Murrieta’s illegal immigration revolt moves to Riverside

Patrice Lynes/with permission

CALIFORNIA, August 29, 2014 — The shock waves from the Murrieta Illegal Immigration Rebellion are continuing to reverberate nationally and closer to home. Apparently the City of Riverside was pressured by open borders advocates to draft a resolution declaring Riverside an illegal immigrant friendly zone and sanctuary city. The proposed resolution under consideration read:

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That was what was supposed to happen and what was expected to happen, but oddly enough, residents of Riverside, Riverside County and surrounding communities in Southern California caught wind of the city’s plans and lo and behold, showed up at the council meeting to beg to differ. Local paper, the Press Enterprise described the event:

“At a tense, hours-long meeting that brought at least five police vehicles to Riverside City Hall, Riverside City Council members on Tuesday night rejected a resolution that would have affirmed the city as a place that treats everyone fairly and supports humanitarian assistance for recent immigrants.”

It’s apparent that the writer, Alicia Robinson, decided to editorialize a bit with the summary of the event. As you can see, the resolution submitted to the city by LULAC and “Justice For Immigrants” and sponsored by Councilmember Andy Melendrez, does not contain the language “affirmed the city as a place that treats everyone fairly”. It does however, conflate illegal migrants with legal immigrants.

The city doesn’t need to re-affirm it’s responsibility to treat citizens fairly – it is obligated to do so under law. What it is not obligated to do is provide assistance in shielding persons living in this country illegally from immigration enforcement, even if the President of the United States is already doing so in contradiction of his oath of office.

In fact, the Mayor and a couple of the city council members in attendance, notwithstanding Councilmember Melendrez, pointed out that Riverside does not have proper standing to propose policies that are legitimately matters within the jurisdiction of the Federal government. “I believe this is outside the scope and authority of the city of Riverside,” said Councilman Steve Adams prior to recommending rejection of the resolution.

Melendrez went on a long drone about the history of Riverside, civil rights, sister cities and the various immigrant communities, but never addressed the social, economic and health crisis of unabated illegal immigration.

What precipitated this resolution and the council meeting held on August 26, was the still simmering anger over protesters in Murrieta having blocked the Federal government from processing illegals from Central America and releasing them in Riverside County. This added to the frustration that Congress has not (yet) knuckled under to the persistent call for amnesty for 15 million plus illegals.

Organizers of the Murrieta protests, such as Ms. Patrice Lynes, Retired Nurse and newly declared candidate for the neighboring Temecula City Council, were in attendance to defend against charges of bigotry and hate leveled at Murrieta citizens who opposed processing at the local Border Patrol facility.

The Council permitted a couple dozen individuals to present their arguments in favor or against the resolution. Notable were some of the typical advocates of favoritism towards only the segment of migrants entering illegally and only those representing the ethnic category of Hispanic. Included among them were white liberals trotting out the worm eaten cliches of the Left, including “social justice”, “diversity”, “inclusiveness”, “compassion” and in keeping with the open borders narrative that has developed in this controversy, “children”, “women and children” and “families”.

Perhaps more notable, were the many speakers addressing the council, who themselves are Americans of Hispanic heritage, looking at the bigger picture of how unsustainable this border surge is, especially in light of the fact that many of the “children” (drug cartel members, MS-13 gang members) have criminal records both in their home country and have already committed thousands of serious crimes in ours.

Also noted, was the predominance of social welfare recipients within the ‘undocumented’ community, contradicting the false narrative that more illegal immigration would be an economic boon to Riverside County and by extension, the United States.

None of the proponents of the resolution dared to mention that $58 billion dollars leaves this economy due to remittances back to South of our border. No wonder the border crossers can afford to pay drug cartel coyotes up to $6,000 each, to expose them to murder, rape, starvation and dehydration on their hazardous trek North. Conveniently absent from the pleadings of the open borders “inclusive” proponents is the billions stolen through fraudulent “earned income tax credit” filings and the refunds illicitly obtained.

