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The new Democrat Party: Socialist, Anti-Semitic, Jew-hating baby killers

Written By | Mar 10, 2019

WASHINGTON:  Democrats in Congress cannot even bring themselves to condemn a blatant and continual stream of anti-Semitism from freshman representative, the new voice of the Democrat left, Ilhan Omar. Not only do her despicable comments go unrebuked in the anti-hate resolution, but she also shows no remorse for them. Then continues to make additional comments defending her remarks.

The point was to condemn anti- Semitic remarks

The resolution eventually cobbled together by Democrat leadership neither calls Rep. Omar out by name, or addresses the scourge of anti-Semitism specifically. It muddles the issue of her offenses by broadening its scope to include all bad things ever thought of. All hate. All discrimination.

The Democrat Party believes all bad things are bad.

Except the point was to specifically denounce the wildly offensive stereotypical Anti-Semitic comments that keep emanating from Rep. Omar’s mouth and twitter feed. They couldn’t bring themselves to do that.

Really? Do I need an interpreter?

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A spineless  resolution worthy of the United Nations

Instead, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat Leadership fumbled over themselves to broaden the resolution like they were the Syrian representative on the UN Human Rights Commission. But let us be clear.

Rep. Omar didn’t say anything offensive directed towards blacks or Muslims. She has repeatedly said, for years, that:

  • Jews have an inordinate control of our national affairs.
  • That Jewish money and AIPAC run Washington.
  • That American Jews, including members of Congress, have a dual loyalty to Israel that transcends their loyalty to the United States.

That is what the resolution was supposed to condemn.

A stream of offensive explicitly anti-Semitic anti-Jewish tropes. Instead, the spineless Democrat leadership condemns all hate. Well sure. We all condemn all hate.

What about the Democrats Ilhan Omar problem?

But what about the racist, inciteful, despicable, repeated outrageous insults of American Jews from Rep Omar. I guess that’s OK. That doesn’t need to be addressed directly.  Because she sure hasn’t stopped spewing her constant barrage of uninformed anti-Semitic garbage.

She seems to continually double down every time she “explains” herself.

The new Democrat Party: Defending the indefensible

Worse still, Democrat Presidential candidates have been lining up to defend her. Defend her, instead of condemning her incredibly outrageous racist comments. The anti-Jewish canards she spews that are prominent throughout the Arab world. Leading Democrat Presidential hopefuls, Kirstin Gillibrand, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, and Bernie Sanders all came to Omar’s defense.

But this is the modern new Democrat Party. The signal they send is a tolerance for anti-Semitism. They won’t single it out. It is an unacceptable mainstreaming of the Ilhan Omar viewpoint.

An embrace of Jew hatred in the American body politic. This is socially unimaginable and morally unforgivable.

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The historical legacy of the State of Israel

The murder of 7 million Jews in Hitler’s ovens and the horrors of the Holocaust are the genesis of the State of Israel. Israel is the only Democracy in the Middle East and an economic powerhouse. It has been a strong  American ally since its birth.

There are only 15 million Jews on the planet, today. In a world of 1 billion Christians, 1 billion Muslims, and 1 billion Hindus, there are under 15 million Jews in the world (Jewish Population of the World (1882 – Present).

Take a moment. Let that sink in. It has taken nearly 75 years for the Jewish Population to recover from Hitler’s Final Solution.

Never Again Forgotten

In the aftermath of World War II the American government and the Jewish people swore “Never Again.”  For 70 years there has been a bi-partisan consensus in support of the State of Israel. Never again would the scourge of historical anti-Semitism threaten the Jewish people. Apparently, the new Democrat Party believes, “Never Again….well, maybe…maybe not… that was along time ago.”

Democrats following the British Labour Party and the UN

The watered-down embarrassment of a resolution Pelosi and the House Democrats did pass is meaningless. And in many ways very similar in motive to the UN denunciation of Israel. It is also very similar to the problems of the British Labour Party and Jeremy Corbin and their history of anti-Semitic remarks.

It is what the Democrat Party has become. Part of the cabal of anti-Semitic, Anti Israel and Anti-Jewish entities opposing the historical truth and well being of the State of Israel. It’s part of the attitude that made Barrack Obama tilt toward Iran.

It lies at the heart of a worldwide attempt to delegitimize the Jewish state. The only stable country and Democracy in the Middle East. Our most important ally in the region.

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Democrats never call out their own

The American people see what is going on here. It disgusts them. The lack of spine on Pelosi’s part is reprehensible. But Hypocrisy is the staple of the new Democrat Party. So Pelosi embraces and excuses the wicked impulses of Rep. Omar and her Palestinian cohort Rep. Rashida Tlaib. The Democrat Party  allows their outrages to go unchallenged by not addressing them directly.

