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The New McCarthyism: Waters, Pelosi, and Jerrold Nadler are full of Schiff

Written By | Mar 7, 2019

WASHINGTON, DC: With the collapse of the Russia hoax against Donald Trump and the coming anti-climactic Mueller report, which is widely telegraphed to be a dud, undaunted Democrats are using the committees of Congress to launch a series of smear campaigns against the President that would make Joe McCarthy blush.

It’s not enough that a cabal of Obama White House officials weaponized the intelligence agencies. Used the corrupt Kremlin disinformation in the Hillary Clinton/DNC funded Steele dossier to subvert the Justice system and conspire to illegally infiltrate, spy on, and launch investigations of the opposition candidate for President of the United States.

Andrew McCabe takes a treasonous path, confesses to coup d’etat plans on 60 Minutes

Its not enough that America has had two years of the Russia hoax

It is not enough that with Trump’s election,  this same cabal launched a rolling coup d’etat against the President. A coup that continues to this day via the Mueller investigation. A partisan inquisition led by his discredited henchman Andrew Weissman. Weissman, who was a custodian of the Steele dossier at the FBI as it was being used to lie to the FISA court. Who was personally briefed by Bruce Ohr? And who is still at the center of it all.

His presence in the Mueller investigation all this time has been more than a conflict of interest. Weissman is the insurance policy Peter Strzok and Lisa Page were talking about. Strzok and Page would still be part of the Mueller team if they hadn’t been outed by the DOJ Inspector General.  The obvious deep state conspiracy is readily apparent to everyone except their co-conspirators in the Trump hating media.

Brennan, Comey, and Mueller: Poisoning the political well for generations

It is not enough that two years of a hoax Russia investigation have done little more than poison the political well in America. The Mueller team have been acting like an East German Elliot Ness towards everyone around Trump while ignoring the criminality of the FBI, DOJ, Hillary Clinton, James Comey, John Brennan, and James Clapper.

Now the Mueller inquisition appears finally near its end with nothing to show but a series of process crimes against unfortunate Trump campaign associates. No evidence of collusion. In fact, exculpatory evidence, as stated in the famed “speaking indictments” of the Russian internet trolls. A brave indictment against those who will never see the inside of an American courtroom.

No involvement with Wikileaks and the publication of Hillary’s emails. No coordination with Wikileaks. Even though the leaks are vilified now, it should be noted that every word of the Wikileaks revelations are 100% true.

They were eagerly reported by the New York Times and WaPo, because they were news. People seem to forget that now. All Wikileaks did was reveal the truth. Isn’t that what real news organization are supposed to do?

Buzzfeed, NYT, WaPo escalate liberal McCarthyism against the President

Hillary gets $145 million from Russia, but Trump is the Russian agent?

But there was absolutely no evidence of collusion by Trump.  It was ludicrous from the beginning. Everyone knew it. They created it. It was all such a sham. Because the simple truth is, for much of its existence, the Trump campaign was only about 8 people, flying by the seat of their pants.  That’s the miracle of his campaign.

So Hillary gets $145 million from Russian interests for her foundation as a result of Uranium One and $2 million for speeches by Bill to Russian banks and Trump is the Russian agent? Hillary pays millions for Kremlin disinformation on Trump and Trump is the Russian agent?

Hillary and John Brennan and James Comey use that disinformation to spy on Trump and weaponize the intelligence agencies and the DOJ against Trump, and Trump is the Russian agent? It is ludicrous. How stupid do they think we are?

Persecution, McCarthyism, and Coup d’états

Trump is being persecuted, yes persecuted, because he had the temerity to win the election. Because he took an airplane and 8 staffers and beat the crap out of 17 establishment Republicans. Against all odds, he then beat Hillary Clinton, one of the most unlikable people on the planet. They have never forgiven him for that. They never will.

It would be amusing except that initiating and staging this rolling coup is a horrific usurpation of the constitution. A gross misuse of power. A denial of Trumps civil rights under color of authority. Sedition. Treason. Usurpation.

Lying to a Federal Court. Staging a coup d’etat with the collaboration of the FBI, the DOJ, and the intelligence community. Admitted to by Andrew McCabe. Revealed by the Strzok Page texts. Implicit in the Andrew Weissman persecution of all things Trump. They have shown they will stop at nothing, and that should scare all of us.

Mueller Circus: Michael Cohen will apparently plead guilty to anything

With Mueller a dead end, time to pivot

But now that the Mueller inquisition appears to be reaching a dead end, Democrats in Congress have pledged to take up the cudgel. After two years of attempting to derail Trumps Presidency with a ludicrous misinformation campaign around Russian collusion, Democrats will pivot to a full-scale barrage of investigations into everything Trump.

