NFL hires Katy Perry to permanently destroy Super Bowl halftime show

Singer Katy Perry's song
Singer Katy Perry's song "Part of Me" is thought to be about Russell Brand.

LOS ANGELES, October 11, 2014 — In a mind-bogglingly bad decision, the National Football League decided to have Katy Perry perform at the 2015 Super Bowl halftime show. The NFL gets many things right, but this is an embarrassing blunder that will result in firings the minute Perry finishes her lewd performance.

Perhaps the NFL executives are being crazy like foxes. There is always a chance that Perry will cross the line, resulting in the end of the Super Bowl halftime show forever. The halftime show is a desperate attempt to appeal to people who normally do not watch football. Its main accomplishment is to cause annoying people demanding silence and then chattering once the game itself comes back on.

The halftime show reached notoriety in 2003 when Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake detracted from a phenomenal game. The media spent so much time talking about Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction that it overshadowed a fantastic football game decided on the final play. After that halftime debacle, the NFL went out of its way to be non-controversial with its halftime show. Artists were expected to be bland, harmless and safe. Tom Petty and Paul McCartney did fine. The Black Eyed Peas took no chances.

Many people had no idea who Bruno Mars was. Then as soon as he began singing, people thought, “Oh yeah, he is the guy who sings that song.”

The NFL is under siege from scandals, some real and some imagined by activists who hate football. The last thing they want is another controversy to overshadow the game. They are better off playing an endless loop of that “Happy” song than letting Katy Perry anywhere near the world’s biggest stage. She is a crisis waiting to happen, the Queen of the nation of Trainwreckistan.

She was kicked off of Sesame Street for baring far too much cleavage in a children’s skit with Elmo.

Her brief forays into football have been disastrous. At one sports awards show, she publicly hit on avowed virgin Tim Tebow. In recent days, she hit on another football player while committing an obscene act with a corn dog.

If the NFL wants controversy, that would be different. The league is obsessed with “protecting the Shield.” Perry is about shock value for its own sake.

While the NFL avoids politics at all costs, Perry struts around in a dress with the Obama logo on it. She spouts off on every political issue, often with embarrassing results. Her brief marriage to actor Russell Brand featured commentaries on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that were totally inappropriate.

The NFL does not discuss climate change and does not want to change the Washington Redskins name.

While the NFL has many female football fans, the majority of fans are males. They watch football to get away from people like Perry.

While Perry supporters will insist that she is a professional, there is no evidence to suggest that she has the internal mental filters to know when to stay quiet and bland.

This is a woman who has actually managed to offend both Islamists and anti-Islamists with her videos.

Every time the NFL takes a risk with their entertainment, they live to regret it. Madonna managed to behave herself for the most part. There was a drug reference, but most people did not get it. Madonna did bring Nicki Minaj on stage though and Minaj bared her middle finger to the entire world.

One can only imagine Perry showing up, smoking a joint on stage, while Brand pretends to simulate injecting something into an orifice not to be shown on television. Anybody who saw what happened when Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke made a mockery of an awards show with her “twerking” might be scared to death of hiring Perry.

Katy Perry is perfectly fine for an audience of vapid screaming female teenagers. The NFL is delusional if they think these girls will stick around to watch football. Once Janet Jackson bared her breast, one particular Super Bowl party saw girls burst into giggles and guffaws. Then they all left, leaving a nearly empty room of a couple guys who were actually there to watch football.

The NFL absolutely should try to expand its reach, but not at the price of devaluing its brand. Katy Perry is one of the absolute worst possible choices the league could have made. Rihanna was a non-starter because people associate her with Chris Brown. The last thing the NFL wants is to be reminded of domestic violence during the Super Bowl. Coldplay would have been fine. They are bland, inoffensive, and most people have kind of heard of them. When their music comes on, people say, “Oh, they sing that song.” They are safe.

Hiring Katy Perry is a high risk, low reward strategy. She cannot add to the game. She can only detract from it. Heads will roll if she does something phallic with a corn dog in front of over 100 million people.

Then again, she could be the final nail in the coffin of the awful entity known as a Super Bowl halftime show. If eliminating this waste of time that detracts from a football game is not the goal, then the offer to Perry to sing at this game should be retracted immediately.

Perry should not even be allowed to sing the National Anthem. Her song “Roar” was supposed to be the theme for the Cincinnati Bengals until the fans booed it and made it clear they did not want it. Football fans know what they like.

The Super Bowl is too big of a stage and the NFL is under too big of a microscope. Performing at the Superbowl at this point should require discipline, class, and good taste.

It does not need Katy Perry soiling a family friendly event with an X-rated routine by an overgrown adolescent unable to control herself on the public stage.

