and Economics. He has written Op-ed columns in major newspapers for more than 35 years.