Now is the time for America’s conservative remedy

Conservatives, Republicans, Independents, Tea Partiers - those that fall under the silent majority - are not so silent this election cycle. And they are shaking things up.

"Charlie Chaplin Silent Majority Rally to Restore Sanity" by David Shankbone - Own work. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -

WASHINGTON, January 28, 2016 – The Republican party is uniting, but not in the way establishment leaders may want. Unity is a concept based around the idea of a coming together as a whole. Its uniqueness is in the power it generates and the influence its numbers wield.

And it cannot be manufactured.

When married to a movement, or virtuous cause, aligned with determination, there is little the opposition can do but scratch its head and move out of the way.

‘Conservatives’ vs. Donald Trump

If the opposition decides to make a stand, it is almost certain to be crushed by a force that is  unstoppable. The chances of surviving such an impact is equal to a bamboo hut surviving an incoming tsunami.

What establishment republican politicians are seeing in the 2016 presidential election is a united base, one that is made up of conservatives and independents, the so-called silent majority. Many are fed up with what their leaders have done to this country, our liberties, our economy, and our exceptional republic.

And its a tsunami, the swell of discontentment.

Courted and wooed by the establishment, and one too many times, with the promise of restoring this country to its greatness and what the framers intended, then reneging on it the moment they take the oath, politicians on both sides of the aisle appear miffed by the rebellion brought against them by the people.

These so-called leaders were comfortable in their role as elitists and with having their way with us, which included degrading our values and traditions. Some of them even have their sights set on dismantling our Constitution and further eroding our Bill of Rights.

They were content to pick our candidates. They asked us to trust them and their motives. The lot of them, save a few, turned out to be no more trustworthy than a band of thieves and liars. A few appeared criminal in their intent.

As elitist, they had no reason to be tied down by the tentacles of conservative values. They had no need, or desire, to adhere to the principles this once great political party was founded on.

At some point, they declared that they were better at deciding who our next president would be. And yes, we were supposed to go along with them.

In the end, these nefarious leaders, and their unethical dealings, wasteful spending and compromises, usually turned out to be disastrous for the party and the country. And their unprincipled conduct gave the republican brand, and conservatism, a bad name.

Because of the party’s establishment leadership, and their self-centered policies, the very people this grand ole party liberated from the bondage of slavery (Blacks), now despise it despite that these same Blacks have climbed into bed with the party that enslaved and tortured and lynched their ancestors.

How ironic is that?

Conservative Blacks left the party of prosperity for one of dependency and government regulation. This was no accident, and no, this did not happen overnight. It was done by grand design and incrementally.

It was the passing of one liberal policy after another beginning at the dawn of the twentieth century.

These policies passed, and could only pass, with the help of establishment republicans in some warped notion that the best results for the country lies in compromising, or better yet, working along with the other side of the aisle on everything.

They totally dismiss the fact that the two sides, at its core, have different views of what is best for this country and its citizens, especially minorities. You do not compromise with people, or a political party, that is out to destroy the very fiber of this country.

But Blacks are not the only malcontents, as the establishment views it. Middle class America is now in rebellion. Conservatives feel threatened. Independents do not like what they see going on in their country.

Have conservatives forgotten what they want to conserve?

And the undecided are beginning to realize they need to start deciding.

Why the fear?

Obamacare has been shoved down our throats, we are being spied on, we have been taxed to the point of ruination, and the economy is as anemic as ever. In addition to this, we are weighed down by nineteen trillion dollars of national debt.

But wait, there is more.

America on the whole has rejected the sudden rush to flood this country with illegal aliens from our southern borders and Islamic refugees from our eastern borders. From where we sit, it appears to be an invasion on a grand scale.

What is more obvious to us is that our president, and our congressional leaders, seem to be complicit in this take down of America.

So, who do we turn to?

Many of our Supreme Court justices appear to be hostile towards our Constitution, despite that they are enrobed with the very laws they are supposed to revere and uphold.

We have military leaders who have taken an oath and have sworn to protect and defend this country from enemies both foreign and domestic. But where are they?

Those who would have done something by now were booted out of the service, or forced to retire by President Obama.

Out of touch does not describe the anger legions of patriots have towards our leaders in Washington today. Our wrath is the result of failed policies, and their disdain for the middle class. What they have done to this country amounts to selling the American constituency down the tube. And for what? More power? More influence? More wealth and control?

This is not the first time an enemy of America has awakened a sleeping giant known as the American citizenry. Sadly, the threat now comes from within our borders, as well as outside of them, and by the very people entrusted with the powers we have given them by our vote to do what is right for this country and for all Americans.

Right now, we have had enough. We are not going to be pandered to and lied to again. We will no longer allow our leaders to tell us what they think we want to hear, while all of the time exploiting our weaknesses just to get into office.

As for being a unified front, the best results occur when a movement is inclusive.

The forces from Greece that stood up to the Persians consisted of numerous Greek states, including Athens and Sparta. The Civil Rights movement included not only Blacks, but other races.

And the outcome of America’s Civil War was greatly influenced and impacted once Blacks were allowed to serve, which they did more than honorably.

America in crisis: Conservatives must deliver experienced leadership

Today we have, on the side of liberty, freedom, and our traditional American values, a force made up of conservatives, independents and the once undecided. And its important that Black, White, Brown, all American conservatives stand, up and vote for the conservative Presidential choice.

But standing up means that demands of that choice must be clear;  And here is what we ask, even demand, of our next Republican president.

You must….

A. Repeal Obamacare

B. Undo all of the executive orders Obama put into place that are detrimental to this country’s welfare and to our national defense

C. Secure the borders, all of them, including our seaports

D. Clean up house. Start with the IRS, the EPA, and the Dept. of Education

E. Rebuild our proud military

F. Appoint true conservatives to the Supreme Court. The liberal ones have made a mess of things with the help of moderate republicans

G. Wage a serious war against Islamic terrorist, meaning; untie the hands of our mighty military and give them what they need to do the job

H. Lower the corporate tax rate and do whatever it takes to bring overseas profits back into the United States.

I. Get rid of political correctness…bury it six feet deep

J. Reclaim our exceptionalism and promote capitalism and export it to the world.

K. Clamp down on this Islamic invasion. In other words…stop it dead in its tracks!

L. Clean up the Justice Department, the CIA, and the NSA

M. Restore traditional values to our homes, communities and our educational system

N. Not run from our Judeo-Christian roots or act favorably to one religion, especially one that is in direct conflict with our own values, traditions, and most of all, in conflict with our Constitution, which is the Supreme Law of the Land

O. Make America, and Americans, competitive again.

As a people, we must impress upon our candidate these demands and we will not only survive, we prosper. There is nothing that would make our founding fathers more proud, and all of America happy again.

Bottom line for those who want our vote, do not take us lightly, like the establishment republicans did. We are a force and one to be reckoned with. Adopt this list as your own, and there is no doubt you will win and America will too.

Allow us to become a shining beckon to all nations again. Yes, from sea to shiny sea.

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