Repeating the lie about Russia, while making up new ones. And using Michael Cohen as their first-star witness. And we mean using like a Lanny Davis talking puppet. A man going to prison for lying to Congress, who then perjured himself no less than three times in this last public appearance before Congress. This whole Democrat Kabuki theatre is a sad, macabre, cynical McCarthyite joke.

After two years of saying that Mueller is the final word, when that word isn’t good enough, as appears to be the case, Democrats merely move the goalposts. Because it is not a search for the truth. It is an attempt to keep Trump from governing. Its an extension of the rolling coup d’etat.

Gerald Nadler casts a drift net for dirt

House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler has launched the opening salvo with requests for documents and records from 81 different Trump associates and entities to submit to a prolonged Congressional colonoscopy. This isn’t just a fishing expedition. This is a political drift net, a fleet of Fishing boats hauling a trawler net across the ocean floor, bottom feeding for dirt on Trump.

Like the Mueller inquisition the Nadler “investigation” is a smear campaign in search of a crime. The party that brought you the reprehensible smears of Brett Kavanaugh are back with more abandonment of due process. 31 of the requests are about Russian collusion. It never ends.

John Brennan: Conspiracy, Sedition, and the coming Grand Jury

Nadler as Joe McCarthy: Accuse without evidence, smear first/investigate later

Nadler makes wild accusations with no evidence and then launches a dragnet to try to sift through the lower intestine of every Trump associate in search of a crime. That’s not how things usually are supposed to work in America. East Germany maybe. Stalinist Russia perhaps. Or 1950s America.

In a cynical abuse of power Nadler and Pelosi,  Maxine Waters and Adam Schiff have been waging a campaign of overt abject McCarthyism. Their tactics could make Roy Cohn blush. Character assassination as a form of art.

Schiff and Nadler publicly denounce Trump with criminal accusations with no evidence. Constantly infer a connection to Russia when they know it is not true. Engage in open and constant character assassination. Complicit media outlets parrot their accusations. It’s the very definition of McCarthyism.

America pays the price for Democrat nihilism

Now eight-one Trump associates face legal and financial ruin as Nadler pledges to continue the sham investigations against a sitting president.  Moreover, perpetuate the rolling coup that started the minute Trump was elected. Joseph DiGenova has advice for Nadler’s targets. Don’t cooperate. Don’t comply. And if called to testify, plead the fifth.

The entire exercise is an attempt to embarrass and hamstring the President. It is not enough that they have managed to squander the time and money of the American people for two years with the Russia probe. It is not enough that the whole charade is a shameless abuse of power. An unconstitutional putsch by a rogue police state.

Now they want to run out the clock. Keep the fundraising going. Keep repeating the big lie. Shamelessly. Do anything and everything to destroy Donald Trump and those around him.  It’s a personal vendetta. Devoid of reason. Wrapped in vengeance.

Andrew McCabe Grand Jury looking at FISA abuse

Kremlin disinformation dossier, FISA lies, and a rolling coup d’etat

From the phony Russian dossier to the FISA Abuse to the rolling coup d’etat,  Pelosi and Nadler and Schiff, and Mueller and Weissman and Comey and Clapper and Brennan, have done more harm to American democracy than the Russians could do in 100 years. They have made a sham of our democracy and our institutions of justice.

Now that Trump is about to be exonerated in the Russian witch hunt, Democrats think everything else is fair game. All accusations can be made. There are no standards. No lie is too outrageous. Certainly not for Adam Schiff. The new Joe McCarthy.

Adam Schiff tied to Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS

Chairman Adam Schiff, who met with Glenn Simpson from Fusion GPS last summer in Aspen and failed to disclose it. Who “coordinated” testimony with Michael Cohen thru Lanny Davis. Schiff was caught on tape colluding with Ukrainian hoaxers for dirt on Trump.   Who fought tooth and nail to conceal the FISA abuse.

Schiff asked Glenn Simpson after Congressional testimony to provide a roadmap to the committee. So the man who created the Russian dossier and fed it to the FBI and started the whole Russia hoax is meeting with Schiff, and being asked to guide the committee’s investigations.

Clinton Crony Lanny Davis should be Disbarred

Schiff implicates himself in the putsch

First the entire series of events, from Brennan infiltrating the Trump campaign and spreading the dossier around Washington to Schiff conspiring with Fusion GPS and Glenn Simpson, is a conspiracy to overthrow the government, to destroy Trump. To undermine the will of the American people.

