Murrieta vs. Obama: Americans in grave danger as illegals are exploited


LOS ANGELES, July 7, 2014 — The people of Murrieta, California are the latest scapegoats in the immigration mess on the U.S. southern border. The last thing this town wanted was to be at the forefront of the immigration crisis or have their lives upended because of the incompetent handling of the crisis by the American government.

While it is heartbreaking to see the women and children being exploited by Central American governments, traffickers and drug runners, and the Obama administration, expecting the United States to absorb 240,000 (and counting) illegal immigrants simply by saying it’s the right thing to do is not only foolish, but unstable.

On Tuesday, July 2, 150 highly concerned and agitated residents of Murrieta, a town just an hour north of San Diego, took to the streets to prevent buses of illegal women and children immigrants from entering the town. These illegals were flown from Texas to San Diego, then driven to Border Patrol stations in Southern California.

With only local police on hand to calm the protesters, the buses turned around and were rerouted to the Border Patrol station in nearby San Ysidro.

The mainstream media is only reflecting the anger, the flag wavers, and the shouts of protesters yelling, “Go home!” These images and reports did not set well with pro-amnesty groups. These groups have now bused people into Murrieta and are challenging the townspeople with their own counter-protests, only adding to the chaos.

The New York Daily News reported yesterday that U.S. agents in riot gear have been called in to manage any protesters in Murrieta who may try again to block the arrival of illegal immigrants transferred from Texas.

Neither the Murrieta Police Department, or Border Patrol will confirm or deny the report, nor will they provide any details on the potential illegal immigrant transfers to the town.

Murrieta Mayor Alan Long was interviewed by Fox News on Thursday, July 3, to counter the “heartless anti-immigrant protester” images that are being presented on the airwaves.

“We’ve heard some of those passionate people, seeing clips on the news and coming to a conclusion that Murrieta is not compassionate,” Long said. “That is to the contrary. We have over 700 non-profit organizations within our area and they all serve a need and we’re a very compassionate city. It’s a shame that minutes of video time on the news channel really stereotypes our city. And that is one of the words I wanted to get out. What didn’t make the news is all the outpouring of help from faith-based organizations and non-profits. We had them geared up and ready to go. The problem is, we didn’t know how to utilize them and implement them because remember these immigrants are not in federal custody. We were not getting answers where they were going and how we can intervene to help.”

So the community originally mobilized to support the federal government’s efforts to help these women and children; but it was the lack of response and coordination from the federal government that ground this to a halt, while adding to the Murrieta residents’ fears and concerns.

Mayor Long continued:

“Supervisor [Jeff] Stone offered up a mobile hospital to do a thorough health screening at Border Patrol office, and we could not get approval from the federal government in time to set that up. So, those are the types of things we’ve been trying to do. You’ve heard of concerns from our council members and myself about the facility. There is originally the reason why we opposed it is because they wanted to send 500 every 72 hours and that facility is not set up for long-term housing. And there are only capable of processing 25 per eight-hour shift. You do the math. That means a lot of women and children staying there overnight in facility not designed to do so.”

Mayor Long was also interviewed on CNN’s State of the Union with Candy Crowley to emphasize that the federal government’s lack of response and lack of adequate resources has only compounded the issue. “What we object to, is we object to inhumane facilities,” he told Crowley. “Those are jail cells. I inspected them personally. It’s a jail cell. That facility can only process 25 per eight-hour shift.”

The detention facilities are meant to house small numbers of illegals for no more than 72 hours before deporting them back across the border. The centers have no resources for medical treatment, hygiene, or child care.

Mayor Long continued, “This is a national problem, and the world showed up on our doorsteps. We didn’t have a lot of answers early on, and there were some legitimate concerns, health concerns and humane concerns. People were concerned about the people, the immigrants coming here. Would they have proper facilities? Who is going to take care of them? How long is this going to be for?

“And those were questions that we just didn’t get any answers to.”

The U.K. Daily Mail, and other outlets are reporting diseases such as tuberculosis, scabies, measles, and swine flu have been discovered among the detainees at the border detention centers. Investor’s Business Daily condemns the administration for creating a major health crisis and placing American citizens at risk.

Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet took to WorldNet Daily to warn that ignoring this aspect of the crisis could produce a contagion of epic proportions:

“A public health crisis, the likes of which I have not seen in my lifetime, is looming. Hardest hit by exposures to these difficult-to-treat diseases will be elderly, children, immunosuppressed cancer-patients, patients with chronic lung disease or congestive heart failure. Drug-resistant tuberculosis is the most serious risk, but even diseases like measles can cause severe complications and death in older or immunocompromised patients.

“TB is highly contagious – you catch it anywhere around infected people: schools, malls, buses, etc. The drug-resistant TB now coming across our borders requires a complex, extremely expensive treatment regimen that has serious side effects and a low cure rate.”

Put this in light of our already strained medical resources, and you are looking at a raging epidemic. Entertainment money is being made hand-over-fist on the concept of a zombie apocalypse; a large-scale contagion of this kind is more credible, and definitely more deadly.

This is particularly acute since the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is doing a poor job of documenting and tracking these illegal immigrants once they are released into the general populace.

According to the Los Angeles Times, “Once they are processed, the Border Patrol has been flying many families to other states and releasing them en masse at bus stations with notices to appear in immigration courts at their destinations.”

It is reported that some have not shown up for these hearings, and a few are not even at the addresses given as their family member’s place of residence. So the citizens of Murrieta have valid and legitimate concerns about their welfare, the welfare of their children, and the failed track record of the federal government to adequately address the crisis.

Outsiders painting the town of Murrieta as a bunch of uncompassionate, right-wing racists, is not only inaccurate and inflammatory, it’s unjust.

Dr. Vliet puts the influx of disease contagion into context, in light of our strained healthcare system, and the recent VA scandal:

“Delays to see doctors at the Phoenix VA hospital cost the lives of 58 veterans while waiting for care. This is just a portent of far more deaths to come from delays for Americans’ medical care as thousands of sick illegals swamp already overcrowded emergency rooms. How will these facilities stay open at all under the financial burden of this huge unfunded federal mandate to provide ’free’ treatment?”

That is a huge question; one that DHS, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the Center for Disease Control is failing to answer.

Another concern is that some reports estimate that an immigrant today will need to wait at least 10 years before they are eligible for health care, therefore those here illegally will continue to use expensive ER facilities and urgent care, versus preventative medicine.

Here is another question: Why are we sending these illegal women and children to centers in Murrieta and El Paso, Tex. that cannot properly house or support them? Why not fly them to Washington, D.C. and release them on the lawn of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? Plenty of space and rooms there, and the First Lady’s 22 staffers alone could assist in the processing and care.

President Obama won’t come to the border, sending the likes of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Texas Rep. Henry Cuellar (also a Democrat) to do the dirty work. Why not literally bring the issue to his doorstep?

Or perhaps release them into the Capitol District or other tony neighborhoods in D.C. and Maryland, and let the Congress, Senate, policy wonks and lobbyist that created this problem house, feed, and work toward treating their diseases.

All snark aside, we have two sets of victims here: the exploited women and children being used as pawns, and the American people, who the Obama administration thinks are dupes.

The mayor and brave souls of Murrieta, Calif., have every right to call out this administration, set the record straight, and demand solutions that will not only help these illegals, but protect its citizens.

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