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  • alex


    • blacktygrrrr

      “Go away like seriously” in all capital letters is not something that a serious individual would ever say. You represent the average Katy Perry fan perfectly, and illustrate why people who value substance over style detest her.

      Dude, you are like, so uncool man. You like talk in Valley girl like talk. How like lame. You are so like epic fail like.

      No wonder America is headed into the toilet. People like you have keyboards. I hope when you go on job interviews you like talk like normally like.

      eric @ the Tygrrrr Express

  • Tuffy Luvvy

    This article has so many factual inaccuracies that it isn’t worth the bother to respond to them.

    • Terry Ponick

      Or is it that you’re a troll and don’t really know what the alleged “factual inaccuracies” are? Evidence of trollery? The quick dismissal of this article without bothering to provide any semblance of a rebuttal. Cheap trick meant to get off topic which is the continuing descent of NFL halftime shows into mediocrity by “celebrities” so dumb they don’t even know the words of the National Anthem, for example.

      • UnderDog8

        Just an FYI, Terry. The National Anthem isn’t part of the halftime show.

        • blacktygrrrr

          At no point in the article does it say that the National Anthem is part of the halftime show.

          eric @ the Tygrrrr Express

          • UnderDog8

            You’re right, but I wasn’t referring to the article. I was referring to the comment, which you would know if you were paying attention.

          • blacktygrrrr

            Let me blunt with you Mr. Anonymous screen commenter. Commenters are nothing without columnists and editors. I write a column so that people like you can comment.

            Terry is my editor, a good person, and a seasoned professional. Mind your manners, show some respect, or get lost. You are a guest in our home.

            Do not ever confuse yourself as being what keeps these trains running.

            Most readers never comment, and commenters have a tendency to overstate their own importance.

            eric @ the Tygrrrr Express

          • UnderDog8

            You, and the rest of your ilk, should really go back on your meds.

          • blacktygrrrr

            Enjoy November Mr. Anonymous screen coward.

            I know I will.

            All the smug insults in the world won’t save the shellacking that comes when the people in power fail at everything.

            Enjoy treating life like a junior high school rankout contest. The adults have work to do. Somebody has to support the liberal parasites hurling insults from their government donated keyboards.

            eric @ the Tygrrrr Express

          • Guest

            Let me blunt with you Mr. anonymous screen commenter. Commenters are nothing without columnists and editors. I write a column so that people like you can comment.

            Terry is my editor, a good person, and a seasoned professional. Mind your manners, show some respect, or get lost. You are a guest in our home.

            Do not ever confuse yourself as being what keeps these trains running.

            Most readers never comment, and commenters have a tendency to overstate their own importance.

            eric @ the Tygrrrr Express

  • mememine

    I like how it mentions “climate change” and how the NFL is now responsible for creating social awareness. Climate change was a war crime of needless CO2 panic and history can only judge 32 years of CO2 death threats to billions of innocent children nothing but a war crime.
    And if you do gooders really want the Red Skins to change their name then change “BLACK History Month” as well. When will we be blind to color?

    • Terry Ponick

      Answer to your last question? Never, as long as wealthy fake-leftist elites control the country. Which means, a very very long time.

      • Funny I thought that the Republican Senate, Republican House, Walton family and Koch brothers controlled the country. No? While there are certainly a good number of rich starlets which may be fake liberals, a majority of the wealthy are conservatives; CEOs, politicians, doctors, lawyers, trust-fund babies. The top 20% own 89% of all the cash in the country. I doubt that an overwhelming majority of that 20% are leftists, more likely right elites.

  • UnderDog8

    Let’s review, shall we? On February 1, 2015, upwards of 120 MILLION people will tune in to watch Katy Perry perform at halftime of the Superbowl. Meanwhile, upwards of 2 dozen people will read Communities Digital News. Who is winning at life here??

    • blacktygrrrr

      Your comment is totally irrelevant. Are you saying that people should be judged based on popularity points rather than substance?

      Your comment proves my point. Katy Perry is one of the most vapid individuals on earth, but because she is “popular” we should treat her as a winner in life. Sorry, but the number of Twitter followers means nothing to me. It’s about what you bring to this world.

      ISIS is popular in the Middle East. Are they winners?

      Obama fails at everything, but the elites think he is cool. Does that make any of those losers winners? No.

      Kurt Cobain had legions of followers. He blew his brains out at 27. Was he a winner?

      People who win in life are people who make the world a better place. I sleep well knowing I do. In my opinion, Katy Perry does not.

      I built a business from scratch that is quite successful. I did so without compromising my integrity. Perry has compromised her integrity and I could provide examples if I thought you would understand why it matters.

      eric @ the Tygrrrr Express

      • UnderDog8

        Actually I was comparing the relative merits and impact of Ms. Perry vs. the author of this hate-filled diatribe. Little did I know that I had inadvertantly stumbled into a foam-at-the-mouth, conservative hate fest. Thankfully, there are just a few of you troglodytes around.

