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New Year’s resolutions for politicians and celebrities

Written By | Jan 1, 2011

In the spirit of the New Year and as the Common Sense Czar, I thought I’d offer some “common sense” resolutions for our political leaders.  Since these are just proposed New Year’s Resolutions, the “honored” individuals may not choose to adhere to them … any more than they might be expected to adhere to their political promises or commitments that could effect their popularity.  With that being said, I offer you the following “tweetable” resolutions:

Lady Gaga, President Barack Obama and Gov. Jerry Brown. (Photos: Associated Press)

Lady Gaga, President Barack Obama and Gov. Jerry Brown. (Photos: Associated Press)

President Obama: I resolve to take responsibility for my Presidency and not blame George W. Bush for anything!

Vice President Biden:  I resolve to choose my words carefully and think before I speak.

Nancy Pelosi:  I resolve to read bills before I vote on them … so I can know what’s in them.

John Boehner:  I resolve not to allow my face to show any emotion … and to do so without the assistance of Botox.

Harry Reid:  I resolve not to try to maneuver the Senate’s processes for my own political gain.

Mitch McConnell:  I resolve to try to move bills through the Senate as expeditiously as possible and in a non-partisan manner.

John McCain:  I resolve to maintain my youthful appearance by getting a darker spray tan this year.

Barney Frank:  I resolve to sell my home to an unqualified couple and personally finance them with zero-down, interest-free loan.

Charlie Rangel:  I resolve to build a huge legal defense fund as soon as I figure out the “ways and means” to avoid paying taxes on it.

Maxine Waters:  I resolve to serve as a character witness for Charlie Rangel … should he ever need one.

Barbara Boxer:  I resolve to actually do something during my new term other than writing another book and getting a loan from Countrywide.

Carly Fiorina:  I resolve to run against a less-competent opponent … if there is such a thing.

Jerry Brown:  I resolve to exercise independent judgment this time around and not pander to the unions.

Meg Whitman:  I resolve to give $150 million to California rather than waste it … and to hire an American housekeeper.

Eddie Bernice Johnson:  I resolve to promote scholarships among needy, minority students that aren’t related to me.

Timothy Geithner:  I resolve to break all my ties with Wall Street and pay my taxes on time.

Rahm Emanuel:  I resolve to return integrity to Chicago politics.

Hal Rogers:  I resolve to lead the charge against earmarks!

Janet Napolitano:  I resolve to protect the citizens of the United States by getting tough on illegal immigration and enforcing the law.

Alan Grayson:  I resolve to write a book about the importance of maintaining diplomacy and class in politics.

Hank Johnson:  I resolve to vacation on an island that can’t capsize.

Sarah Palin:  I resolve to be a stay-at-home mom like God wants me to be.

Newt Gingrich:  I resolve to follow George W. Bush’s lead and sit quietly on the sidelines.

President Carter:  I resolve to only offer advice and opinions on what I know best … peanut farming.

President Clinton:  I resolve to fade into the political background and concentrate on my role as a faithful and supportive husband.

President Bush (W):  I resolve to openly and aggressively blame everything on the Democratically-controlled 110th Congress.

President Karzai (Afghanistan):  I resolve to reject gifts from foreign governments.

President Ahmadinejad (Iran):  I resolve to convert to Judaism.

President Gaddafi (Libya):  I resolve to deliver a coherent speech to the U.N. in which I apologize to the United States for my arrogance.

President Zardari (Pakistan):  I resolve to remain steadfastly loyal to my ally, the United States of America.

President Kim il-sung (North Korea):  I resolve to bring stability and peace to the region.

Premier Wen Jiabao (China):  I resolve to encourage the U.S. to become more fiscally responsible and Taiwan to pursue more autonomy.

President Hugo Chavez (Venezuela):  I resolve to read the signed book that President Obama gave me and strive to emulate him.

President Medvedev (Russia):  I resolve to block ratification of the START Treaty because it’s just too one-sided in our favor.

George Soros:  I resolve to outspend Wall Street’s capitalist pigs who’re ruining our chance to become the United States Socialist Republic.

Glenn Beck:  I resolve not to mix religion with politics … in honor of the First Amendment and my commitment to the ACLU.

Rachel Maddow:  I resolve to report the nightly news in a straight and unbiased way unlike those fascist, homophobic pigs at Fox.

Bill O’Reilly:  I resolve not to interrupt my guests … because otherwise, I would be a Pinhead!

Keith Olbermann:  I resolve to “countdown” the minutes until I announce my endorsement of Sarah Palin … and donate to her campaign.

Dick Morris:  I resolve not to stare at Chris Matthews’ feet … even though they are really pretty.

Chris Matthews:  I resolve not to get a thrill up my leg when Dick Morris compliments me on my shoes.

Sean Hannity:  I resolve to stop throwing my Nerf football like a girl.

Alan Colmes:  I resolve to stop allowing Fox News to use me as its token Liberal just because the pay is good and MSNBC doesn’t want me.

Juan Williams:  I resolve to do charity work to raise donations for National Public Radio.

Lady Gaga:  I resolve not to use political issues to attract attention just for the sake of gaining millions of dollars of free publicity.

Celebrities (in general):  We resolve to get a degree and some real world experience before we act as if our political opinions matter.

Politicians with ghost-written books:  We resolve not to pretend that we’re authors even though we’re used to pretending that we’re leaders.

The Common Sense Czar:  I resolve to remain somber and serious rather than to view the world through a satirical lens.

Enjoy the New Year!


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