One of the speakers, Ms. Kate Valdez – again an American of Hispanic ethnicity, made the point that America is accumulating debt exponentially, due to the invasion of illiterate, impoverished, and unskilled migrants. She detailed that the cost of sustaining illegals just in California, which has an inordinate number of the illegal population, is $2,724 per household. Debt that will have to be paid for with more borrowing made possible by other nations underwriting our staggering debt, including China, a menacing superpower.

Other individuals pointed out that we aren’t even making it a priority to assist our own citizens living in slums, exposed to crime, homeless, unemployed and veterans in desperate need of medical attention. One gentleman asked the council members to consider the fact that the city and county medical facilities are teetering constantly on financial insolvency and that large numbers of illegals with an unknown array of serious communicable diseases could cause the system to collapse. And in fact, California with over three million illegals paid $79 million in unfunded mandates, and four major LA hospitals bankrupted and shut their doors in 2004.

The reality that California and the rest of the nation cannot continue on the same path, without becoming what these refugees fled from, is slowly and gradually sinking in with voters and taxpayers. We’re headed for the cliff.  Hopefully we’ll hit the brakes on open borders before we go over.


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  • Benjamin Wood

    Well most of this “report” is laughable, but I thought I would point out a fairly important piece of the story that the author strategically neglected: That night one of the racists who claims to have blocked buses in Murrieta assaulted one of the pro-migrant advocates. Just another example of how violent ideologies eventually manifest in physical violence!

    • Kenneth Dreger

      Sir- Can you please tell all of us how in your opinion that those who opposed the Murrieta event were RACIST and how they assaulted anyone? From what I have read and from friends of mine who were actually there and saw everything firsthand it was the OPEN Border people who were causing all the unrest! BTW, why do you bring up race here? Race has zero to do with Illegal Immigration. I think if you check the police records from that period of time you may find that your information source is wrong……Respectfully…

    • RGZ_50

      nice try, Benjamin. But I know the reason why you don’t mention that “one of the pro-migrant activists” in this situation is the one and only …Benjamin Wood!

      an attendee from Pomona was antagonized by a pro-illegal alien activist from her home town of Pomona, Benjamin Wood, after the meeting ended. He followed her outside as he filmed her. She eventually swatted at his camera with her notebook.

      Benjamin Wood demanded that police officers arrest her. Officers met with her, for more than 30 minutes, and eventually only issued a citation. She was not arrested. There will be a court appearance on October 22, 2014, and all who would like to attend to support her can join her that day in court.

      The officer stated that the case will no doubt be “thrown out” by the judge.

      • Benjamin Wood

        Well I think your version of events is a little skewed, which is why I’m glad it’s on video. Yes, I was the one she hit. Hitting is not an appropriate way for adults to settle their disputes. I do expect law enforcement not to selectively enforce the law and to hold people who commit assault–especially in plain view of them–accountable. I never demanded her arrest although my friends certainly did! I just asked that she be held accountable. I am, however, quite interested in this claim that an officer told her that the case would undoubtedly be thrown out! Which officer said that? Thanks!

        • Guest

          Visual: young male vs 75 year old woman…

          • Benjamin Wood

            Well, I wasn’t going to go there, but she probably weighs three times what I do. And I think she is taller, too.

          • PostTosties

            Is grandma as big as Godzilla Bengi? OH MY!

          • LKou

            LOL… Bengi picked on the old lady because she was fat and tall. Age has nothing to do with it.

          • PostTosties

            Hahahahahaha So Benji harassed an elderly lady? Hahahahah!
            No wonder he picked on her! She was harmless.

        • disqus_Ls1ucoLATl

          the facts are what they are Benji…there were witnesses….

      • PostTosties

        Oh so Bengi harassed someone? How sad.

    • Ruth Tolman

      Benjamin please tell the world how old your attacker is – a 74 year old senior citizen swatted Benjamin’s camera because he had been pestering her taking her photo. Benjamin got in the senior citizen’s face with his camera. Have you ever seen a grandma scold a grandson?

      • Benjamin Wood

        I don’t know how old she is because I don’t really care that much, but I do know she is elderly, which is why I told the officers I didn’t think she needed to be jailed. Yes, I was taking pictures and filming. That is my right. However, she is the one who charged me and started hitting me. Swell way to treat another human being. And I’m not sure why my reply to Kenneth Dreger below is not being posted! Perhaps because I provide documentation and references for my statements? Do the editors and administrators of this site have something to hide?