A conspiracy in which Schiff is now an active and central player.

Secondly its a deplorable lack of ethics and character. Schiff has consistently leaked classified information, vilified Trump and Republicans, and smeared people constantly without evidence. Its a standard tactic. Ask any victim of the House Un-American Activities Committee in the 1950s’. Welcome to East Germany.

A New McCarthyism on full display

Adam Schiff is modern day Joe McCarthy. What he and Nadler and Maxine Watters and Nancy Pelosi are doing is a modern-day New McCarthyism. Where smears and character assassination regardless of facts or truth are the order of the day. After two years of calling Trump a traitor, now he’s a Mafia crime boss. Except none of it is true.

What they are doing is despicable. Trump is a dedicated American who risks his life and fortune to save this country. He is an American patriot who is being punished for winning the Presidency. It is that simple.

It was all a set up from the very beginning. The infiltration. The Steele Dossier. The FISA warrants. The Insurance policy of Peter Strazok. The Mueller inquisition. Now the Nadler, Waters, Schiff, Pelosi McCarthyite witch hunt.

Trump won the Presidency by the seat of his pants. It was unheard of. He didn’t need the Russians. Trump had the American people. The President had a vision for his country that people connected with. He worked his butt off. Trump campaigned in Michigan. He was the better candidate.

Coup plot leader Barack Obama just won’t go away

Fusion GPS seems to be everywhere

Somehow Fusion GPS and Glenn Simpson keeps popping up throughout this sorry episode. From creating the dossier, to setting up the Trump Tower meeting with Don Jr, to briefing Adam Schiff at Aspen last summer.

Fusion GPS, who helped Hillary Clinton and John Brennan create this unconstitutional putsch to begin with. The constant factor in a warped conspiracy, for which those who are now clearly implicated must be held accountable.

Next week a Federal Judge will unseal Fusion GPS British spy Christopher Steele’s deposition in which he lays out the chain of custody by which the fake Russian dossier was disseminated to the highest levels of the Obama ODJ, FBI, White House and State Department.

Time for a Grand Jury to investigate the coup plotters

The real investigation, in front of a grand jury, should be of those who created and spread the dossier throughout the upper echelons of government. Of those who used the fake Russian dossier to lie to the FISA court to spy on Trump. Those who launched a series of counter intelligence and criminal investigations of Trump with no evidence.

Next week’s revelations will illuminate what is really happening . Whether anyone is held accountable is still in question. Honestly, the future of the Republic as an institution worthy of the public trust hangs in the balance.

Trump’s new Pax Americana: Decimating our adversaries around the globe

Paying the price for slander and McCarthyism

Those who perpetuate McCarthyite lies and slander must pay a price. Nadler and Schiff and Watters and Pelosi, at long lost, have shown they have no decency. They only care about the most abusive of Stassi, East German Stalinist smear tactics. They are unwilling to hold anyone accountable for the crimes against the President that they are now complicit with.

The media is their willing allies. MSNBC and CNN are completely unwatchable, so thick is their Trump hate speech. It is incessant. Never ending. The unholy alliance of the hate-Trump media and the Democrat party is a blight on the fourth estate that  they will never recover from.

A reckoning is coming

The next two years will be a national calamity of smears and attacks on a President who has yet to be accorded the legitimacy of those he defeated. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s White House are at the root of it.

With tentacles reaching from John Brennan to John Kerry to James Comey to James Clapper, from Peter Strzok to Andrew Weissman, there must a reckoning with the truth. The coup plotters must be exposed and brought to justice.

But the ongoing and never ending Democrat and media smears seem to have a perpetual life. As long as Democrats embace the tactics of Joe McCarthy, they will ultimately reap the scorn of decent citizens of the Republic.

They deserve our disgust and rebuke. The perpetrators of the rolling coup deserve the intensive scrutiny of Attorney General Barr, a Grand Jury, the DOJ Inspector General, and the full retribution of the American public.

At long last, Trump should be allowed to govern. At long last, the will of the American people in the last election must be respected. Democrats have shown repeatedly they are willing to stoop to any level to prevent that.

It’s McCarthyism. Plain and simple. A vicious stain on our constitution and American democracy. It needs to stop.

L.J. Keith

LJ Keith is a non-partisan commentator taking aim at all aspects of governmental domestic and foreign policy and the American socio-political landscape with an eye toward examining the functional realities of the modern age, how they can be understood, and what context to view the changing face of life in America and its place in the world at large.