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Nancy Pelosi channels Marie Antoinette: Let them eat Ice Cream

Written By | Apr 16, 2020

SAN FRANCISCO, CA:  Nancy Pelosi has her stiletto boot on the throat of the American economy, cutting off supplemental funding for the SBA Payroll Protection program. All while showing off her custom refrigerator filled with her private collection of dozens of gourmet ice cream. This is Marie Antoinette at her finest. Let them eat Ice Cream!

Hundreds of millions of Americans are in lockdown as the economy crashes. Pelosi refuses to reconvene Congress until May 4th. The SBA funds have gone dry. Just like the original relief package, she is holding the American people hostage.

All while Pelosi pursues a radical agenda wholly disconnected to COVID-19 or the needs of an America in collapse.

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Nancy Pelosi and Marie Antoinette

But Nancy Pelosi doesn’t care. She has flown home to Pacific Heights on her private government jet. She is showing off her luxury refrigerator on James Corden while Americans are in shambles. Let them eat cake. She might as well be saying. But Marie Antoinette. The Peasants have no bread. They are starving.

“Let them eat cake”, Marie Antoinette said then. “Let them eat ice cream,” says Nancy Pelosi now.

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America is burning while Pelosi eats ice cream

If Nancy Pelosi had her way the economy would stay shut down until November 4th. That is their objective. Cripple America in order to get rid of Trump. Never let a crisis go to waste (Saul Alinsky says). The economy be damned.

In the midst of an economic collapse, Nancy Pelosi has put the livelihoods of tens of millions of American’s in jeopardy. The SBA supplemental should have been passed last week. Just as the original package was held up for more than a week by Queen Nancy’s intervention. All in their maniacal quest to steal votes via Ballot Harvesting. Eliminate voter ID. To get Kennedy Center funds, even though they laid off their orchestra anyway.

America is burning, and Nancy Pelosi sees that as an opportunity for leverage.

But while Nancy Pelosi was impeaching Donald Trump in January, COVID-19 was spreading. When Trump closed travel to China on January 31st, she called it racist and xenophobic. She threw a tantrum on national television a week later and tore up the President”s State of the Union Address.

Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi tears up President Trump’s State of the Union Address. ABC screen capture.


Pelosi was urging people to party in Chinatown at the end of February.

She has consistently denigrated our President, undermined our democracy,  and divided our society in a time of national crisis.

Democrats will reap the whirlwind, to their lasting shame

But Nancy Pelosi cares only about herself. And destroying Donald Trump. If she has to take the American economy down with it, well so be it. She almost seems pleased by the catastrophe and its suffering. But Queen Nancy, the country is in flames. The people are starving for help.

If they are hungry, let them eat ice cream, says Nancy.

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat establishment should be careful. They are certain to reap the whirlwind of their vicious obliviousness to the suffering of their country. Just like Marie Antoinette.

Let them eat ice cream, Nancy?  Really?  This won’t be forgotten. See you in November.

Rick Johnson