        • RGZ_50

          she hit you, did she. So, you have a black eye now? If I were you, I’d ask for the charges to be dropped. You’re going to look silly with this in a court hearing. Send us the pics of the black eye or the cast on your arm 🙂

          • Benjamin Wood

            OK, let me put it this way: If a pro-immigration protester came up to you at an event and hit you would you press charges?

          • RGZ_50

            if she was elderly and weighed less than 90 lbs soaking wet and swatted at my camera because I was crossing the line from free speech into that of a stalker – no. I’d be embarrassed. I’d stop doing the offending stalking and I’d apologize to her and agree to respect her personal space. I certainly wouldn’t press charges and make myself look like a d%%chebag in court.

          • PostTosties

            It’s usually the pro-illegal party that is the aggressor. Or don’t you recall
            a few being arrested in Murietta?

          • the American

            You mean pro nation destroying illegal alien supporter, there is a distinction, learn it.

          • Tressy Capps

            Even in this photo you need to pull up your pants and act like a man. What you pulled the other night will not stand. You should be ashamed of yourself.

      • the American

        He wanted to post her pictures in the illegal alien welfare ghetto to fan the flames of hate for Americans.

    • PostTosties

      Why do you assume people who dislike our immigration laws broken and taken advantage of are RACISTS? Are Americans also racists for insisting that our other laws be observed? Benjamin People like you are thoroughly DISGUSTING!

    • Dan Berghamer

      Ben – What about the racists that desecrated the American flags in Murrieta? Those were the only American flags that were seen on the pro-illegal side. Otherwise, there were nothing but Mexican flags. Speaking of ideologies, these illegals aren’t coming to America because they want to be Americans. They want to take advantage of 237 years of working American citizen’s efforts to create what we have today. The Mexican activists are truly the racists amongst us. Maybe that’s why you collude with them?

  • Robin Hvidston

    Excellent coverage of the city council meeting. As pointed out, U.S. citizens are in dire need of assistance! Every time I eat out near the Mission, I am approached by the American homeless begging for sustenance. Well said – the city council members stated this was a federal issue not a City of Riverside issue.

    • the American

      Thanks Robin for all you do, you are making a difference.

    • donatella pausini

      Robin, Aren’t you related to a member of or founder of We The People Rising, former to minuteman with links to white supremacist?

  • dms

    As always these generous kind hearted individuals did not step forward to volunteer their homes and families to take the “children of MS13” in. You never see personal responsibility in these kinds of situations, always the cry is “get my neighbors to pay for my charity”.

  • Dan Berghamer

    Up until 2 years ago, I lived in the Andy Melendrez ward (92507). About 4 years ago, we held a neighborhood meeting. He is the definition of politician spin-master. He never answered a question directly, but rather went off on some unrelated point. Sometimes he offered to look into an issue, and get back to us. Never happened. He is the not doing much good for Riverside, and I would love to see someone run him out of office. Whatever his efforts, they are truly self serving.

    • RGZ_50

      Dan, is that a Doxie in the avatar? What a cute critter! My mom always had Dachshunds when I was growing up.

      • Dan Berghamer

        Yep. That’s my boy “Harley”. They are one of the most fun and sweetest dogs I have ever had.

        • RGZ_50

          they really are. Lots of personality in a small package. Sharp teeth and strong jaws, too.

  • S. Zamparippa

    Many who spoke up against ILLEGAL invasion were not Caucasian so calling us “racist” is idiotic. Andy Melendrez – will you take down your door at home and let us invade your home?

    • LKou

      A free for all.

    • donatella pausini

      We The People Rising group was founded by former minuteman with ties with white supremacist. Hello!

  • American Patriot

    Thank you fellow patriots for standing up to this seemingly endless tide of ILLEGAL immigration at our southern border. Riverside residents and surrounding communities have a long legacy of standing together to defeat these open border activists who want nothing more than to dilute and weaken our great nation. You are following in the footsteps of great Americans from the riverside area, like Jeff Hall (R.I.P.).