What must Jewish voters or the citizens of Israel be thinking? Rep. Omar is calling it a victory. For her!

But Democrats never call out their own, and never do anything about it.

They will viciously attack any Republican, for any reason, and demand a political death penalty for any offense. But they will never denounce a moral evil in their own midst.

In Virginia: The Choice between the racists or the rapist?

Look at the entire Democrat leadership of the State of Virginia. Governor Northam is surviving an unsurvivable racist blackface scandal.  Lt Governor Justice Fairfax has been credibly accused of sexual assault. While the immediate reaction from Washington was to denounce both Virginia politicians, that quickly changed.  The moment Democrats realized the “next in line” was a Republican.  Both men are still in their offices, and Republican leadership remains mute.

I can see their dilemma. It is a hard choice to choose between a racist and a rapist. But what about 2020 and the horrified citizens of Virginia.  Will any Presidential candidates campaign with Ralph Northam, or even bother to come to Virginia and avoid the matter altogether?

Will Virginia turn Red again because when it comes to their own politicians, Democrats will never accept responsibility for their actions?

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The horror of Infanticide and late-term abortion

But worse than Governor Northam’s blackface scandal, and his bewildering press conference and deceptions about the matter, were his preceding comments about abortion the week before.  Where he calmly discussed and endorsed infanticide for aborted babies who are born alive. Northam’s outrageous comments on abortion are apparently what triggered the exposure of the blackface photos. (Nurse who held baby born alive after abortion: Virginia governor described ‘exactly what happens’)

But Democrats now have no problem with abortion up to and including the last moment of gestation and beyond. Accidentally born alive. Sorry Charlie. No rights on this side of the womb. The recent “abortion until birth” law in New York was not only embraced, but celebrated.

Late term abortion and infanticide is now widely defended by Democrat Presidential candidates.

Late-Term Abortion: Killing babies in New York City

Those who tolerate the reality of abortion up to the 4th month are outraged at the expansion of moral ambiguity about abortion into outright baby killing and infanticide. Most people don’t think its right to kill a baby after the 5th month. If we really want to follow science we wouldn’t be aborting children after the 3rd month, if at all.

Let’s be real, however you justify it. Abortion is killing a baby. Any abortion is bad enough. But killing a healthy baby beyond the fifth month of pregnancy is simply reprehensible. A moral outrage.

In New York today more black babies are aborted than are born alive. Consider that for a moment. The most dangerous place for a black child in New York is in the womb. Literally! This is race genocide in disguise. (Alveda King: ‘The Most Dangerous Place for An African American Is in the Womb’)

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The Democrat Party: A distorted moral compass

Its this overt radical embrace of extreme concepts that allow no room for dissent on reasonable grounds that shakes the core of decency for the new Democrat Party. They have no moral compass when an issue contradicts their agenda. They refuse to condemn explicit anti-Semitism, embrace abortion without restriction, and now are espousing open Socialism on an unprecedented scale, without regard for the realities of existence.

The new Democrat Party is relentlessly veering to the left, and at this rate will be taking the party over the cliff. Democrat Presidential candidates reflexively embrace the Socialist future of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders with no principled vision or expectation that their proposals make sense. That their pie-in-the-sky caan be accomplished. That it would lead to anything but an economic disaster.

Veering left, alienating voters for 2020

So embrace the Green New Deal, Medicare for All. Call for unrestrained abortion and killing babies born alive. Demand open borders, an end to ICE, and endless sanctuary cities. Provide cover for the most extreme elements of your party. Refuse to denounce anti-Semitism. Embrace those who espouse hatred of Jews. This is the face of the new Democrat Party going into the 2020 election.

Never mind what Jewish voters will think. Thats bad enough. Its what will the American people think of this spectacle? Most Americans are sure to be wildly offended. What will voters in Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Pennsylvania think? Like most Americans, they won’t even recognize what the Democrat Party has become.

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Saving America from the ravages of the Democrat Party

America will never embrace the Socialist, anti-Semitic, Jew-hating baby killers of the new Democrat Party. They will be repulsed by them. So I don’t understand how Pelosi and the Democrats can possibly think that their recent actions will work to their advantage.

The pathetic House “Resolution” underscores Pelosi’s withering influence over her own party and caucus. Between Ilhan Omar, AOC, and the clown show of Presidential candidates elbowing their way to the far left. Democrats are flirting with the disaster of constant internal turmoil, ongoing embarrassment, a discredited image among voters, and a devastating defeat at the polls in 2020.


L.J. Keith

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