        • blacktygrrrr

          Said the anonymous coward hiding behind the fake screen name.

          I use my real name when I write a column.

          Anonymous commenters deserve zero respect. Use your real name. Then try and write a column that anyone will read.

          If you could you already would have.

          Any drunk in the town square can be a critic. Try creating something.

          Air America, Current TV, etc.

          eric @ the Tygrrrr Express

          • UnderDog8

            That’s just about the response I would expect from a right-wing wack job. Thankfully, you can always be counted on to cross the line and reveal to the world just how absurd you really are.

  • Alexis

    Mr. Golub needs to calm down! Everyone form all ages love Katy Perry!

  • Grammyless

    Katy is the perfect choice for superbowl. it’s her time.

  • Katy Perry is hot, as in HAWT. She’s near the top of the Maxim Magazine Top 100 list for five years, and was number one in 2010, number 3 in 2014 and the top singer listed every year. Sure, men want to be with her… but lots of women are fans too because of her female empowerment message. She has plenty of experience performing in large arenas. She frequently performs for the U.S. military both at home and abroad. In fact, she’s been slammed by feminist Naomi Wolf for being part of the “military-pop-cultural complex.” She seems to know how to behave herself among some fairly conservative folks. Neither of the NFL’s other finalists Rihanna and Coldplay are Americans if that matters to anyone.

    BTW, it was not Nicki Minaj who gave the finger on the air during the Super Bowl, it was female rapper M.I.A. And if Perry dedicating a song to Tim Tebow during a private pre-Super Bowl concert (not an awards show) in 2012 constitutes “hitting” on him, his virginity will be safe for a long time. He wasn’t even there, it was all in fun. Eric, by this definition you hit on women in your column all the time. How inappropriate.

    • blacktygrrrr

      Whoever these men are who want to be with her, I am not one of them. I would not touch anybody who was with Russell Brand. I cannot imagine what diseases he gave her.

      She just bothers me. Other people feel differently.

      eric @ the Tygrrrr Express

  • no its becky

    Hmm. Much more important issue here. this article said nobody knows who bruno mars was. i thought everyone did. QQ

    • Manny Martinez 26

      Katy is a star for little white girls not for the masses that like rock,R and B,jazz.She is a manufactured star like the other persons that are in the kiddie group One Direction or whatever their name is. ? I will find some other thing to do for half time.I bet all the persons singing her praise have never bought a Katy Perry anything except for little white girls.She appeals to the 5 to 18 crowd .Not a good choice ! For all that love her , enjoy ! I totally agree with the person who said anyone that slept with Russell ,Eewww

  • Taryn Hobbs

    Interesting read. Pontifical, opinionated and inaccurate with some facts but interesting none-the-less. You mentioned that you yourself have built a successful business…how did you achieve that? Was it perhaps by having a goal or dream? Having determination and drive? Playing to your strengths? Working hard? What makes you any different to Perry then…She has done the exact same thing but with her own goals, in her own way, with her own style and it resonates with people. You also said that Perry has compromised her integrity, how so? Even if she has, does it matter? Is it hurting anyone? It was her choice just like it was yours not to. Some could argue that you yourself have compromised your integrity and integrity of your entire profession with this article alone by not thoroughly researching facts (if you want to get so politically correct). Everyone has their entitlements to opinions and views on matters. However, where the source of contention lies is when people like yourself use columns/forums/newspapers/media etc etc as some sort of moral high ground to asperse others simply because their way of doing things is different to your own. The NFL have chosen her for a reason, she is popular. Case and point.

    • blacktygrrrr


      You ask a very simple question. Is she hurting anyone?

      Yes. She is. She is hurting society. Here is how.

      If she were vapid, that would be bad enough. However, she celebrates being vapid and encourages other young people to be vapid. An entire generation of millennials are growing up to be utter imbeciles because they take their cues from people like her.

      She struts around in an Obama dress and spouts off about supporting despite the fact that she through her attorneys went out of their way to avoid paying the very taxes she encouraged young people to support.

      She lives in a bubble and tells others how to live. That is as harmful as it gets.

      She should shut up and sing, and drop the social commentary.

      eric @ the Tygrrrr Express

  • adampeart

    The NFL is a whore doing tricks for their pimp advertisers. Katy Perry is a whore of the worst kind- a wannabe whore. Match made in heaven.

    • what a terrible thing to call someone you don’t even know. I’m sure your mother is very proud.

  • The extravaganza was bright and loud, the machines moved without incident, the synchronized mouthing was competent if not intelligible, Ms. Perry’s makeup didn’t fall off and the stage set didn’t destroy the field. So, a success. I guess.