    Keep up the great work, we are on your side!
    14 88

    • Benjamin Wood

      OK, so my comments, which, even if you disagree with them, are at least coherent, researched, and cited, are censored from this site (so much for belief in Constitutional rights, huh?), while the comments of these Nazis are allowed to remain here and receive all manner of approval? Jeff Hall was a nazi. 14 88 is a neo-nazi salute of sorts. Now you can’t claim you didn’t know. If you allow this comment to remain up here you are allowing the genocidal racists to have a platform on your site. This is why we in the community are very concerned about you Minutemen types and your activities!!

      • No comments are censored. Comments will not post if they have a link in them or if they contain any of those words that are filtered (swear words, ugly words, hate words). but it is all done automatically –

      • RGZ_50

        I’m not familiar with Jeff Hall, (never heard of him) and while I acknowledge that the expression14 88 has some occult meaning within the White Supremacist circles, that does not validate your accusation that the other commenters are ‘Nazis’. As the subject article detailed, most of the anti Open Borders speakers at that city hall meeting were Americans with Hispanic origins. You know that – you were there harassing and stalking a senior citizen. I suppose, according to you, anyone, no matter their race or ethnicity who opposes illegal immigration is a White Supremacist.

  • Gale Hawthorne

    Folks tend to forget that DC beltway sniper Lee Boyd Malvo was also an illegal alien.

  • John G.

    Thank you Mr. Cameron for your insightful, candid and honest reporting. Today’s media needs a lot more writers like you. The public is finally awakening and taking note of the constant left-leaning bias in today’s typical “news” stories.

    Good and honest reporting is critical to America’s future. The U.S. Constitution and the values that made America a great nation have been usurped by liberal thinking, progressives and yes, even Marxists who operate within our own government. Perhaps local media needs to investigate the role of the Riverside Human Relations Commission in the push to make Riverside a Sanctuary City?

    The solution to wrong-headed thinking is clear. Riverside Council member Mr. Melendrez, and other liberal politicians just like him, can be voted out of office. The voters of Riverside can send a strong message to other misdirected political leaders that the needs of their own citizens should always come before the needs of illegal, undocumented aliens.

    Thanks to those of you who are “beacons of light” for the many who are still wondering how to best help America regain her footing. I hope that readers will join the few, the brave, the new leadership in American politics.

  • alf564

    I wonder if the city council and mayor can be tried for treason? I am really surprised that BHO and his wife are not sending airforce 1 to central American cities to pick up the families of those ILLEGAL ALIENS already here

  • donatella pausini

    Former minuteman with links to white supremacists.

    Raymond Herrera – We the People Rising founder

    Herrera, like Hvidston, is another longtime anti-immigrant activist
    based in Southern California. He has a history of expressing bigoted
    statements and anti-Mexican conspiracy theories. Herrera attends
    anti-immigrant events all over California and nationwide on a regular
    basis. Herrera was reportedly a member of the anti-immigrant front group
    You Don’t Speak for Me
    (YDSFM). FAIR helped to from YDSFM in 2006. In 2010, Herrera spoke at a
    pro-SB1070 event in Arizona along with a number of anti-immigrant
    extremists. During his speech Herrera asserted, “To be an American is to
    be an Anglo-Protestant core culture society.”

    Herrera also attended the 2010 pro-SB1070 rally in Arizona along with

    Robin Hvidston. At the event, Herrera posed for a picture with Russell
    Pearce, the former Arizona state senator who worked with the
    anti-immigrant movement to draft and introduce SB1070 and Rick Oltman,
    a former FAIR employee with ties to the white supremacist Council of
    Conservative Citizens. Herrera was also actively involved in the
    Minutemen movement in the early to mind 2000s. He served as the
    Minuteman Project’s national rally spokesman. At a rally at the Mexican
    Consulate in San Bernardino, California in 2008, Herrera told the crowd
    that, “The whole world, and the people of the United States look upon
    the people of Mexico, their culture, their government and their desires
    to conquer America… is that of cowards.”

  • donatella pausini

    We The People Rising group was founded by former minuteman with ties with white supremacist. They are very active marching everywhere then can. There is a special place in hell for haters like them.