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Nancy Pelosi continues her temper tantrum, the President fights back

Written By | Feb 6, 2020

WASHINGTON, DC: Nancy Pelosi is growing more demented with each additional outburst of thinly disguised unhinged rage against  President Trump. Her speakership is lamenting that the President used the National Prayer Breakfast to speak out against Democrats and their invocation of God as justification for their actions against the President.  President Donald J. Trump is not having any of it.

President Trump sets the record straight

The Presidential Offense began this morning at the National Prayer Breakfast also attended by Pelosi

In her weekly press conference, Pelosi continues saying she is praying “hard for him” because he is so off the track of our Constitution and our country. Somehow she and Mitt Romney save the Almighty for their most cynically dishonest fulminations.

Nancy Pelosi: Demented or dementia

Then she says the “President looked a little bit sedated, as he did last year.”  Nancy, the queen of Vodka and bad fitting dentures,  should know. It would be curious to see whats in her medicine cabinet. Zoloft?  Klonopin? Xanax? Her irresponsible opinion only, of course. No one, other than Democrats, have ever factually accused the President of drinking and doing drugs.  Because he does not.  Ever. I take his word on this one.

Speaker Pelosi goes on a tear at Trump’s State of the Union

Though if one man ever deserved a calming three-finger pour of Maker’s Mark bourbon, it is President Donald J. Trump. 

Donating his fourth-quarter salary to the opioid epidemic: (First lady Melania Trump loudly booed at opioid event on same day that President Trump donates salary to drug-fighting efforts)

Pelosi: Twitching and lying at the same time

They are the ones sanctimoniously carrying their faith on their sleeve for all to see.  A faith that they do not honor with their actions:

    • Attacking Jews and Israel, while supporting Congresswomen like Tlaib, Pressley and Ocasio-Ortez who all want to see the elimination of the Jewish State of Israel.
    • Supporting abortion up to and after the birth of a viable child. (Virginia late-term abortion bill labelled ‘infanticide‘)

Not a state of the union, but a state of mind…

Justifying her actions in tearing up the House copy of the State of the Union address, Pelosi complains that he honored Rush Limbaugh, saying he should have honored John Lewis, a Civil Rights leader, and Democrat stalwart.  That the Republicans cheering “Four More Years” and “USA” turned the SOTU into a reality show. Another attempted glass shard attack at the President and his show The Apprentice?

Demented Nancy: Ripping up her tattered legacy

She encouraged squad members to visit Israel under the false assumption that Tlaib wanted to visit her grandmother in Palestine, when the visit was a media stump to speak out against Israel and foment media circuses to continue their desire to BDS Israel (Why Israel has banned two US congresswomen, explained)

Pelosi’s Wack Pack Pen Party: Democrat’s Impeachment assault on America

Her excuse for ripping the document up, which is against the law, is that the President shredded the truth in this address. However, technically, it is illegal to destroy any government document because that copy of the State of the Union address belongs not to Pelosi, or the House, but to the people…that would be you and I.

He shredded the constitution, she said histrionically.  The speech was “a manifesto of mistruth” and deserved to be shredded, i.e., thrown in the trash.  But like most things Pelosi does, this was just another stunt proven by the images of the pre-ripped speech waiting for her viciously inappropriate, seemingly bi-polar temper tantrum.

Nancy Pelosi: Unable to truthfully describe reality

The sad demented Queen Nancy says  she is willing to work with the President. That it is up to him.  There is an old saying, Shame on you the first time, shame on me the second.  The adage meaning if the snake bites you when you stick your hand in the cave, shame on the snake.  But if you do it again, and get bit again, shame on you.

Another appropriate adage is that doing the same thing over and over in the exact same way is the definition of insanity. Pelosi has demonstrated all the sincerity of a pathological personality unable to recognize decency, honesty, or reality.

Pelosi: Portrait of the unhinged

And yet, there she sanctimoniously stands at her weekly press briefing. Not extending an olive branch. Or saying “President Trump, I understand you feel that you have been attacked, but let’s go forward from her.”  Instead she spews vicious garbage like a yapping Chihuahua (Why Is My Chihuahua Aggressive?), lashing out due to improper socialization.

Went after his family, after him and after the people who dared to vote for him


The Truth: Trump has dared to be a great President

He dared to promote Freedom of Religious Speech, particularly on College Campuses that receive Federal Funding.

Trump dared to enact Prison Reform allowing people a second chance to join society. Such Paul Morrow, a U.S. Army veteran, who now owns a successful government contracting business called SDAC.

The DNC and Hillary Clinton not only paid for the Russian documents. Knowing that the dossier was at best false, and at worse a coup d’etat attempt of the Presidency.

They attacked his family. Who all serve the country without pay Particularly Ivanka and Jared Kushner. Both of who practice the Jewish faith. Yet somehow Trump is an anti-Semitic White supremacist.

The final curtain for Pelosi and lying Adam Schiff

Adam Schiff made up a statement in regard to the Ukraine impeachment hearing. Lying to America, and the House with his made-up phone call — which is nothing more than what Schiff wanted the President to have said.

After three years of the Russia Hoax, Crossfire Hurricane, illegal FISA warrants, the Mueller Weissman Inquisition and now the Pelosi Schiff Impeachment Farce, both Pelosi and Schiff continue their campaign of dishonest McCarthyism. It is completely unhinged. The rhetoric is dangerous. Their actions have done more harm to our country than the Russians could ever do in 100 years. It is despicable. They don’t care.

If Nancy Pelosi isn’t bi-polar then she is clearly exhibiting signs of deteriorating mental illness. The fate of the Republic has been thoroughly transgressed for 6 months while this latest stage of the coup against Donald Trump played out.  Every aspect of decency and due process has been abrogated in the name of destroying this President. The voters will finally have their say in November.

That will be the end of Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff. And not soon enough.

Jacquie Kubin

Jacquie Kubin

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